Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Why We Are In Love #7

That moment when you can't find your wedding ring, have looked for forever, and are now contriving multiple scenarios where you must've thrown it away or got it stuck in a turkey (this seriously crossed my mind, don't ask why), or have otherwise have done something to lose it forever.

So, you turn to your husband.  And you cry, because, again, you're convinced that you've lost it forever.  Which automatically makes you suck as a person.  And then, said husband encourages you to look again.  So you go look in the bathroom one more time.

And, lo and behold, there it is!  ...on the side of the tub?  Why was it there?

"You probably pooped and took it off to wipe," says husband.

And this is why I love that husband, because I totally laughed.  Really hard.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why We Are In Love #6

[Watching the Hobbit, the Elf King comes riding in leading his army.]

Heather:  Ha, he's on a moose.
Bradley:  HA!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Preggers Dreams

Okay, well, now that the pregnancy announcement is official out and about on the inter-web, I can now finally talk about it, HUZZAH.

When I first pregnant I had read that pregnant women often have very vivid dreams.  Often the subjects of these dreams are along the lines of concerns that come with pregnancies, like miscarrying, your husband leaving you, and other sad things like that.

Um, yeah.  My dreams aren't so much along those lines.

Heather's Three Weirdest Pregnancy Dreams
(So Far, That Is... in No Particular Order)

1.  Our cat Diabla having her eyes crusted over with some
sort of lilac-colored crystals.  Yeah, super weird.
2.  Post-apocalyptic dream where we were forced to all evacuate
land and into the ocean for safety.  That's not the weird part.
The weird part would be sometime later as many people have
perished on our journey through the ocean.  As people have died
their family members have "buried" them in five-gallon water
coolers once full of water.  Annnd... cue me going around shaking
coolers to see if there's a dead guy or fresh water in them.  Yep.
3.  Bus is driving on a beach, and I'm all, "Oh my gosh, that
bus is about to run over a manatee!"
My father-in-law replies, "Oh, the manatee will be okay."
Manatee gets run over.  Totally fine, just a huge dent in
its back.  I have illustrated said manatee below.

Silly sea cow.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Bradley & Babs

Okay, so I meant to blog more often.  However, the one thing I want to blog about... I CAN'T.  Not yet.  And that's all my fault.  But yeah.

This will have to do instead.

It's no secret that I love my husband (this can be the assumed reasoning behind me marrying him, essentially), but one thing I've always adored about him in our almost six years of knowing each other--and our one year of marriage--is that he's great with animals.

When I was little, I totally was obsessed with animals.  In fact, I'd get myself in a lot of allergic reactions just for the mere purpose of being near and touching an animal.  I once had my knees swell up to the size of balloons when I got too cozy with a llama at the petting zoo at Thanksgiving.  (It's alright, I got a Benadyrl and a legit bottle of root beer from the first aid office for it.)

I'm surprised that when I expressed to my mom that I wanted to be a veterinarian that she didn't point out that I got a runny nose and swollen body parts every time I touched an animal.  That's love, letting me live out that fantasy!  Luckily for my mom, when I figured out that one part of being a vet was shoving my hand up an animal's behind that profession wasn't so attractive anymore.

BUT STILL.  Even though I don't love animals enough to put my hand in their hiney, I do still looove them.  All forms.  But especially cats, dogs, and chickens.  Yes, chickens.  But this story isn't about chickens.  It's about a dog, a dog named Babs.  And her boy-toy, Bradley.

Babs is my family's golden retriever and she is truly the sweetest dog in the world.  She's also the dumbest.  And perhaps the strangest.  But we love her!  She even has a mexi-stache, LOVE IT.  But you know what she loves?  Brad.  Yeah, my husband.  She adores him.  Just the slight of him makes her wag her tail.  I have to give her a hot dog to make that happen.

The picture above is Brad and Babs having a staring contest (Babs lost, she's a compulsive winker, always flirting) after a run around the backyard.

