Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Jerk of a Cat Who Can't Even Play

So... I know that we've been through this before.  But let me just reiterate for those newbies.

Our cat is a jerk.

I know that may sound harsh, but it's still true.  What's hilarious is that she's such a jerk that she's never really known how to play.  She just sort of... sits there.  She will play Hide 'n' Go Seek, but that's just about it.  Well, ever since Brad and I have lived with her Brad's slowly been teaching her how to play... but she's still sort of terrible at it.

This is her attempt at playing with a necklace.

Is it just us, or does she look like an anamontronic at Chuck E. Cheeses?

Sad?  Just a little bit.  We'll just let her keep working on that.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

School... Yeah, It Just Keeps on Going.

There's so much to write about.  But so... so tired.  As you can tell.

Yes, the evil (err, I'm sorry GOOD.  Yes, children, it's wonderful) which is school has returned to our lives and we get to do the eight month swim in this nasty pond once again.  However, this tale does have a happy ending.

This is our last time ever.

Yes, it's true.  Brad and I are both rounding up our bachelor degrees and will be graduating this coming April.  And WE ARE SO EXCITED.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  There still are those eigth months we talked about... so here's the top three things (in no particular order) that have helped Brad and I to survive the semester so far:

Number 1:  League of Legends

Brad and I love this game.

Even better?  So do all my siblings!

We play with my sister and her husband, my little brother, and my big brother, his wife, and my nephews.  Pretty much, it's a party sometimes.  Especially because we're all living separately of one another, it's suuuper fun to get online a play a big family game together!

Number 2:  Day Z

I more watch than play this (we only have one copy of it as of now), but Brad and my little brother, James, have a BLAST playing, and it's super fun to watch and listen to their stories.  They sometimes play with my big brother as well.

The premise is basically zombie apocalypse.  When you spawn you start with a pack with a flashlight, some bandages, and some painkillers.  And that's it.  You have to now attempt to find a weapon, food, and other supplies in order to survive not only zombies, but other people.

Pretty much, it's SO difficult to stay alive, but the stories are hilarious and include my big brother, Ken, tripping and breaking his leg, and being eaten by zombies.  Awesome.

Number 3:  Gravity Falls


Seriously.  We can't get over how great it is.

It's about a set of twins who are sent to live with their great uncle in Gravity Falls, a small town with a lot of secrets.  In the first episode, Dipper and his sister, Mabel, find a book in a hollowed out tree which reveals some of those secrets, including mythical creatures and conspiracies.

This show is not only clever, with a genius mystery-based, continuing storyline, but it's also HILARIOUS.  Every character is remarkably funny.  We love, love this show.

Even better?  This show gives you an opportunity to be a detective, as it has clue-based freeze frames and codes for you to figure out.  And yeah, we love it.  Can't get enough.
So, will we survive our last two semesters of school?  Freak, I sure hope so.  But, in the words of one of the greatest quotes from Gravity Falls:  "Bottom line, George Washington's a jerk."