Thursday, February 2, 2012

More All Hallow's (Yes, I'm Fully Aware That It's Even More Way Past Halloween Than Before...)

So, as a newly appointed homemaker as well as an artist, graphic designer, and OCD spacial recognition freak (I have no idea what that means) I truly love to take things and make them prettier. This is exactly why I love ANY movie with a makeover. Seriously, any. No matter how crappy. Oh, space alien comes to earth and falls in love with a cowboy and he loves her but won't admit it until after a mega-makeover and ettiquette lessons? Done, I am so there.

Anyway, Brad and I's first apartment was at Wymount Terrace at BYU. We loved it there. The ward was great, the price was pretty good, we had television (so I have a problem... cough, cough), high-speed internet (again, I have a problem, so what?), and we were basically two steps from my job, his job, and my school, and his school was only a ten minute drive away. Perfection? I say yes!

However, the apartments... were not so sexy, to say the least. They were essentially a ward building. Concrete brick walls, painted white. Horribly '70s cabinetry. We even had an accordion door in our bedroom (no, I am not kidding). Call me crazy, but I LOVED it. Talk about creativity challenge!

So here's our living room on Halloween. You'll get a tiny taste of our little, churchy apartment... aww, memories.

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