Brad is so sweet to her, and let me tell you... she smells.  As dog's do, and yet Brad still gives her a little lovin'.  But Babs is just a smelly gal who can't get no man.  Yet, she's still hopeful!  Every time Brad and I kiss in front of her she comes rushing off her dog pad to stick her nose between us.  Maybe one day, Babs.  Maybe one day.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why We Are In Love #5

Heather:  Man, being pregnant makes you lazy.
Bradley:  Heather, being lazy makes you lazy.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Driving to Paris is hard, Lauren!"

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with driving to Paris.  Like, at all.  But, seriously, that is in reference to one of the funniest Robot Chicken shorts that Brad and I have ever seen.  And I just thought of it because, well, something else has been constantly running through my mind...


Seriously, everything about it.  The time it takes to earn it, the realization that a wage that was awesome as a single lady who was being billed for absolutely nothing really isn't that much for a wife trying to make a giant car payment, and other bills like car insurance, phone service, gas, medical expenses, car fix-ups... and holy cow, how do you do it?  How do we, as adults, make all the ends meet?

Budgeting.  Right, of course.  I've always been really good it.  But, then again, I've always had enough play money to make myself happy in that budget, not to mention that I was putting four times as much into savings each paycheck.  Now, not-so-much.  It's been difficult, it's not what I'm used to in my budgeting ways.  But we're working so hard to get the car paid off by May (for, ahem, a special new expense), so we're putting nearly half our monthly pay to it.  And it's been hard, because that's meant that we've haven't been able to put as much into savings, and have far less for anything fun each month.

And that's stressful.

I've always had a cozy egg of money to sit on in preparation for rainy days to come.  Nothing huge, but it certainly wasn't nothing, either.  And you know what?  Those rain days came.  And it saved us a lot of financial stress.  But I never considered the stress that comes when that cozy egg is depleted!  Oh gosh, how does anyone live with barely enough to cover a month of bills in their savings?  Living paycheck to paycheck has been painful.  We've had to dip into that tiny savings bundle more often that I have in my entire life in these past few months.  Doctors visits, medication expenses, car problems, you name it, the savings has saved.  And I know that's what it's for.

BUT WHY--why am I withdrawing money just after I've deposited money into there for some next random event?  WHY I SAY.  I think that's where the insanity comes in.  Just as we're getting geared up to building that egg back up, it's shrunk right back to where we started.  We're to the point where it's common for us to not even be able to stick the percentage slated for savings from each paycheck, because we're already using it for some expense.

But I know that we're putting that huge chunk of our monthly pay to something that is needed.  I know, I know that paying off the car sooner is best.  We both do.  But it's hard because you really don't see that money until the very end.  Savings, you see that money.  You have access to that money, and can feel comfort by the money (at least for me... I may or may not be a money hoarder, cough, cough).  That money is SO COMFORTABLE to me!  Oh gosh.  It's like having Batman in my bank account, just watching over my finances.  And now all I've got is a kid in a poorly made cape.  It's stressful.  But I can't only make that minimum payment on the car.  I just can't.  Because Brad and I know that this can either haunt or help us.  And we're just trying to make it a help as soon as possible.

So yep.  That's my rant.  Being an adult is difficult.  Bills are a haunt that I know will never go away, unless I go the hobo route.  Which, ew.  Even I shower more than they do!  (Inside family joke, I promise I shower... sometimes.  More than a hobo, that you can know for sure.)  So yeah, I'm stuck in the big kid world of people demanding money from me each month.  It definitely puts into perspective debt and how much we want freedom from it.  The car was a very, very necessary expense.  We thought very long and very hard about it.  And we love that car.  It's a effing Dodge Avenger, for crying out loud!  It was made for us, and it miraculously came at a ridiculously cheap price, beautiful and ready for our lovin'!  But debt is difficult.  And we never, ever want to have it unnecessarily, nor be over our heads with it.

