Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So THIS Is What Being a Mom Looks Like

Apparently it looks like that's-not-even-all-the-soda-I've-drank-in-the-last-24-hours or I'm-too-lazy-to-cook-so-we-ordered-50-dollars-of-pizza.  Let's just say that teething is brutal, especially when it makes a beautiful, uber-sweet baby stay up till one AM every night and then spend the actual time he sleeps waking up every two to four hours.  And having this go on for almost two weeks now.

Endless amounts of Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Coke (sensing a trend here?), and the occasional Jones Root Beer, grabbed from a last-ditch-effort-to-exhaust-baby Walmart run at eleven o'clock at night, have been consumed along with some delicious Pie by a very, very tired mother of George Bailey.  This includes breakfast this morning.  Basically, all shame is gone at this point.

Worst part?  Through it all, George is just nice.  I feel like I'd feel more legitimate in feeling so overtired if George was screaming or otherwise being a bigger poop than he is.  But seriously, he's just SO NICE.  Sometimes during the day he's having an especially rough time and he'll let you know, yes.  But as soon as he's keeping us up till all-hours he's just about the nicest person you've ever met.  And it's super awkward.  But I want to feel angry but I can't.  Rather, I just feel tired.  And drink another Coke.

But really, when you think of motherhood you think of these moments, right?  Seriously.  This is being a mom.  Media doesn't really over exaggerate this facet of it, really.  Because seriously, sometimes it really does feel like you're on one of those movies as it's midnight and your son has now been up for over six hours straight (which is so not normal for a six-month old) and here Brad and I are, lying on the bed with him between us just acting like a total spaz as he giggles and giggles and plays and plays, and we're just so worn out that all we're asking George is, "How are you not worn out?"

We've also seen George wanting to play on his own a lot.  Which, actually, was very nice of him.  He now just sits up on his own and will play with his toys for a long, long time.  It's weird, I sort of expected him to be older be he wanted to do that, but it's been pleasant because I've been able to basically veg out next to him as he entertains himself.  He may not be letting me sleep at night, but he allowed me the breaks and basic deadbeat-ness during the day to feel less tired.

This last night George followed that same routine as the last few weeks, staying up till midnight before we finally had him tuckered out enough to sleep.  And we get into bed ourselves, expecting the same as the last few nights.  And, suddenly... George sleeps.  And sleeps.  For seven and a half hours straight.  Um, weird.  What just happened there?  I woke up multiple times figuring him awake, but alas, he never was.  It wasn't until Brad got into the shower at seven forty-five this morning that I could finally hear him wiggling in him crib.  It was crazy amazing.  And when he didn't want to go back to sleep, I wasn't sighing.  I sort of felt like I had been given some sort of nerdy Zelda-esque elixir and was just like, "You go, dude!" proud of George.

I'm still tired.  I've still already drank basically a liter of Coke and eaten two pieces of pizza this morning.  But still, I feel better.  George is actually taking a real nap right now and I'm still ignoring every task I should be doing right now, including such a mass of laundry I can't even fathom how many loads it'll take to wash.  But hey, as some point I'll need underwear and I'll have to wash at least a chunk of it, right?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

George at Six Months

Oh my lanta, is George really half a year old?!  That's quite the landmark!  I was looking at videos of him when he was two months and thought, "Holy cow, he's come a really long way, hasn't he?!"  Crazy pants, I tell you!  Six months.  Wow.

George learned to wave!  My dad was dancing for him one night and my mom noticed that he started mimicking my dad's hand movements, and so she tried waving at him the next day and he picked it up really fast.  The best was when Brad would come to say goodbye to George before work, George would wave at him every time.  It was basically the cutest.  I say "was" because George got tired of preforming and refuses to do it unless he wants to now.  His terms, pretty much.

LOVES animals.  He will squeal, squawk, coo, and wiggle like no other when he sees one.  However, he holds a special place in his heart for my family's golden retriever, Babs.  He just basically wants to marry her.  Unless she gets--what he randomly decides as being--too close or barks.  Luckily for him she's sort of the sweetest dog ever, so I'm assuming their marriage will be a happy one.  Not sure how the grand-kids will work out, though...

I've just been really grateful that George has been able to grow up around all sorts of animals and that he's developed a liking for them!  Because, man, Brad and I love animals!

Remember how raspberries used to make him cry?  Well, no longer.  He loves him some raspberry blowing.  There's pretty much spit flying 24/7 from that kid's mouth.

