Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Font Name Art

So, I love fonts.  I love finding them, downloading them, and then finding reasons to use them.  It's fun, trust me.

I'm totally not weird.

One thing I've always had fun doing is finding fonts that have my name in it.  So I did.  And I put 'em together.  SHA-BAM.


It's fun, seriously.  You should try it.  Find your name in font.

Coincidentally, I have always hated (ever since I first got into typography and Photoshop and all that when I was nine and wanted to created a Sailor Moon website... yeah, I was that geek) the Bradley Hand and Heather fonts.  Bleh, bleh.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our Jerk Cat

Sooo... this cat is a jerk.

Everyone believes that I'm just being silly when I say that.  And, you know, she's sometimes the most wonderful cat in the world.  She really is a great kitty and I love her to death.  But I've also had previously plans to be a cat lady, so I'm not really the most unbiased opinion for you seek out on that one.

But seriously, she's named Diabla for a reason--she's a total d-bag.

When Brad and I hadn't started dating and were just best friends our senior year of high school (which was now four years ago and that is just weird to think), Brad thought I was super mean to her.  Everytime he came over I was like, "Yeah, she's a jerk," among other colorful vocabulary.

However, once we began dating and he was over at my house even more... yeah, he totally got it.  All the name-calling made complete sense in this cat's case.

She literally becomes upset with you because you, I don't know, treat her like a cat?  Like pick her up, brush her, pet her, love her?  You know, affection and all that?  Yeah, that so does not go down with her.  It's only when she approves that you may enter her space.  Otherwise, she lets you know.  believe me.

Crazy as it sounds, that's why we love her.  Because she's a d-bag.  She's got personality, what can we say.  I think that we may fuel it.  But hey, when she dishes it out we give right back.  If she's going to be a loser we might as well give her a reason to, right?

And there's no one who gives her more crap than Brad.  And, because of that, she loves him most.

This cat, who refuses to be held or loved or anything (unless you don't want to, then she's up for it), will happily sit on Brad's lap and watch him play League of Legends for hours.

Until she gets fed up with him not paying attention to her, that is.  Then she decides to get up on the desk, block the screen, and then when she finally lays down her huge butt hits the screen's button to re-calibrate and Brad dies in game.

But we love her all the same!