I suppose that's the light in this story, because we are not over our heads.  We can perfectly afford everything we've got.  We could also perfectly afford awesome vacations (um, Universal Studios Orlando, please!) or fancy things (iPhone, anyone?), but we put that money elsewhere.  BECAUSE DEBT SUCKS.  It's horrible.  We don't want eight payments that we have to make each month because we're out buying things that we want SO BADLY (seriously, I want to buy a wand, people), but that we really don't need (although I've tried to convince myself that a trip to Florida is a necessity... cough, cough.  No such luck so far).

We are not perfect.  We never have and never will do this whole marriage and finances thing perfectly.  We're just working hard not to get in over our heads.  Brad and I don't want to both have to work our entire lives to support ourselves.  We just want a family and enough to get by.  So here's hoping that we can make that happen, and hopefully within the time frame that we're thinking!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why We Are In Love #4

Heather:  Ruffles have ridges.
Brad:  So do Klingons.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Jerk of a Cat Who Can't Even Play

So... I know that we've been through this before.  But let me just reiterate for those newbies.

Our cat is a jerk.

I know that may sound harsh, but it's still true.  What's hilarious is that she's such a jerk that she's never really known how to play.  She just sort of... sits there.  She will play Hide 'n' Go Seek, but that's just about it.  Well, ever since Brad and I have lived with her Brad's slowly been teaching her how to play... but she's still sort of terrible at it.

This is her attempt at playing with a necklace.

Is it just us, or does she look like an anamontronic at Chuck E. Cheeses?

Sad?  Just a little bit.  We'll just let her keep working on that.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

School... Yeah, It Just Keeps on Going.

There's so much to write about.  But so... so tired.  As you can tell.

Yes, the evil (err, I'm sorry GOOD.  Yes, children, it's wonderful) which is school has returned to our lives and we get to do the eight month swim in this nasty pond once again.  However, this tale does have a happy ending.

This is our last time ever.

Yes, it's true.  Brad and I are both rounding up our bachelor degrees and will be graduating this coming April.  And WE ARE SO EXCITED.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  There still are those eigth months we talked about... so here's the top three things (in no particular order) that have helped Brad and I to survive the semester so far:

Number 1:  League of Legends

Brad and I love this game.

Even better?  So do all my siblings!

We play with my sister and her husband, my little brother, and my big brother, his wife, and my nephews.  Pretty much, it's a party sometimes.  Especially because we're all living separately of one another, it's suuuper fun to get online a play a big family game together!

Number 2:  Day Z

I more watch than play this (we only have one copy of it as of now), but Brad and my little brother, James, have a BLAST playing, and it's super fun to watch and listen to their stories.  They sometimes play with my big brother as well.

The premise is basically zombie apocalypse.  When you spawn you start with a pack with a flashlight, some bandages, and some painkillers.  And that's it.  You have to now attempt to find a weapon, food, and other supplies in order to survive not only zombies, but other people.

Pretty much, it's SO difficult to stay alive, but the stories are hilarious and include my big brother, Ken, tripping and breaking his leg, and being eaten by zombies.  Awesome.

Number 3:  Gravity Falls


Seriously.  We can't get over how great it is.

It's about a set of twins who are sent to live with their great uncle in Gravity Falls, a small town with a lot of secrets.  In the first episode, Dipper and his sister, Mabel, find a book in a hollowed out tree which reveals some of those secrets, including mythical creatures and conspiracies.

This show is not only clever, with a genius mystery-based, continuing storyline, but it's also HILARIOUS.  Every character is remarkably funny.  We love, love this show.

Even better?  This show gives you an opportunity to be a detective, as it has clue-based freeze frames and codes for you to figure out.  And yeah, we love it.  Can't get enough.
So, will we survive our last two semesters of school?  Freak, I sure hope so.  But, in the words of one of the greatest quotes from Gravity Falls:  "Bottom line, George Washington's a jerk."