He also just loves to screech.  He's back to just screaming at random moments.  Not really to anything in particular most of the time.  Just... does it.  It's incredibly funny to the household.  I posted a video on Instagram of George yelling it out with the Doc McStuffins theme song.  Epic.

Speaking of children's shows, he still just loves Bubble Guppies with all his heart.  He'll drop everything he's doing so he can listen to the opening song and he'll watch large chunks of the show.  There's also this random Baby Alive commercial (y'know, the baby doll that poops and pees?  Yeah, that one) that he just has to stop all to watch.  And I'm all, "Uhh, no George.  No Baby Alive for you.  You've already got that covered."

One thing that my whole family things is incredibly cute is that George will cross his ankles like my dad does.  My dad likes to lay on the floor when we're all watching something or when he's playing a game, and while he's laying down there he'll cross his ankles.  Well, George does as Grandpa does.  And it's suuuper cute.

My dad likes to play the classic Nintendo and Super Nintendo Zelda games (the original Zelda and Zelda:  A Link to the Past).  And, well, George thinks they're the greatest thing ever.  You think Bubble Guppies and Baby Alive catch his attention?  I recorded George watching his grandpa play Zelda for ten minutes straight, and it was only ten minutes because that's the max recording size on my phone. Oh, and George also has his own controller to of course play along with Grandpa.

He just LOVES that game.  Bradley will mimic the music and George will stop and listen.  And one time he was having a meltdown at the Bailey's because he had been constipated and I quickly pulled up a video of someone playing A Link to the Past on YouTube and he completely quieted down instantly.  It's so funny!

Going along with that, George also has a sweet spot for the "Misty Mountains" song from The Hobbit movie.  Just like Zelda, if Bradley pulls that up on his phone right before George goes to bed he just goes quiet and will listen.  Basically he's our nerd love child.

The constipation that George experienced this month was semi-terrible.  He was just so uncomfortable to the point that my great sleeper couldn't sleep.  This included nights of getting up at midnight, one, two, three, and four AM.  They were so bad that I needed Brad to stay home from work so I could get some sleep and function properly!  Yeah, it was hard.  Hard on me, but even more hard on poor Jorge.  We still aren't sure if we're past the whole constipation thing yet, but man, we sure hope we are!  It's basically the worst thing in the world to watch him going through that!

Love, love, loves his high chair.  We really started using it, and George just totally digs it.  The best is at any moment that he's being a Mr. Buttswallerton, I can just put him in the high chair and stick him in front of Babs.  BOOM.  Happy baby.  It's pretty much going to be a necessity to own a dog when we move out of my parent's house.

George has truly begun to notice different emotions and now responds to emotions that he sees or hears.  Naturally, my favorite is when he laughs when everyone else is laughing.  We'll be watching Bubble Guppies, which does a gag moment multiple times in the show and the characters will laugh at the end of it and he'll not only grin but laugh with them as well.  And it's so cute.

But the funniest is still that he feels the need to cry when someone else is crying, especially babies.  We were watching home videos at the Bailey's of Brad when he was George's age, and at one point Ben started crying on the video and George immediately gets this huge lower lip and then starts crying too, haha!  Poor kid, but man it's funny!

So, uh, let's talk stalker breathing.  You know in the movies, when some calls to creep someone out all stalker-like, and they're just breathing very loudly over the receiver?  Yeah, George does that.  Super loud.  And it's very, very, very hilarious.  It's especially funny because he'll do it when he first wakes up.  His eyes are still closed because I've turned the lights on and he just plays with his blankets while he breathes like a total stalker.  And I just can't get over how funny I think it is.  It gets me every time.

Sitting up has now become a necessity.  It calms him like no other.  He's gotten really great at rolling over and doing tummy time, but at a certain point he'll refuse to roll back to his back because he doesn't want to be on his back, but he doesn't want to be on his tummy, he wants to be on his butt.  Gosh dang it all.  So I just sit him up and he sits up like a champ.  Last month he could sit up with no cheats for a while, but now he can go and go and go.  He's great at it and he loves working at it.  He feels pretty grown up, basically.


Speaking of grown up he also continues to favor standing up over rolling over.  Again, rolling over has been mastered.  He no longer gets his arm stuck beneath him, he no longer cries every time he rolls from tummy to back (he seriously hated it that much; he still hates it, but he deals with it now).  He's got it down pat.  But to him, it sort of sucks butt.  He'd much rather be sitting up but even more he'd rather be standing up.  He's pretty strong and can actually hold himself up for a little while on things but for the most part he's just like, "Yeah, you'll hold me up now.  Let's play the bend-over-and-pick-up-things-then-drop-them-and-start-all-over-again game."

