Saturday, November 26, 2011


So, um... technically I should be discussing Thanksgiving. Or Christmas. Or something that wasn't a month ago. But I am just so original (or holiday-confused) that I'm going to show you Halloween. Because it was hilarious.

To start off with, Brad and I were Spiderman and Mary Jane Watson for Halloween, which is basically the lifelong dream of Bradley's. That is, to dress up as Spiderman and have a good lookin' (very good lookin') lady dress up as his MJ. Well, Brad... dream come true!

However, the best part of the entire Halloween weekend was this.

That's one of the kids that we teach in primary, Steven. When Brad and I walked out to the ward party in the Quad, Steven's jaw literally dropped. He ran to his mom and exclaimed, "Mom, it's a big Spiderman! Big Spiderman!" He rushed to get on his mask so he could look like Brad and then proceeded to squat near him (not kidding) in excitement next to Brad through the entire buffet line. It was awesome.

Once it got dark we ended the party and everyone was cleaning up. Steven walks up to Brad and asks, "Will you play with me?" Then, when his mom yelled for him to come inside he yelled back, "No, I'm going to play with Big Spiderman!" Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Best part? Brad's totally their home teacher. And Steven totally freaked out when Brad visited the next week and tried to get him to cough up the goods on that offer to play with him, Little Spiderman and Big Spiderman.

After that we had a good night gaming with some awesome friends in our ward. I think that we had a total of eight people playing Halo in one apartment! The day of actual Halloween we visited both our families, but sadly work and school obligations made that very short.

NEXT YEAR... we'll still be in school. But the year AFTER next year... no more school! A REAL Halloween. Hopefully.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Why We Are In Love #2 and Name Changes

So... I'm a loser and I still haven't gotten my name changed after four months of marriage. As a consequence, I also have not renewed my license, which expired in August. So yeah. I can't drive and Brad's stuck driving me everywhere.

Bradley: Oh my gosh, I'm stuck driving around a teenager.
Heather: I'm not a teenager, I'm twenty-one.
Bradley: You're hot like a teenager.
Heather: Oh my gosh, pedophile. That is the worst thing you could have said!

But yeah, this whole not-having-a-license thing is kind of inconvenient because I want to change my name before I get a new one. So we to the Social Security Office to get it changed this past Saturday, but we only brought our temple marriage certificate, which apparently is not enough because it doesn't have information on it. End of story, I did not get my name changed because my license couldn't provide the missing information because it's EXPIRED. And I couldn't find my birth certificate before we left. NOOO. Eat away my dreams. Die, why don't you.

On a happier note I found my birth certificate. Yay, I am awesome. Mostly it was Brad's doing, but you know. Still awesome.

P.S. We now no longer have to use tissues and paper towels for toilet paper, so you no longer have need for concern.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Please Do Not Flush Paper Towels

No, Brad and I are totally not using paper towels because we're out of toilet paper and are too lazy to go buy some...

...okay, yeah, we totally are.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why We Are in Love #1

Heather: /saying something naggy/ NAG, NAG, NAG!
Bradley: /tapping repeatedly on the button of the emergency brake/
Heather: Brad, what are you doing?
Bradley: ...hitting the button for the ejector seat.