Friday, August 17, 2012

Holy Weddings, Batman!

So yeah.  Hey.  Been a while.

We have an excuse, however.  Actually, two excuses.  Plus some little ones, so I'll start with those.

Little Excuses Why We Haven't Written Anything in a Decade
By Heather and Bradley Bailey

1. July is a mega-holiday month--including my
favorites, the Fourth of July and Pioneer Day!
2. July was also our ONE YEAR anniversary.  :)
3. August is basically mega-birthday month, including
mine, my sister's, Brad's sister, and Brad's grandma!
4. I'm lazy.  There, I said it.

Big(ger) Excuses Why We Haven't Written Anything in a Decade
By Heather and Bradley Bailey

1. Glen (Brad's best friend) got married August 10th.
2. Ben (Brad's twin) gets married TOMORROW.
3. Brad's best man in both weddings.
4. Which means TWO bachelor parties!

So yeah.  There you go.  Busy, busy.  You know how it goes.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Font Name Art

So, I love fonts.  I love finding them, downloading them, and then finding reasons to use them.  It's fun, trust me.

I'm totally not weird.

One thing I've always had fun doing is finding fonts that have my name in it.  So I did.  And I put 'em together.  SHA-BAM.


It's fun, seriously.  You should try it.  Find your name in font.

Coincidentally, I have always hated (ever since I first got into typography and Photoshop and all that when I was nine and wanted to created a Sailor Moon website... yeah, I was that geek) the Bradley Hand and Heather fonts.  Bleh, bleh.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Jerk Cat

Sooo... this cat is a jerk.

Everyone believes that I'm just being silly when I say that.  And, you know, she's sometimes the most wonderful cat in the world.  She really is a great kitty and I love her to death.  But I've also had previously plans to be a cat lady, so I'm not really the most unbiased opinion for you seek out on that one.

But seriously, she's named Diabla for a reason--she's a total d-bag.

When Brad and I hadn't started dating and were just best friends our senior year of high school (which was now four years ago and that is just weird to think), Brad thought I was super mean to her.  Everytime he came over I was like, "Yeah, she's a jerk," among other colorful vocabulary.

However, once we began dating and he was over at my house even more... yeah, he totally got it.  All the name-calling made complete sense in this cat's case.

She literally becomes upset with you because you, I don't know, treat her like a cat?  Like pick her up, brush her, pet her, love her?  You know, affection and all that?  Yeah, that so does not go down with her.  It's only when she approves that you may enter her space.  Otherwise, she lets you know.  believe me.

Crazy as it sounds, that's why we love her.  Because she's a d-bag.  She's got personality, what can we say.  I think that we may fuel it.  But hey, when she dishes it out we give right back.  If she's going to be a loser we might as well give her a reason to, right?

And there's no one who gives her more crap than Brad.  And, because of that, she loves him most.

This cat, who refuses to be held or loved or anything (unless you don't want to, then she's up for it), will happily sit on Brad's lap and watch him play League of Legends for hours.

Until she gets fed up with him not paying attention to her, that is.  Then she decides to get up on the desk, block the screen, and then when she finally lays down her huge butt hits the screen's button to re-calibrate and Brad dies in game.

But we love her all the same!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Paper Faces Every Day!

So, Brad hates Phantom of the Opera.  Some bad, repetitive homeschool incident, apparently.  But that's how you know it's a big deal when he's yelling it through the house.

Bradley: Masquerade! Paper faces every day!

(Actual lyrics:  Masquerade!  Paper faces on parade!)

Close enough, right?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Me and My Bong by Heather Bailey

So, great news everyone... I got a bong!  Wanna see?

Does it not bring all sorts of attractiveness to my visage?

Oh, it doesn't?  Yeah, I knew that.