Speaking of which, he now fancies himself the ultimate tester of Earth's gravitational pull.  We'll put a bunch of toys on his high chair tray and he'll just have a grand ol' time dumping each off one by one, in both the most spastic and gentle ways he can think of.

He also no longer does the cute and courteous thing of handing us his spoon when he's ready for his next bite.  Instead, it's a giant competition to see who's quicker:  his hand to toss it to the ground, or our hands to catch it.  He wins most of the time.  It's pretty embarrassing.  But mostly the worst game ever.

Still loves eating, loves to try new things, and loves whatever-you're-having-I'll-have.  His interest in food is great though and we love to let him try new things.  No matter what we give him a taste of he makes the most disgusted face as he's first gumming it down, and it's super funny.  Everyone thinks, "Oh dear, he must not like it," but then he opens up his mouth for mouth and it's like, "Uhh, apparently not."


He's learning certain word cues to certain things.  He understands "look", "puppy", "Babs", "kitty", "open wide", "hands down", "put your hands up, they're playing my song" (just kidding, I'm trying to get him to follow that one for when he needs to put his hands up so we can put his tray on, but not quite yet...), "dad", "mom", "grandma", "grandpa", and "Brandon" (because Brandon is basically his most favorite person in the entire world.  It's pretty awkward for the rest of us, because we are truly chopped liver).

This month also marked two first holidays for George:  Halloween and Thanksgiving!  Both were epic.  For Halloween, George was King George and we were his filthy peasants. Unfortunately George was quite sick the days leading up and so we weren't able to take him to a pumpkin patch or even take him trick-or-treating the night of Halloween, but we saw family and got to dress up, so that was good enough for us!

Thanksgiving consisted of going to the Bailey's in the morning for a pineapple pie tradition they have in their family, and then heading to my cousin's home for Thanksgiving dinner with my mom's side of the family.  We brought along George's super-convenient-collapsible high chair and it was freaking awesome to have!  George got to eat Jell-O with his Aunt Alix and then zonk out on Meghan and Josh's bed after charming the party and making a new gal pal friend of my cousin's ten-month old daughter, Ava.

And just because I'm awesome; Alix, here's you and your lovely husband on that Thanksgiving Day.  You're welcome!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

On My Mind #3

Okay, first off let's discuss George's suddenly blossoming hair.  It's like it's going through puberty or something, but it's shooting up like a weed.  Every day I look at his head and I'm like, "Where'd that come from?"  My baldy is slowly furnishing his head!  SO CUTE.

On a side note that proves how much of a child I am, I just have to say that I really, really, really love the show Sofia the First.  It's funny because when we watch it, I know that it's totally for me.  George is seriously not that interested when it's on.  He very clearly has a heart for Bubble Guppies, any time, any day.  But Sofia?  Not so much.  But me?  YES.  I love that show!

Great part?  The names that Brad and I have have had picked out for our girls since, like, well, ever (shhhaaa), are both character's names on the show.  Which I think it just about as awesome as it gets.  Also, the names of one of their aunts and one of their uncles are also on that show.  Which is also very cool, in my opinion.

My one beef with the show is Miranda's dress.  What the heck?  What's with all the pink and then the bow and just... what?  Who designed that thing?  I don't it'd even be kosher for a three year-old.  Perhaps a little girls fat little doll.  Maybe.  Even then, the bow just kills me.  Someone, rip it off already!  Sofia and Amber's dresses are far better looking, and their like what, ten?  Seriously, Miranda's dress will never stop bugging me.

And you may think the guy on the right molests children, which may be, but so far he's clean.

Let me just last mention how friggin' great NPS can be.  I still think it's my favorite store of all-time.  If you don't know what it is, Google it, but otherwise just know that it's like an even more awesome D.I.  Today all their clothes (which are already marked down fifty percent on any normal day) were an additional sixty percent off.  It was heaven.  Unfortunately the chick clothes were slightly lacking, but I did get Brad some freaking sweet stuff.  Dress shirts, cardigans... he's basically 'roided up for family pictures.  The options are endless.  And dashing.  Dashing as well.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

These Two

These pictures were taken on a night with a sad, sad baby (who, again, was later found out to be suffering with some major need-to-poop) who had decided that only being held was going to make him happy.

