Thursday, March 28, 2013

So, My Husband Swordfights -- Part Two

Oh yeah, Brad and twin made it into the talent show!
(You can see their try-out video here.)

Don't worry, I took a video.

A shaky video, which I had YouTube stabilize. However, this
lessens the quality a bit, so hopefully this doesn't look  too crappy.

Without further ado, here's Ben and Brad, swordfighting to the death!
(Not really.)

(If it's a little confusing, each won two out of the four.)

If you've learned anything from these two videos of my husband
swordfighting, let it be that there is a distinct difference between
what these two do and LARPing.

(Clearly it's the lack of costumes on their part.)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

At (Almost) 33-Weeks...

(Okay, so technically I'm 32-weeks in this
picture... but close enough!)

  • My hips hurt more.  My Preggle (again, given by my wonderful sister-in-law) has been a real lifesaver, and even its magic is slowing down.  Darn it all.
  • Because of said hips, the waddle is in full-force today!  I hope penguin babies start to follow me because they think I'm their mother.  I love penguins.
  • But really, beyond hip pain--which is really rather mild--third trimester has been a breeze!  Up until 22-weeks was really rather miserable, wherein I had to learn to just barf and keep on moving.  Third trimester is a dream.  No sickness, huzzah!
  • Still can't quite brush my tongue when I'm brushing my teeth, though.  That still gets my gag reflex heaving.
  • I carry so incredibly low.  I was hoping to carry low, but being surrounded by the hundreds of others pregnant right now (it is season for baby-making, clearly) I'm realizing just how low I carry.  Not a complaint, just an observation.  Although my low-carrying-ness is probably what I can attribute my painful hips to.
  • My belly-button is yet to pop out.  It's working pretty hard and the top part is puckering (and shady lookin'), but it's still in there!
  • Brad and I agree that my belly looks like a Thanksgiving turkey.  It's just very consistent to that shape, seriously.
  • Yep, I've got the stretch marks, all along the lower belly!  (Again, carrying low.)  Although I actually completely expected them.  I got them on my hips when I had my mega-growth-spurt in middle school.  They don't concern me.  If I was a belly dancer, maybe.  (Sadly that career path alluded me.)  But no attempts at prevention and I don't think I'll try anything to fade them.  Is it weird that I think they look cool?  Especially when they scar over.  BATTLE SCARS.
  • So far we've been lucky enough to "see" our mini man four times in an ultrasound.  We get to see him for the fifth time today to check my placenta.  SO EXCITED.
  • Oh, yeah, I have a low placenta.  Or something.  (See, again with this lowness thing.  Theme of my pregnancy.)  It could totally be normal by now.  It was found to be low at my 20-week appointment.  If it's still low I'll need to do our boy's birth by C-section, which really doesn't concern me at all.  Hey, he'll come out all clean and non-bruised!  And who doesn't like their organs being pulled out of them and laid on their stomach?  All it the pursuit of a new human being, so it's all good!  Update:  Placenta moved up with my uterus and all is well and good to go!  Natural birth for Jorge, huzzah!
  • This kid is still a mover.  Instead of me panicking that he doesn't move enough, I'm sometimes panicking because he moves too much (which is stupid, of course).  Goes to show that new moms will just find a reason to panic, or at least this new mom will!  Yep, cray-cray.
  • My circulation is totally wack.  Even just watching an hour-long TV show with my family requires me getting up at least once to get rid of a dead leg.  Also, sometimes when I'm walking across campus my backpack will cause my arms to start to go numb.  It's a weird am-I-having-a-heart-attack-no-wait-my-right-arm-is-going-numb-too moment.  If I ever actually do have a heart attack, pretty sure I'll blow it off initially because my arms have gone numb so much.
  • No swelling yet, at least that I recognize?  All feels and looks the same to me and the husband, so I'll take that as a good sign!
  • I'm still an emotional pregnant lady.  Went and saw The Croods and just about bawled myself unconscious.  Luckily it's just sensitive-moment-tears, I don't mood swing anywhere else really.  Cried again at "A Thousand Years".  That song, oh geez.
  • I still have yet to get any weird food cravings.  Chocolate was sort of weird because, well, I really do just despise chocolate.  But that craving is over.  The entire pregnancy has just been cheeseburgers (courtesy of In 'n' Out) and Taco Bell.  One of which I had today... twice.  Don't judge.  Okay, you can judge.  But anyway, those cravings aren't weird because I'm pretty sure I craved those all the time before I was pregnant...
  • I have no idea if this a symptom of pregnancy, but I have perpetual dry mouth and it's so wrong.  Although I suppose it's good because it's made me drink, like, three times the amount of water (hello, bathroom) in order to keep my mouth somewhat moist and hopefully not get the nasty breath that comes with dry mouth.  If I stink, I apologize to everyone.  This just came up the last month and half or so, and it refuses to subside.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Why We Are In Love #8

