Friday, December 14, 2012

Preggers Dreams

Okay, well, now that the pregnancy announcement is official out and about on the inter-web, I can now finally talk about it, HUZZAH.

When I first pregnant I had read that pregnant women often have very vivid dreams.  Often the subjects of these dreams are along the lines of concerns that come with pregnancies, like miscarrying, your husband leaving you, and other sad things like that.

Um, yeah.  My dreams aren't so much along those lines.

Heather's Three Weirdest Pregnancy Dreams
(So Far, That Is... in No Particular Order)

1.  Our cat Diabla having her eyes crusted over with some
sort of lilac-colored crystals.  Yeah, super weird.
2.  Post-apocalyptic dream where we were forced to all evacuate
land and into the ocean for safety.  That's not the weird part.
The weird part would be sometime later as many people have
perished on our journey through the ocean.  As people have died
their family members have "buried" them in five-gallon water
coolers once full of water.  Annnd... cue me going around shaking
coolers to see if there's a dead guy or fresh water in them.  Yep.
3.  Bus is driving on a beach, and I'm all, "Oh my gosh, that
bus is about to run over a manatee!"
My father-in-law replies, "Oh, the manatee will be okay."
Manatee gets run over.  Totally fine, just a huge dent in
its back.  I have illustrated said manatee below.

Silly sea cow.

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