Bradley quickly scooped him up, and walked with George on his shoulders around the kitchen eight million times to take that baby's mind off what was upsetting him.

I just really, really, really love these boys.

This wasn't a huge or super eventful moment, but it was just... nice.  Which, I know, isn't the most descriptive word, but really there are just these simple, very nice moments in being a family that for some reason mean something and are worth remembering.  I love these sorts of moments.

It's not like this was a particularly great day.  It was a fairly long one, really.  But it ended like this, and it didn't seem so long anymore.  Rather, it just rounded everything out rather perfectly.  And rather than feel the exhaustion of a day of holding a very heavy baby, it just felt nice, and I realized again how much I love these two.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Eight Days Later: A Story of Bowel Movements

One of the funniest things as a new parent is to see your kid's behavior or habits suddenly change, blowing any sort of ritual or understanding of how your kid runs out the window.  You basically have to reevaluate everything you've ever come to know as true.  It's pretty much that dramatic, seriously.

These past eight days have been like that.

George has always been a good sleeper.  I'm not saying that he magically sleeps twelve hours straight, for he so does not or, well, has not.  Ever.  But, like previously mentioned, he would usually do nighttime that he would sleep for eight hours straight starting around eight or nine, and then wake up around four or five in the morning to eat, go right back to sleep, and then wake up for the day at, again, around eight or nine.  It was nice!

Over this last week, there was a gradual sleep regression that I thought was normal.  George is approaching six months, "six month sleep regression"... it sort of fit together.  So I just worked with it when he started waking up four times a night again, then choosing somewhere around three in the morning to not want to go back to sleep.  But I'd just let him play in his crib and eventually he'd fall asleep with a circle of toys around him, so it wasn't a big deal, it was mostly just cute.

This progressed over seven days, getting slightly worse each night, eventually turning into not only would he go to bed later and later, but he'd get up and want to play and wouldn't put himself back to sleep.  Instead, he'd cry for me.  But not to go back to bed, to play.  He didn't want to be lying down, he wanted to be held.  Again, these are all symptoms that I had read in the whole "six month sleep regression" formula.  So I was like, "Okay, cool.  I can deal.  I'll be okay."

And really, I was fine.  I was up later, but I could usually get George to sleep in so I could get the extra sleep I needed.  So really, we were cool.  All was cool.

Until last night.  Last night, George went to bed earlier than he had been the previous nights, probably around ten-ish at the latest.  He woke up at 11:30 PM, which had become a norm in the last few nights--for him to wake up approximately an hour and half after we had put him down.  Fine, cool.  Usually after than he would sleep four hours before he'd wake up again.  So, Brad and I go to bed.  Just after midnight, George is up.  I go and put him back down.

1:30 AM, he's up again.  Same deal, put him back to sleep.

2:30 AM, up again.  I was ready to lose it at this point, I was so tired.  Combined with the previous seven nights of weird sleep with this horror night, it was hard for me to function at this point.  I just needed to get him back to sleep, maybe just one more time, and he'd sleep longer than a hour.

No dice.  He decided he wanted to play.  Okay, cool.  Here, toys, mirror--see that baby in the mirror?  He'll play with you all you want.  Have fun you two--back to my bed, maybe he'll put himself to sleep this time.

Uh, no, Mom.  No I will not.  I go back in there, try and help him back to sleep.  Um, nope.  No thank you.  I would like to play now.  Okay, here's that crib baby friend you're so fond of.  Oh, no?  You want to play with Mom?  At this point he's literally chit-chatting with my on my lap, playing with the drawstring on my hoodie while I start into a dark abyss across the room that's called "no sleep".  This pretty much went on just as that until five o'clock in the morning when, finally, he deemed it time to sleep.  I thought, "Okay, this kid is running on like zero hours of sleep.  He's got to need to sleep a few hours now."

Again, no.  He was up at six thirty.  At this point I needed Brad.  So badly.  Luckily, right at that moment his alarm went off to get ready for work.  I ask him to come into George's room and immediately start bawling.  (You know how some people get ornery when they're tired?  Yeah, um, I get sobby.  As in, cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat-which-includes-puppy-commercials sobby.)  Luckily Brad was able to call in and get work off and he sent me to bed.