So, yeah.  Let's talk needles.

THEY SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME.   Phew, glad to get that off my chest.  But really, if you know me then you most likely know how horribly unlikely it would be for me to become a heroine addict.  It's just not going to happen.

For all you brave people who do not fear them, I know that it totally doesn't make sense to be afraid of them.  Because, really, once I'm done with the shot/blood drawing/immunization, I truly cannot say that it hurt.  Like, at all.  And yet... still so, so, so terrified.  Seriously.

So, to begin, my blood type is A-.  Brad's is A+.  It must be known that if you choose to make a baby with someone of the opposite bloodtype that you will get a butt shot.  Yes, a BUTT shot.  Well, it's like upper-corner-butt-slash-hip-shot.  But really, it's totally a butt shot.

I got my negative blood type from my mother, who is also A-.  My dad is O+ and as such my mom received the butt shot.  (Okay, the technical title is the RH- shot, but butt shot is way more hilarious.)  All three times that my mom had to get it she said that it felt like thick, cold peanut butter being injected by an incredibly large needle into her butt.  And that it left a huge, painful welt after.  Which, of course, terrified me to no end and caused me to pray my entire life that they could somehow figure out how to make shots in pill form, no joke.

All those years my mom kept trying to assure me that the shot would probably be very different and probably much better by the time I got it.  Still, I was terrified.  Knowing my luck, they'd be injecting rocks in through that thing.

So yeah, found out that I had to get that terrifying shot.  Cried when I found out, cried fifteen weeks later on the day I had to go in to get it.  Brad was with me, and he said, "Just pretend that it's kitties kneading their claws!"  Because, you know, I'm scared of shots but I love kitties.  It was a hilarious thought, but I was still terrified.

We get into the doctor's office.  I get weighed and pee on the strip and all that jazz that comes with every appointment (which I'm sure you wanted to know), and then we're escorted to our exam room.  The nurse runs through more regular checks like blood pressure and heartbeat, and she's just about to leave to grab the doctor when I asked, "Umm, aren't I supposed to get my RH- shot today?"

"Oh yeah!" she said, "Let me go grab that."  Then, she leaves us alone.

So we're sitting there.  Brad and I are playing Candy Crush to get my mind off the shot, except the whole time I'm imagining having to yank down my pants ah-lah colonscopy style and get a giant needle in the butt.

The nurse comes in.  I ask her if I need to take my pants off or something.  (That would be a no, just pull them a little bit down on the right side to expose the upper butt/hip.)  I tell her that needles make me very nervous.  She assures me she'll do it quick.  I'm hyperventilating.

All of a sudden Brad just says, "Remember, kitties in your butt!"

This completely catches my attention and I ask incredulously, "Kitties in my butt--?" and then BAM, needle was in.  It was out.  It was over.  That was it?  Seriously, that was it.  Hugging the nurse, hugging my husband.  Calling everyone in the room my BFF.  Ready to start makin' it rain with coins or something, I feel so free.  Turns out the horrid butt shot really did improve since my mom had last had it (which was over nineteen years ago).  My mom was right.

But seriously.  "Kitties in your butt" saved me.  I could not have done that without crying (again) without Brad there.  And that, my friends, is why we are in love.  Butt shots and butt kitties and all.  Magical, really!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Current Obsessions #1

So, clearly in the world today we're all a little obsessed
with varying things.  Brad and I are not immune from this.