In case you didn't figure out on your own, that's not really a bong.  It's actually a nebulizer.  And it's totally legit and legal, I promise.  Got it from the doctor and everything, I swear.  Basically, I had this super-mega-allergic reaction last week.  To what?  Oh, who knows.  Life, whatnot.  I'm allergic to it all now, apparently. So it swelled up one side of my face and neck (in true Phantom-esque fashion) and boy did it hurt.  So I dealt with that and its after effects for a few days.  Then, Saturday morning I started coughing.  Which is never a good sign in my case.  I've had bad, green mucus-y, borderline pneumonia bronchitis ten times in less than two years.  One time it actually ended up being walking pneumonia.  Which is bad, I've been told.  So here I was again, with dog coughing all over the place.

At night it got worse.  I literally could not breathe.  I'm just very lucky to have an amazing husband who will stay up with a wheezing wife till three o'clock in the morning watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Hulu (I love the Buffy).  We did this two nights in a row, my coughing and wheezing and non-breathing getting worse, and Monday morning we decided it was time to get to InstaCare, where they gave me my bong artillery.

Overall, there's no true diagnosis, just that it's that whole eczema/asthma/allergies triad that keeps coming back to haunt me.  Basically, when one gets set off, all of them have to join the party.  My doctor suggested that it is most likely related to my job where I'm handling a lot of dusty, moldy books... but I really don't want to believe that!  I am one of those insane people who loves their job.  (Please, please, please don't make me quit my job...)

So I've been stuck at home for a week and a half.  There was once a time where I would enjoy this lazy time severely, but the whole providing-for-the-family thing really stresses any relaxation out of me.  I just feel guilty half the time.

However, there is one good thing about being stuck at home, and it's that I'm finally able to sit down and do all those projects that I really want to do.  Like, I don't know... laundry!  Haha, okay, well that unfortunately always makes it to the top of my priority list, but I was also able to finally do something to our bedroom that I've been wanting to do ever since I made our headboard (I better explain that one too).

Best part of this project?  No effort.  Even my sickly, shakey-people-hands could do it.  Printed and cut out the photos, cut out foam core the same size, and glued them together.  A cinch.  Even better?  I spent all of $2.50 on this whole thing.  Just had to buy some Command poster strips.  SCORE.

The headboard was about $2.00 as well.  My mom had these very tall, lean frames hanging out in the attic for ages back from a Relief Society project which used them to display a cross-stitch of the B-Attitudes.  So, using some spray paint that I got from a local craft store's final days clearance sales, I just spray-painted them gray and (again) Command Stripped them to the wall.  I love Command Strips.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day? Or Was it Parent's Day?

So, Brad and I each have great parents
(Seriously, we do.)

And I know it's Father's Day, buuut... I suck and didn't post anything for Mother's Day.  And you know, moms shouldn't be left out!  So I thought that I'd just celebrate them both in this post.

We love, love, love our parents.

(Mostly because they're all very attractive and, even more importantly, hilarious.)

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Discussing a basketball game with my parents...

Mom: People are just so fair weather.
Dad: Douchey.
Mom: That too.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Class of 2012

This incredibly talented and good-looking dude...

...has graduated!

P.S.  My little brother is waaay better than your little brother.
Just sayin'.  It's true, you know it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh, March... Where Have You Gone?

So, um.  March was interesting.  Awesome, but interesting.

First, for the interesting.  Big landmark of our marriage in March!  What was it, you ask?  Well, it was the anniversary of our engagement.  Yes, very nice.  Oh, what else?  Oh yeah... our FIRST hospital visit!  No way, right?!  So exciting!  Who was it for?  Oh, you know...

My poor cute husband.  He was having severe stomach issues, to the point that he was being crippled to the floor in pain.  Yeah.  No fun.  So we took him to the ER late on a Thursday night, around eight o'clock, and weren't out until after midnight.  It was a neat experience.  Unfortunately, they couldn't determine for certain what was wrong, so they diagnosed it as "early onset appendicitis".  Apparently the fluids he received will supposedly do him a lot of good and keep it from setting in.  But who knows.  Craziness!