Throughout the day (after I took a long morning nap), George wasn't napping.  And when he was, they were piddly beyond comparison.  As the day wore on Brad and I threw around ideas over what it must be.  Ear infection?  Teething?  Growth spurt?  The problem was that George just wasn't grumpy enough for us to be able to see any real problem other than not sleeping.  Seriously, that was it.  That was the only glaring issue that we could see, George would not sleep.  He wasn't grumpy, he wasn't mean, he was just a little sensitive to certain movements (which made us think ear ache) and he wouldn't sleep.  So yeah, we had no clue what to do.

Then we really started thinking about the past week.  Riddled between all of George's quirky changes he'd made, we realized that George had been having much thicker poops than normal (ahem, TMI, yes).  And then, when we really thought about it, we realized that George hadn't pooped in maybe four days, but had been pushing for one around that same amount of time.  He was probably constipated, poor kid.  That's probably why he didn't love playing on the floor on his back, but had been far cooler with playing on his tummy than he ever had.  Also, his favorite place to play was in his high chair, sitting up.  Which made sense, poo-wise.

So, we looked up infant constipation and its symptoms, which had us thinking back at the past week even more.  Extremely smelly gas?  Uh, yeah, George has been farting like an old man.  Hard time sleeping?  Duh.  Reduced appetite?  Yes, but we hadn't really found a reason why.  IT ALL MADE SENSE NOW.  It was just so hard to recognize because George had been so chill about it.  No crying, no fussing, nothing.  Just a very, very, very awake and sometimes gagging-ly smelly baby.

This poor kid was finally able to go today, and it was truly just so, terribly sad.  We clamored around, trying to help the best we could, but it very clearly hurt George and in fact made him bleed.  Which, in turn, had me crying and hurrying to call my mom to make sure that he was okay, that this was okay.  But, when all was said and done (and George was happily floating in a tub of very warm water to sooth that sore buttox of his), it was all fine.  After we pulled him out of the tub, George went right down for a nap, super easy.

So, does this mean that constipation equals a happy but sleepless baby?  I guess we'll find out tonight, won't we?  But really, we just hope that our mini man is more comfortable!  Holy cow, bleeding bottoms are traumatic.  The poor kid.  And to be that constipated and still be a nice baby?  We love that George Bradley.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Why We Are In Love #13

As I was waiting for Brad so that we could go to bed, I was doodling a picture on my phone.  At one point, I got up to use the bathroom, leaving my phone on the bed.  When I came back, Brad was in bed with this goofy smile on his face; he asked if I had looked at my phone yet.  This is the magic piece of artwork that I found...

Mine on the left, Brad's on the right.

Yeah, we're pretty much artists!  I mean, look at that emotion.  Just.  Wow.  Don't worry, we have big plans to create a comic book together.  With our combined powers, I think the results will be just beautiful.

Then this morning Brad was giving me a hug when he sniffed me.

Bradley:  Hmm, you should put on deodorant.
Heather:  Why, do I stink?
Bradley:  Well, sort of.  But it could be the shirt you've been wearing for three days.

The magic of our marriage is just ridiculously awesome!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Family Love #6

[Watching Pretty Little Liars together, a teapot squeals at a creepy part.]

Alix:  Teapots are always shady.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

On My Mind #2

One thing that's been super bizarre to experience as a first time parent is that sudden moment where, "Holy crap, he couldn't do that before.  He couldn't do that two weeks ago, and now he's doing it."

This happened while we were playing with George in the bath last night.  My mom and my sister had gotten him this set of aquatic buddies for the tub, and previously he couldn't really play with any of them but the fish.  For the most part they were all too slippery and round for his little hands to hold; but the fish has this curve with it's tail and all that which made it easier for him to actually grasp it.

So last night, as I see George holding on to the crab without any issue I was like, "Oh shoot, he's doing it!  He couldn't do that less than a month ago!" and it was nutso.  Because that means George is learning how to use that crazy thing called a body.  And soon he'll be crawling and walking and dancing with girls at his high school dances (and Alix and I will be burying their dead bodies in the backyard if they're buttlies to that young man).

Basically, I love it.  I love watching him grow, even when he's the one being the buttley (like today, cough, cough).  I love it when he figures out new things and I think, "Wait, did he just do that?"  It'll be interesting to watch our pride in him go from watching him sit up on his own to watching him walk into the MTC to serve for two years.

Which, I don't really love to think about.  Because seriously, having my little brother gone has been hard enough.  Will I basically have diarrhea everyday when my son goes on his mission?  Probably.  Probably for both Brad and I, our bowels tend to reflect our emotions.  It's beautiful, right?  Everyone wanted to hear that, right?