Believe me.

Currently our obsession is a television show.  One which
we gush about to just about anyone who will listen.
Unfortunately, most people think we're crazy.  We don't blame
them, of course.  When my family first put this show on I
believe my question was, "Really, we're going to watch this?"

However, I was wrong.
So, so, so wrong.

Literally, one of the greatest shows we've ever watched.


Behold, The Neighbors.

It's a family comedy on ABC that highlights the events surrounding
a human family moving into a builder grade subdivision completely
overrun by extra terrestrials.

Which sounds horribly stupid, right?

Well, that's what we thought.


It's amazing.  It's hilarious.  It's clean.
And, oh yeah, freakin' hilarious!
And really, the premise should not work.  But it does.
This is probably due to its amazing cast as well
as a willingness to do hilarity in so many different ways.
Heck, there's a running alpaca joke.

There doesn't seem to be that sticky situation of
getting stuck on the whole "family values" part
of each episode.  There's always a willingness to
let it get weird and funny, which we love.

I could not bleed enough superlatives to describe this show.
It's that good.

However, don't get me wrong.  Every comedy has
work to do following its first season.  But I think that
Todd VanDerWerff put it best when he said:
"The Neighbors is funnier than it has any right to be."

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rollin' on Back to Provo

Well, there's nothing like KSL and Craigslist that helps you to discover cities you never knew ever even existed in your state.  To Riverdale, Utah, we go!

Bradley and I have had an interesting year.  Like I said, school plans did not go as, well, planned.  We are now both graduating in August rather than April.  However, this has been a sweet opportunity in disguise, as we were kept from making plans to move out of my parent's basement due to the fact that both our jobs are student-sponsored and therefore would be gone in April when we graduated.

Now that we graduate in August, we got the feeling that it was time to start looking for an apartment.  And man, did we find a sweet deal.  It's $545 a month, one-bedroom, four-plex, darling and completely lacking in the lovely painted cinder block of our first apartment.  But before our first apartment gets all sad and down, let us thank her for all that she did for us:

Our very first home as a married couple.

Had a magnetic front door that we had an
epic photo collage on.

Massive amounts of storage space--
including one with an accordion door, to
further the LDS church building vibe.

Forgetting our keys was no problem, as it
was creepily easy to break in through the unlocked
balcony window to open the balcony door.

We were never overheated or under-heated.
(Cinder block is handy that way!)

Free internet and cable.  Always a blessing.

Oh Cindy, we loved you, even past your cinder block walls.

Seriously, we've missed the apartment life.  But probably not for reasons you'd suspect.  Living with my parents has been amazing.  If you ever have to move in with your parents, I hope that they're like mine.  They are so giving to allow us to live in the basement for free.  And this is no ordinary basement, this is a massive basement, wherein we were given both bedrooms for our use, their combined space along with the on-suite bathroom being vastly larger than our old and our new apartment.  My parents have never invaded our space or done anything to make us feel uncomfortable.  They've housed us, fed us, and have really offered us way more than anyone could deserved, let alone us.  I don't know what to say to fully convey how much they've blessed our lives and how much they've helped us out by allowing us to do this for over a year.  All I can say is that they (and my sweet little brother) are not the reason we've missed apartment life.

No, since day one any discomfort in our living situation never came from those we've shared our home with the past year.  Rather, since day one we've just missed our independence.  Maybe it's strange, but we've missed paying rent and buying groceries.  ESPECIALLY buying groceries.  Have I ever mentioned how much Brad and I enjoy grocery shopping?  Well, we so do.  We've missed it.  I've missed having my inner-homemaker at work, missed addressing challenges presented within a pre-made space like an apartment.

Oh, let's also not forget the commute.  The commute has never bugged me because I did it for two and a half years before we got married, and really it doesn't bother either of us now, but that doesn't mean we don't miss the convenience that was living five minutes from both our work places.  Forgetting my badge?  No big deal, home is less than a mile away!  I'm excited to have that convenience again, that's for sure.  It will make me feel vastly less stupid when I forget my badge... yet again.  (Ben suggested that I have it stapled to my butt, but I'm not sure how I'd be able to use it at work in that case.)