It was actually pretty fun, though.  I panicked a little bit, for sure!  Seriously, semi-panic attack as we were heading to the hospital.  But then they got Brad on morphine and he just became to most friendly, happiest, smiling person in the world--and it was the funniest thing ever.  He just kept telling me, "You're pretty," with a huge, goofy grin on his face.  So cute, that boy!

As a side note, I had to walk out of the room when they were putting his IV for the morphine and the fluids in... so I wouldn't pass out.  Don't make fun.  Okay, fine, make fun.

The hospital also gave me a free Coke, which anyone who knows me knows that's always something that will win me over, in any situation.  (Oh my gosh, you've kidnapped me and held me in a basement with a bunch of clown children!  Oh, a Coke?  Well, okay then.  I guess this isn't so bad.)

But yeah, we were just sent home with some highly effective pain meds and were basically told to keep our fingers crossed that the fluids had helped enough to clear any chance of appendicitis setting in.  So far it looks like it's worked, because Mr. Bradley hasn't keeled over or anything... still keeping our fingers crossed (for him to stay healthy, not for him to keel over).

Now onto the awesome!  Sooo... there's this one movie that I've been looking forward to since they've announced it because I loooved the books and was obsessed with them, and was basically dying to see it even more because Harry Potter's over and the fact that the only movie series I had to look forward to was Twilight was only a little depressing and pretty much I've been waiting for March to come ever since I knew that it'd come out in March!  (Phew.  Check out that run-on sentence!  Nice, right?)

If you have no idea what I'm talking about it's probably because you're either old and senile (in that case, bravo for remembering how to use the computer) or you've lived under a rock.  HUNGER GAMES, people.  Saw it at midnight.  Brad dressed up like Peeta and I dressed up like Katniss (which are the easiest, most doofusly simple costumes ever, which basically don't even look like costumes they're so doofusly simple).  We went with certain members of our families (the dad's opted out, among others) and my little brother brought three friends.  Overall there was twelve of us an it was bomb dizzle.  Sadly, I didn't get a picture of the whole group... but here's those of us who dressed up.  (Ben and Kaydee weren't exactly "dressed up" by definition... but she did have a mockingjay pin, and Ben did tape a piece of paper to his shirt, so we counted it.)

How was the movie?  Ah.  Maze.  Ing.  Seriously.  Oh dear, get ready for a nerdfest.

[nerd fest]
Such a great adaptation!  I know everyone likes to ask, "But is it better than the book?" but really, comparing a book to a movie is like comparing apples to oranges.  Impossible.  I will say two things that I suppose are comparison-like in manner:  One, the added scenes to the movie, especially those with Seneca Crane and President Snow... brilliant.  Such a good decision, they add a lot to the plot and to the second movie.  Two, my only complaint was that I feel like for the Hunger Games we didn't see like a lot of hunger.  But that really wasn't a necessary plot device.  Oh, I guess three things, but I also thought Rue's participation in the story was cut a little short. But the scene they added of the rebellion in District 11 instead of more Rue time... so good.  So, so good.  And again, valuable to helping people to understand the second movie.

Okay, I'm done boring your brains, I promise.  Overall, March taught us two things:  Number one, diagnosing stomach pain is apparently like asking someone to find a specific star with no telescope... or some sort of simile like that.  And two... the odds ARE in our favor.  Or some sort of Hunger Games reference like that.

P.S.  Umm... and I guess I should be asking where April went to?  Um, finals ate it?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Leap Day! Hinga, dinga, dergen!

Leap Day is awesome.  I have always been obsessed with Leap Day.  Because it is awesome, obviously.  I always wanted to born on Leap Day (or April Fools, for some reason).  Or I wanted to get married on that day (which is apparently bad luck, I come to find out).  Or SOMETHING cool.  Sadly, nothing cool has ever, ever, ever fallen upon me under any circumstance on Leap Day.  Ever.  So yeah.  Sad times.