We just love this kid.  He's sort of awesome.  So funny, so smart, so charming.  Or so buttley, like today.  Nevertheless, we love him.  The fact that he's darling helps as well.

Monday, November 11, 2013

George at Five Months

Phew, this took me a while to get to.  At the end of month five George got his four-month shots (yeah, at four months and twenty-nine days old; obviously still catching up on those suckers) and they made him horribly sick the poor kid!  His throat was so sore that he went from eating six ounces a feeding to barely two, and needing warm, watered down juice between eating.  And then I got sick.  It was a lovely two weeks, believe me.  Being a mom and being sick is sort of the worse circumstance ever.  I literally wanted to crawl in a hole and just hibernate with George and Brad.  Apparently I am not a bear, though, so that didn't really happen.

George deliberately rolled over for the first time this month!  He's done it by accident quite a few times before, but it was cool to see him actively doing it.  It took a little bit, but by the end of his fifth month he began doing it as second nature every day.  Although, he learned to roll from his back to his stomach, and he only does it that way; he's sort of anti-gravity and doesn't enjoy going from his stomach to his back as much.  In fact, he kind of refuses to.

The perfect mixture of fatness and sadness.  It shouldn't be this cute, but it is.

George also started sucking chewing on his thumb.  It's kind of hilariously cute.  Seriously.

His toes are trying to bust out of his six month footsie jammies.  He's so long, 95th percentile last he was checked!  

Oh, he watched General Conference for the first time!  Or, well, watched a chunk and then we proceeded to watch him be funny and cute while he played on the floor.  He's entertaining, that one.

Like previously mentioned, he's always been far more interested in standing up than anything else.  Well, recently he's decided that when he stands up he insists on doing it on his tippy-toes.  Uh, yeah, highly uncomfortable on your stomach!

Went from doing his screams to make a Tina ah-lah Bob's Burgers groan all the time, especially when he's about to tell you he's ready for bed.  He can do it for minutes on end and it's incredibly hilarious.

Experience the exotic store of Legos.  Well, sort of.  Brad and Ben tried to expose him to the greatness, at least!

Went out-of-state for the first time and to Disneyland!

Started solids and hasn't looked back.  For baby food, he's eaten bananas, apples, cinnamon, and oatmeal in varying mixes.  He's basically obsessed with food now and wants whatever you're eating.  If you're eating, he's watching.  Will eat six to eight ounces of baby food in one sitting (well, before he got sick).  Because of that we had to start using eight ounce bottles.  They're freaking monster compared to the four ounce ones.


Has tried all sorts of big kid foods.  This includes pasta sauces, meat juices, sucking on chips and fries, and all sorts of desserts like ice cream, pudding, and whipped cream.  At first the salty things had him making a "yuck" face, but by now he's happily sucking away on anything we give him.

Knows his name, although he is happy to ignore you calling him when Bubble Guppies is on.

Uses his hands like a boss! George can play with one toy in his left hand and the other in his right, and can hold both without dropping. It's epic!  And also displays how indecisive George can be in his plays.  Or, really, he just wants to play with too many things at once, so he'll just jump from thing to thing to thing.

Speaking of dropping, one of his favorite new games is clearing the counter.  We put things on the counter or desk and he'll spend the time picking up the things and either throwing them or scooting them off the counter.  It's a "special" game, pretty much.

He also loves the bend and pickup game.  This is where he decides he wants to stand up (or, rather, for me to hold him so he can stand up) and then he will find things on the floor he'd like to bend over, pick up, drop, and pick up again.  Over and over and over again.  Also, he's over sixteen pounds, and I've never worked out with higher than ten pound weights.  Here's hoping I magically have Michelle Obama arms from this game!

Church is getting easier.  He's learning to entertain himself better and so the utter quiet doesn't bug him so much.  He's always dug the singing, so that's easy as ever.  Also, Brad and I are just getting more in the hang of the fact that a quick lap around the church makes him happy, that he doesn't necessarily need to be rushed home to take a nap where it's quiet (our ward for some reason feels the need to do every meeting with a microphone being used, so it's not the quietest discussion).

Still loves people, much like his dad.  He definitely gets energy from others, unlike me where they literally suck all that I use to even breathe when I'm around them too much.  This may not bode well for George and I when we finally get a home of our own, considering I don't think I'll be entertaining enough, especially when he's used to not only Dad but Grandma and Grandpa being around!  Pretty sure we'll have to get him a puppy.  And possibly a kitty.  (Okay, the kitty is for me.)


