Thursday, June 21, 2012

Me and My Bong by Heather Bailey

So, great news everyone... I got a bong!  Wanna see?

Does it not bring all sorts of attractiveness to my visage?

Oh, it doesn't?  Yeah, I knew that.

In case you didn't figure out on your own, that's not really a bong.  It's actually a nebulizer.  And it's totally legit and legal, I promise.  Got it from the doctor and everything, I swear.  Basically, I had this super-mega-allergic reaction last week.  To what?  Oh, who knows.  Life, whatnot.  I'm allergic to it all now, apparently. So it swelled up one side of my face and neck (in true Phantom-esque fashion) and boy did it hurt.  So I dealt with that and its after effects for a few days.  Then, Saturday morning I started coughing.  Which is never a good sign in my case.  I've had bad, green mucus-y, borderline pneumonia bronchitis ten times in less than two years.  One time it actually ended up being walking pneumonia.  Which is bad, I've been told.  So here I was again, with dog coughing all over the place.

At night it got worse.  I literally could not breathe.  I'm just very lucky to have an amazing husband who will stay up with a wheezing wife till three o'clock in the morning watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Hulu (I love the Buffy).  We did this two nights in a row, my coughing and wheezing and non-breathing getting worse, and Monday morning we decided it was time to get to InstaCare, where they gave me my bong artillery.

Overall, there's no true diagnosis, just that it's that whole eczema/asthma/allergies triad that keeps coming back to haunt me.  Basically, when one gets set off, all of them have to join the party.  My doctor suggested that it is most likely related to my job where I'm handling a lot of dusty, moldy books... but I really don't want to believe that!  I am one of those insane people who loves their job.  (Please, please, please don't make me quit my job...)

So I've been stuck at home for a week and a half.  There was once a time where I would enjoy this lazy time severely, but the whole providing-for-the-family thing really stresses any relaxation out of me.  I just feel guilty half the time.

However, there is one good thing about being stuck at home, and it's that I'm finally able to sit down and do all those projects that I really want to do.  Like, I don't know... laundry!  Haha, okay, well that unfortunately always makes it to the top of my priority list, but I was also able to finally do something to our bedroom that I've been wanting to do ever since I made our headboard (I better explain that one too).

Best part of this project?  No effort.  Even my sickly, shakey-people-hands could do it.  Printed and cut out the photos, cut out foam core the same size, and glued them together.  A cinch.  Even better?  I spent all of $2.50 on this whole thing.  Just had to buy some Command poster strips.  SCORE.

The headboard was about $2.00 as well.  My mom had these very tall, lean frames hanging out in the attic for ages back from a Relief Society project which used them to display a cross-stitch of the B-Attitudes.  So, using some spray paint that I got from a local craft store's final days clearance sales, I just spray-painted them gray and (again) Command Stripped them to the wall.  I love Command Strips.

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  1. Dude, Heather. Your blog is totally sweet. Sorry you're sick and the doctor is trying to hook you on drugs... Don't let him convince you that work is killing you! Just pull that air filter conditioner with you everywhere you go, things will be fine :) Awesome job on the pics and the headboard. It is really, really cool looking!