Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Leap Day! Hinga, dinga, dergen!

Leap Day is awesome.  I have always been obsessed with Leap Day.  Because it is awesome, obviously.  I always wanted to born on Leap Day (or April Fools, for some reason).  Or I wanted to get married on that day (which is apparently bad luck, I come to find out).  Or SOMETHING cool.  Sadly, nothing cool has ever, ever, ever fallen upon me under any circumstance on Leap Day.  Ever.  So yeah.  Sad times.

However, Brad's Leap Day was pretty cool this year.  Leap Day 2012 marks the day that Brad taught seminary for the first.  Time.  EVER.  And he was awesome!  And he now goes on to his five-day student teaching in April!  And then... more student teaching!  (Ooo, ahhh!)  And then... he is an OFFICIAL seminary teacher.  So yeah, his day was quite epic.  Big milestone and all.  Excitement everywhere, let me tell you.

After Brad did his student teaching he went to work.  Leap Day was also Epic-Snow-Storm Day, so he didn't get home from work until about 10:00 PM.  But I had a plan to make Leap Day cool for once (for me, at least), and timing wasn't going to stop me.  Brad and I were going to go sledding, even if it was at midnight. 

My parents specifically built a hill in their backyard for the very reason of epic Leap Days.  Sort of.  Okay, not really.  But they did build a hill specifically for sledding.  And so there all of it was:  hill, sleds, snow.  All we needed was the proper apparel and we'd be good to go.  Unfortunately my sister and brother-in-law had borrowed all the stuff that actual fits myself and would potentially fit Brad... so we sort of had to wing it and wear whatever we could find.  For Brad it wasn't too bad; I was able to find a one-piece snowsuit of my dad's that fit him just fine, albeit a little baggy because my dad's taller than Bradley.  Me?  Yeah, I wore floods.  And could only sort of bend over because the straps were a little tighter than they should've been.  And I wore polka-dot rainboots because I couldn't find my snow boots.  It's fair to say that I looked fabulous!

No, but seriously, snow stuff makes no human being look good.  At all.  Here's pictures to prove it!

Do you appreciate my gopher teeth?  Well, you should.  Because they're truly lovely.

P.S.  If you don't know where in the world this post's title comes from, watch this video.  I sang it pretty much all of Leap Day... because Leif Erickson Day totally sounds the same in my head!