Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dear Blagh, We Like Our Jobs

Yeah... writing a blog kind of makes one feel sort of lame... man, the way that I phrased that made me sound even more lame. Oh yikes.

So, Brad and I both really enjoy our jobs. Like, a lot. Brad for obvious reasons; he wants to be a seminary teacher, and right now he's an MTC teacher. Perfect match, yo. He teaches Spanish and loves Spanish almost as much as he loves teaching. Put them together and... BAM! Magic. He really loves it. He always comes home in a good mood, even when he's had difficult days at work. His co-workers are giant geeks in short-sleeved dress shirts just like him and he gets along with them really well. (Okay, Brad is being slowly weened from his nerd dress shirts and not ALL of his co-workers wear them...) He loves his missionaries. It's like getting new children once a month, but in a good way. He watches them grow so much and it really makes him look forward to teaching seminary.

I work in the BYU library on the most-bottom floor, in the furthest righthand corner, in window-less rooms. Working forty hours over the summer in this sort of place assures no tan, let me tell you. But I LOVE MY JOB. I so do. I am, ahem, a Digital Imaging Lab Technician. Yes, I am that cool. Okay, not really. We digitize books for Internet Archive, digitize BYU books and photographs for their digital collections (which you can view on the HBLL website). I also work a lot with patron requests where people can get digital copies of things in the vaults within Special Collections.

Oh, oh, I even did some work for some Abraham Lincoln awesomeness! Check it out:

Sorry, I pulled a CIA on you and blacked out a bunch of stuff. But hey, you never know who will get offended but what and why when you're posting things on the interweb and all that. SAFETY FIRST. How cool am I, though? So involved in the important things, oh sigh. In all seriousness it's very cool all the things that I get to come into contact with. I sincerely enjoy my job and the experiences that I get to have. (Also the pay isn't too shabby, either.)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day

So this was our first Valentine's as a married couple! And, since we got married on the fourteenth (which is the best number ever), Valentine's was also our seven month anniversary. Yeah, we're cool like that.

We actually celebrated two Valentine's Days though. Initially we thought that I wouldn't be able to do anything on the actual holiday because it was on a Tuesday (Valentine's on a Tuesday is lame sauce), and I work 8:00 to 3:30 in Provo and have class from 5:00 to 9:20 all the way down in Salt Lake. So yeah, with class AND work... there was no wiggle room for even a mid-day celebration. So, we celebrated the Friday before!

After work and school on Friday, we headed to Cafe Rio. If you've never had Cafe Rio, you've never had amazing, amazing, AMAZING awesome in your mouth. (You should amend that quickly, I suggest.) After that we bought movie tickets for In Time at the dollar theatre next door. And, since the movie didn't start for over an hour, we ran to the nearby Shopko, grabbed some change (the shady dollar theatre apparently won't give you change), and played shooting games until the movie started.

Okay, those hunting games? Really fun. Super fun. Until you lose your mojo, that is. I've always been awful at them, but we had already played the Terminator shooter game, and nothing else was super appealing, so I thought, "Why not?" and agreed to play the hunting game. Again, expecting to repeat my past and suck, as usual. Only I had finally, sort of figured it out. That is, until our second round. Oh man, I choked! It was terrible! It's difficult to aim because I shoot with my right, which means my sight should be in my right eye as well... only... I'm legally blind in that eye. So it's very blurry. Basically, I'd be useless at shooting anything in a zombie apocalypse. So depressing to think about!

In Time was really good, though. We loved it. But it's geeky, it's sci-fi, and it at least has some sort of premise, so of course we like it. Can't complain there!

I did something lame as we were exiting the theatre, though. Within the movie, each person is given twenty-five years to live. Time acts as currency as well as determines your life expectancy. So, you can pay for a cup of coffee, but it'll cost five minutes of your life. You get the gist. So, basically the whole movie is people running around as their about to run out of time and die.

We're waiting in the line to exit the theatre, and there were some old people in the back slowly down the process. No big deal, old people move slow, it's how they do. However, the guy behind us remarked, "Hurry, we don't have a lot of time!" Immediately, I responded saying an annoyed, "Really?"

Um. Yeah. That's when I realized what movie we had just watched. And that he was joking. "I was just joking..." was all the guy said after I snubbed him. Brad and I think that I just squashed his dream of being a comedian because I'm a jerk. So, I'm going to write an apology letter:

Dear Guy-Behind-Me-at-Movie-Theatre,

I'm sorry for being mean to your joke.
It was actually quite funny.
I swear, I'm not lying.

The Jerk-Girl-in-Front-of-You

Thursday, February 2, 2012

More All Hallow's (Yes, I'm Fully Aware That It's Even More Way Past Halloween Than Before...)

So, as a newly appointed homemaker as well as an artist, graphic designer, and OCD spacial recognition freak (I have no idea what that means) I truly love to take things and make them prettier. This is exactly why I love ANY movie with a makeover. Seriously, any. No matter how crappy. Oh, space alien comes to earth and falls in love with a cowboy and he loves her but won't admit it until after a mega-makeover and ettiquette lessons? Done, I am so there.

Anyway, Brad and I's first apartment was at Wymount Terrace at BYU. We loved it there. The ward was great, the price was pretty good, we had television (so I have a problem... cough, cough), high-speed internet (again, I have a problem, so what?), and we were basically two steps from my job, his job, and my school, and his school was only a ten minute drive away. Perfection? I say yes!

However, the apartments... were not so sexy, to say the least. They were essentially a ward building. Concrete brick walls, painted white. Horribly '70s cabinetry. We even had an accordion door in our bedroom (no, I am not kidding). Call me crazy, but I LOVED it. Talk about creativity challenge!

So here's our living room on Halloween. You'll get a tiny taste of our little, churchy apartment... aww, memories.