However, Brad's Leap Day was pretty cool this year.  Leap Day 2012 marks the day that Brad taught seminary for the first.  Time.  EVER.  And he was awesome!  And he now goes on to his five-day student teaching in April!  And then... more student teaching!  (Ooo, ahhh!)  And then... he is an OFFICIAL seminary teacher.  So yeah, his day was quite epic.  Big milestone and all.  Excitement everywhere, let me tell you.

After Brad did his student teaching he went to work.  Leap Day was also Epic-Snow-Storm Day, so he didn't get home from work until about 10:00 PM.  But I had a plan to make Leap Day cool for once (for me, at least), and timing wasn't going to stop me.  Brad and I were going to go sledding, even if it was at midnight. 

My parents specifically built a hill in their backyard for the very reason of epic Leap Days.  Sort of.  Okay, not really.  But they did build a hill specifically for sledding.  And so there all of it was:  hill, sleds, snow.  All we needed was the proper apparel and we'd be good to go.  Unfortunately my sister and brother-in-law had borrowed all the stuff that actual fits myself and would potentially fit Brad... so we sort of had to wing it and wear whatever we could find.  For Brad it wasn't too bad; I was able to find a one-piece snowsuit of my dad's that fit him just fine, albeit a little baggy because my dad's taller than Bradley.  Me?  Yeah, I wore floods.  And could only sort of bend over because the straps were a little tighter than they should've been.  And I wore polka-dot rainboots because I couldn't find my snow boots.  It's fair to say that I looked fabulous!

No, but seriously, snow stuff makes no human being look good.  At all.  Here's pictures to prove it!

Do you appreciate my gopher teeth?  Well, you should.  Because they're truly lovely.

P.S.  If you don't know where in the world this post's title comes from, watch this video.  I sang it pretty much all of Leap Day... because Leif Erickson Day totally sounds the same in my head!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dear Blagh, We Like Our Jobs

Yeah... writing a blog kind of makes one feel sort of lame... man, the way that I phrased that made me sound even more lame. Oh yikes.

So, Brad and I both really enjoy our jobs. Like, a lot. Brad for obvious reasons; he wants to be a seminary teacher, and right now he's an MTC teacher. Perfect match, yo. He teaches Spanish and loves Spanish almost as much as he loves teaching. Put them together and... BAM! Magic. He really loves it. He always comes home in a good mood, even when he's had difficult days at work. His co-workers are giant geeks in short-sleeved dress shirts just like him and he gets along with them really well. (Okay, Brad is being slowly weened from his nerd dress shirts and not ALL of his co-workers wear them...) He loves his missionaries. It's like getting new children once a month, but in a good way. He watches them grow so much and it really makes him look forward to teaching seminary.

I work in the BYU library on the most-bottom floor, in the furthest righthand corner, in window-less rooms. Working forty hours over the summer in this sort of place assures no tan, let me tell you. But I LOVE MY JOB. I so do. I am, ahem, a Digital Imaging Lab Technician. Yes, I am that cool. Okay, not really. We digitize books for Internet Archive, digitize BYU books and photographs for their digital collections (which you can view on the HBLL website). I also work a lot with patron requests where people can get digital copies of things in the vaults within Special Collections.

Oh, oh, I even did some work for some Abraham Lincoln awesomeness! Check it out:

Sorry, I pulled a CIA on you and blacked out a bunch of stuff. But hey, you never know who will get offended but what and why when you're posting things on the interweb and all that. SAFETY FIRST. How cool am I, though? So involved in the important things, oh sigh. In all seriousness it's very cool all the things that I get to come into contact with. I sincerely enjoy my job and the experiences that I get to have. (Also the pay isn't too shabby, either.)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day

So this was our first Valentine's as a married couple! And, since we got married on the fourteenth (which is the best number ever), Valentine's was also our seven month anniversary. Yeah, we're cool like that.

