Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Second Post

So this is Bradley again hello Internet! Any way I am just posting a little something because as I said before I am the other half to this nerd love story that we have going on. So I was thinking of a story I could write about my lovely wife Heather and I thought of one that was just so nerdy. We like to play a online game together called League of Legends . One day while we were living in our old apartment we were playing a match against the AI that they have on the game just to get some practice in for Heather before we played real people.

Like the nerdy wife that she is Heather was asking me questions about the best way to build her champion Oriana to fight Fiddle Sticks the enemy AI she was laned up against. Little did she know my Brother had just showed up and I had let him in the door. So she was like, "Brad what is the best way to beat Fiddle Sticks? Magic resistance or armor?"  My twin just laughed because it was the funniest thing he had heard all day. Any way I love my wife so much because she is nerdy enough to play video games with me! Needless to say we won the match and we have won many since that time!

This is Oriana
This is Fiddle Sticks

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