Monday, November 21, 2011

Why We Are In Love #2 and Name Changes

So... I'm a loser and I still haven't gotten my name changed after four months of marriage. As a consequence, I also have not renewed my license, which expired in August. So yeah. I can't drive and Brad's stuck driving me everywhere.

Bradley: Oh my gosh, I'm stuck driving around a teenager.
Heather: I'm not a teenager, I'm twenty-one.
Bradley: You're hot like a teenager.
Heather: Oh my gosh, pedophile. That is the worst thing you could have said!

But yeah, this whole not-having-a-license thing is kind of inconvenient because I want to change my name before I get a new one. So we to the Social Security Office to get it changed this past Saturday, but we only brought our temple marriage certificate, which apparently is not enough because it doesn't have information on it. End of story, I did not get my name changed because my license couldn't provide the missing information because it's EXPIRED. And I couldn't find my birth certificate before we left. NOOO. Eat away my dreams. Die, why don't you.

On a happier note I found my birth certificate. Yay, I am awesome. Mostly it was Brad's doing, but you know. Still awesome.

P.S. We now no longer have to use tissues and paper towels for toilet paper, so you no longer have need for concern.

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