George still finds his sneezes to be quite clever.  He still does his three or four sneezes in a row, which at the end of he consistently coos and gives a big grin, like he's done something quite awesome.  Which, he's George, so he totally did.

Still loves his feet.


George can sit up on his own for quite a long while, it's pretty legit.

Generally George goes to bed between eight and nine, sleeps eight hours, wakes up to eat, and then sleeps another three or four hours.  Of course, this is just general and switches all the time because, hey, he's the baby and he does what he wants!  He's still a piddly napper with just multiple, short thirty to forty minute naps.  However, this past month he started taking a longer nap in the afternoon, around an hour and a half long, which has been weird and just makes me miss him.  I seriously get nothing done during that time, I basically don't know what to do with myself.  It's sort of pathetic of me.

He also still loves to be nekkid.  Just like his mother.


Two words most used when people are commenting on George?  "Solid" and "happy".

Also, his farts are as loud as an adult's and also have the smell of an adult's.  We could be a little proud but also a tad disgusted at the same time.

Oh, and as an end note that I almost neglected to mention, rather than crying when he wants something George will literally just yell at you.  It's funny and we're all just like, "Um, stop yelling at me.  Stop yelling at your grandma."  And so on.  It's awesome.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Disneyland With a Four (and a Half) Month Old

So there was this one time that Brad's parents were awesome and took the entire family to Disneyland for Chad's 50th birthday.  That one time as well George was just over four months old.  Would taking such a young child be insane?  We found the answer to be a surprising, "no".  Yep, it actually kind of rocked.  However, a long time ago we decided that Disney was going to be for the kids.  If we got to go on big rides, cool.  If not?  Oh well.  There are actually a lot of great rides you can ride with lap riders!  But I'm getting ahead of myself...

First thing's first, we made the decision that we would be flying to California rather than driving.  We figured an hour and twenty minute flight with a crying baby would be far easier to do than hours and hours with a crying baby.  Not only did we opt to fly, but we decided to just go all in and pay the little bit extra for the Extra Space seats with Jet Blue.  This was sort of the greatest decision ever.  Not only did we have an extra seven inches of leg room, but we also were able to go through the quick security line as well as be the first to board--even before the early "people with kids" boarding.

And yes, it was amazing.  Especially the security line benefit.  When my mom dropped us off we did grabbing our luggage, loading George into his stroller, checking in our luggage and ourselves, getting to security, and going through security (which included unloading George and getting the stroller through security) in less than twelve minutes.  Shhhaa, greatness, I tell you.  We barely got to the airport an hour before our flight and we had tons of time to kill.  So we got Mickey D's and used the bathroom and all that fun stuff before we were called to board.

George was of course in his pajamas, classic children's fashion for flying.

George's first flight was awesome.  He didn't sleep even though it was around his bed time, but he didn't scream or cry and if he got a little fussy we had the magic formula:  a sucker.  Literally.  I had packed a Blow Pop as well as a few sugar free Ring Pops (I was attempting to appear that I cared about my son's teeth or something, don't ask, it was a weird mom moment).  Unfortunately, he finished the Blow Pop and we had to opt for a blue Ring Pop.  Which, as you can imagine, had him looking like a drowning victim after only a few minutes of sucking on it.  But hey, it kept him happy!

First picture in California!  I look like a motard, but George looks epic "8 Mile"-esque, so I had to include it.  I mean, look at the radiant beam and his sweet jacket.  Yeah, he's awesome.  And apparently a youthful rapper seeking out a career in Detroit.

Like previously mentioned, we actually were able to go on a buttload of rides with George, and we didn't make it to the majority of rides he could've ridden (hello, Fantasyland).  What we did hit included Winnie the Pooh, Buzz Lightyear, Snow White, Pinocchio, Haunted Mansion, A Bug's Life 3D, Monster's Inc., Toy Story Mania, and The Little Mermaid.  We meant to hit the rides they have in A Bug's Life Land as well as Pirates of Caribbean and even It's a Small World (because we're insane), but those we weren't able to hit as we were riding the big kid ride's as well and just trading off.

Winnie the Pooh, the acid trip, was George's very first.  Like I said, acid trip.

George loved Buzz Lightyear, he played with the gun the whole time.  Epic.