We actually celebrated two Valentine's Days though. Initially we thought that I wouldn't be able to do anything on the actual holiday because it was on a Tuesday (Valentine's on a Tuesday is lame sauce), and I work 8:00 to 3:30 in Provo and have class from 5:00 to 9:20 all the way down in Salt Lake. So yeah, with class AND work... there was no wiggle room for even a mid-day celebration. So, we celebrated the Friday before!

After work and school on Friday, we headed to Cafe Rio. If you've never had Cafe Rio, you've never had amazing, amazing, AMAZING awesome in your mouth. (You should amend that quickly, I suggest.) After that we bought movie tickets for In Time at the dollar theatre next door. And, since the movie didn't start for over an hour, we ran to the nearby Shopko, grabbed some change (the shady dollar theatre apparently won't give you change), and played shooting games until the movie started.

Okay, those hunting games? Really fun. Super fun. Until you lose your mojo, that is. I've always been awful at them, but we had already played the Terminator shooter game, and nothing else was super appealing, so I thought, "Why not?" and agreed to play the hunting game. Again, expecting to repeat my past and suck, as usual. Only I had finally, sort of figured it out. That is, until our second round. Oh man, I choked! It was terrible! It's difficult to aim because I shoot with my right, which means my sight should be in my right eye as well... only... I'm legally blind in that eye. So it's very blurry. Basically, I'd be useless at shooting anything in a zombie apocalypse. So depressing to think about!

In Time was really good, though. We loved it. But it's geeky, it's sci-fi, and it at least has some sort of premise, so of course we like it. Can't complain there!

I did something lame as we were exiting the theatre, though. Within the movie, each person is given twenty-five years to live. Time acts as currency as well as determines your life expectancy. So, you can pay for a cup of coffee, but it'll cost five minutes of your life. You get the gist. So, basically the whole movie is people running around as their about to run out of time and die.

We're waiting in the line to exit the theatre, and there were some old people in the back slowly down the process. No big deal, old people move slow, it's how they do. However, the guy behind us remarked, "Hurry, we don't have a lot of time!" Immediately, I responded saying an annoyed, "Really?"

Um. Yeah. That's when I realized what movie we had just watched. And that he was joking. "I was just joking..." was all the guy said after I snubbed him. Brad and I think that I just squashed his dream of being a comedian because I'm a jerk. So, I'm going to write an apology letter:

Dear Guy-Behind-Me-at-Movie-Theatre,

I'm sorry for being mean to your joke.
It was actually quite funny.
I swear, I'm not lying.

The Jerk-Girl-in-Front-of-You

Thursday, February 2, 2012

More All Hallow's (Yes, I'm Fully Aware That It's Even More Way Past Halloween Than Before...)

So, as a newly appointed homemaker as well as an artist, graphic designer, and OCD spacial recognition freak (I have no idea what that means) I truly love to take things and make them prettier. This is exactly why I love ANY movie with a makeover. Seriously, any. No matter how crappy. Oh, space alien comes to earth and falls in love with a cowboy and he loves her but won't admit it until after a mega-makeover and ettiquette lessons? Done, I am so there.

Anyway, Brad and I's first apartment was at Wymount Terrace at BYU. We loved it there. The ward was great, the price was pretty good, we had television (so I have a problem... cough, cough), high-speed internet (again, I have a problem, so what?), and we were basically two steps from my job, his job, and my school, and his school was only a ten minute drive away. Perfection? I say yes!

However, the apartments... were not so sexy, to say the least. They were essentially a ward building. Concrete brick walls, painted white. Horribly '70s cabinetry. We even had an accordion door in our bedroom (no, I am not kidding). Call me crazy, but I LOVED it. Talk about creativity challenge!

So here's our living room on Halloween. You'll get a tiny taste of our little, churchy apartment... aww, memories.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why We Are In Love #3

Heather: Are you really eating a Hot Pocket for breakfast?
Bradley: Are you really drinking a Coke?
Heather: ...touché.