Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dear Blagh, We Like Our Jobs

Yeah... writing a blog kind of makes one feel sort of lame... man, the way that I phrased that made me sound even more lame. Oh yikes.

So, Brad and I both really enjoy our jobs. Like, a lot. Brad for obvious reasons; he wants to be a seminary teacher, and right now he's an MTC teacher. Perfect match, yo. He teaches Spanish and loves Spanish almost as much as he loves teaching. Put them together and... BAM! Magic. He really loves it. He always comes home in a good mood, even when he's had difficult days at work. His co-workers are giant geeks in short-sleeved dress shirts just like him and he gets along with them really well. (Okay, Brad is being slowly weened from his nerd dress shirts and not ALL of his co-workers wear them...) He loves his missionaries. It's like getting new children once a month, but in a good way. He watches them grow so much and it really makes him look forward to teaching seminary.

I work in the BYU library on the most-bottom floor, in the furthest righthand corner, in window-less rooms. Working forty hours over the summer in this sort of place assures no tan, let me tell you. But I LOVE MY JOB. I so do. I am, ahem, a Digital Imaging Lab Technician. Yes, I am that cool. Okay, not really. We digitize books for Internet Archive, digitize BYU books and photographs for their digital collections (which you can view on the HBLL website). I also work a lot with patron requests where people can get digital copies of things in the vaults within Special Collections.

Oh, oh, I even did some work for some Abraham Lincoln awesomeness! Check it out:

Sorry, I pulled a CIA on you and blacked out a bunch of stuff. But hey, you never know who will get offended but what and why when you're posting things on the interweb and all that. SAFETY FIRST. How cool am I, though? So involved in the important things, oh sigh. In all seriousness it's very cool all the things that I get to come into contact with. I sincerely enjoy my job and the experiences that I get to have. (Also the pay isn't too shabby, either.)

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