The one thing I never realized is just how loud Disneyland is.  Holy cow, the volume in those rides, it's crazy how I never figured out that they were so freaking loud.  But it wasn't a big deal, I would just cover George's ears if anything was getting too loud so he wouldn't get scared.  He didn't cry or freak in any of them, so that was nice.  Brad joked when we were getting on Winnie the Pooh, saying, "If you can't handle Winnie the Pooh, then there's no hope for you."  So true.  Jokes aside, Winnie the Pooh is super mild, nothing to really jump out you or make even totally sissy children cry.  Well, beyond terrifying murals of insane weasels and gasoline literary being poured onto fire in a room of neon colors and dancing elephants.  That sort of made me scared.

Overall George spent a lot of time in what we like to call "the lazy skank carrier" (please view this video for reference) or his stroller, and he did surprisingly well.  Yes, there were two or three moments in the four days where he was a little crazy and needed to be held, usually when he needed help getting to sleep, but otherwise once he figured out that he could grab his toes and lounge about in his stroller, he was super chill.  Even more so when he figured out how to rip his socks off.  Strange kid.


For his bottles we bought a thermos from IKEA prior to the trip and just filled it with warm water every morning.  It actually kept for a really long time, it was nice!  However, the very first day I was a freak and forgot to pack the formula in our backpack to take to Disney.  Oops.  Luckily they have baby stations in both parks, one on Main Street in Disneyland and one back on the Warf in California Adventure.  We were able to buy formula from the one at Disneyland so we didn't have to run all the way back to the hotel and have our baby be starving his bottom off in the meantime.  The one in California Adventure is extremely nice, however.  We spent a good deal of Monday night there because we pulled an all-day-er at the park (never, ever a good idea) and George needed just a moment to lay down and play.  They had a movie playing and books and a little table to play at.  They also had a dark room for nursing and tons of nice changing pads.  Seriously, such a nice respite!  We spent about two hours there, just chilling.  George napped, we watched the movie, it was really quite nice.

One thing we encountered at Disneyland was the curse of having a cute baby.  I am so not a person who's like, "Hey, love talking to strangers!" but we got a lot of that at Disney.  We had two Disney employees literary follow us a half a trek through the park as we went to get FastPasses for everyone.  A female employee at Star Tours was chatting us up for forever while I was waiting for Brad to get off the ride, it was super funny.  Oh well, I definitely learned to allow people to just giggle with him for a bit.  Luckily George is a people person, because I so am not endowed with that skill.  He definitely got that from his dad.  At one point George was flirting with some teenage girls in line for Snow White and he totally let out this huge barf.  Good one, George, that's how you get the ladies!

Innoventions was another thing we did with George that I forgot to mention.  For a long time this has been one of my favorite places to go, especially when late-comers finally get to the park and overload the rides.  At one point in Innoventions we were doing this little "House of the Future" tidbit where part of the experience you get to take a picture of yourself and a friend which is then used in a video tour through your chosen future home.  Yeah, best picture of the trip, here's George and Brad going out of their home on a rainy day, waiting for their futuristic transportation to arrive.

Yeah, we were dying when we watched the video!

We were also able to experience World of Color for the third time.  Still great.  Seriously.  And George loooved it.  I was afraid that the loud noises or fire or whatever might possibly scare him.  But again, he proved me wrong because he just super dug that show.  He even shook my hands off his ears!

Oh wait, there was one thing that made George cry.  The shuttle.  Yep.  Sometimes we'd get a larger shuttle that would need to lower to the ground, so it'd make this big hissing and screeching sound, and it totally made George cry if we didn't cover his ears fast enough.  Slightly hilarious.  Also, the last day we were waiting in the huge line for the shuttle, and one toddler was incredibly upset and sobbing because he was probably exhausted.  George looks at us, gets this huge frown, and starts crying too.  Also hilarious.

This is possibly the longest most babbling post ever, but basically when it comes down to it the best trips to Disney are not focused on the rides, but on the experience.  What really helped Brad and I to have a good time was to focus on making an experience of it, especially for George.  We were incredibly grateful to family who offered multiple times to watch George while we went on the bigger rides, and it's definitely recommended to take family or friends if you're worried about getting yourself on those!  But honestly, we would've had a great time whether we went on the big ones or not!  Because, seriously, just like I wrote about going to Disneyland while pregnant, there really is just so much to do beyond the rides that everyone seems to get so focused on.  You're never going to enjoy Disney if you're not there for the experience!

We're so grateful to Chad and Michelle for paying the expense for such an awesome place for a family trip, and we were so happy to experience Disney for the first time with George!