Thursday, January 17, 2013

Holy Pregnancy, Batman

My mom had awesome pregnancies.  Never sick, never threw-up once, just went about as normal.  Gained barely fifteen pounds.  Being her daughter, I just sort of assumed that I would have a pregnancy somewhere along those lines.  Yeah... apparently pregnancy isn't really a genetically passed down thing.  Go figure.

First Trimester

Weeks 1-3
Didn't know that I was pregnant.
So, you know.  Normal.

Weeks 3-7
Felt great at first.
Around week six I started to
get a little nauseated.  Would
drink some water, and
feel better.  Total breeze!

Weeks 8-13
Horrendously sick.
Not really throwing up ever,
just so nauseated I couldn't
even stand up.

Second Trimester

Weeks 13-20
On and off bouts of utter sickness,
this time with lots of throwing up.
(For example, in the Workforce
Services parking lot.)

This also includes me trying to throw-up
in a bag on our way to work...
but the bag had a hole.
Needless to say, we had to turn
around so I could change my pants.

Towards the very end the barfing wasn't
so crippling.  Could barf like a boss
and just keep going with my day!

Weeks 21-present
(about 23 weeks)
MUCH better.
No barfing!

Bloating is bad.
It's become increasingly difficult
to get comfortable when lying down.

Overall, Bradley has continued to prove that he was the best choice I ever made in my life.  He consistently stayed up with me when I was crying because I felt so ill.  Held my hair and rubbed my back as I barfed for the who-knows-what time, even though he can't stand the smell of vomit.  Never batted an eye.  He was always there and would drop anything to run in when I called his name from the bathroom.  Would feed me whatever was the one thing that I felt that I could eat, even if it was Red Lobster.

He also let me lie in bed and watch Hoodwinked over and over and over again in a single day (for a total of six times) even though he can't stand that movie and had to listen to it on repeat the whole time.  That's true love!

Overall, I'm just so happy.  Even though I cry a lot more, pee a lot more, and have been face-to-face with the toilet bowl more times than I want to count, I am just SO happy.  I love this little boy.  We love this little boy.  And we are so lucky to have been given the responsibility to raise him.  We've wanted a little stinker since day one of marriage, and we feel so lucky to have gotten pregnant so quickly when we finally got the "okay" from our Heavenly Father.

I suppose that's one thing that does pass down through genetics--the Fertile Myrtle gene!

But really, even though pregnancy is slightly traumatic at times, it's also great.  It's so great that it's easy to laugh at soaking your pants with vomit barely an hour after it happens.  And literally just sobbing during Wreck-It Ralph.  It's also great to have a husband who makes laughing at it so easy.

It all just makes me really happy that this kid is made up of half of Bradley.

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