However, I must not neglect to mention that this last year has been awesome.  I was able to spend an entire summer ten minutes from my sister and got to see her at least three times a week.  Brad and I were able to see his parents multiple times a week as well.  When we were hit with surprise hospital visits, multiple sicknesses, and pregnancy we had no stress about money.  I have been able to spend many months close to my little brother before he leaves on his mission.  Really, it's be an amazing year and we totally have no regrets or questions about why we felt like we needed to move in with my parents.  That prompting saved our butts!

Basically, very, very excited to be moving into our own place again.  However, sad to be back in Provo, forty minutes away from some of our favorite people in the entire world.  It will be weird not to see them every day again.  But, our apartment is darling, titled "Cottage 224", and we can't wait to make it a home.  April 29th, over a month and we'll be there!  Crazy excited!  But nervous at the same time.  We have no idea what the future holds, we're literally just walking by faith over here!  Oh well.  We haven't been led wrong yet, so why have any fear, right?

Oh, so why the mention of Riverdale, Utah?  Seriously because I did not know that it existed until about twenty minutes ago.  I have been looking for the past week for a kitchen table and chairs for our apartment.  We're going to make the fifty minute drive there tomorrow to pick a set up that we found on KSL for cheap.  Got to love them secondhand shoppings!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Family Love #1

One Sunday my entire family was over--older brother, wife, nephew, sister, brother-in-law, mom, dad, little brother--and my sister mentioned playing Battle of the Sexes with her friends.  And well, we all had to try it out for ourselves.

If you don't know how the game works, teams split boys versus girls and questions are asked to each side.  The boys' questions were chick-based ones (like shoe brands, sewing, etc.) while the girls' questions were dude-based ones (like tools, electronics, etc.).

What made it great is that so many of us girls do so much of the dude stuff.  Alix was great with sports, Sarah was great with electronics, Mom was awesome with tools, and I really had history and airplanes for some reason!

For the boys, well... Dad was just great at everything.  Including shoe brands.  Brad also eerily got the question about pantyhose right.  Not to mention Ken's knowledge of much womanly things.

Basically, this night brought out a lot of funny.  It was hilarious.


[Question asked was what fabric bridal veils are traditional made from.]

Bradley:  It could be gossamer--that's like the fancy tulle.

[The answer actually was tulle.]


Ken:  Turgidity's a real word.


Sarah:  Which of these doesn't fit?  Victoria's Secret--
Robert:  I know what that is!


James:  Honey, I got you something from Warner's.


[Talking about a decolletage.]

Brandon:  It's a women's hook.


Bradley:  BUT WAIT.  What's a duvet?


[Question was what celebrity couple had a daughter named Violet.]

Bradley:  Russel Crowe and Katy Perry had a baby, right?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sunday School Doodles

Our calling in our ward is to be Sunday School teachers for the fourteen and fifteen year-olds.

It's super nice that we joint-teach as a couple because if everyone on our two (yes, two) roles attended class every Sunday, we'd have twenty-six students.  YIKES.  Most Sunday's we have around seventeen, which is a much easier number than twenty-six, so we'll be grateful on that front!  Although, I guess I shouldn't be happy that a bunch of our students are never at church.  Well, you know.  Gotta find happiness in the little things, right?

We've been teaching our class for over a year now.  Throughout our teaching, we've done a lot of drawing on the white board and now blackboard because our classroom got switched when our church time was changed at the beginning of the year.

Can I just say that blackboards are terrible?  I mean, I think all this chalkboard paint is cute, but has anyone recalled how horribly messy writing and erasing in chalk is?  But that's a story for another post...

So, sometimes I do the drawing on the board.  Sometimes Bradley does.  And we get made fun of by our little (or large) students all the time as we're hurriedly scribbling beards onto Book of Mormon stick figures and drawing some robes on because the kids ask why they're naked.

(No, they are not three, apparently they really are the ages the role says they are.)

 But guess who gets made fun of the most?

Well, apparently my arteest-ness hasn't completely left me, because the kids are less likely to make fun of me.  However, Bradley gets teased or asked, "What's that supposed to be?" more often than not.

So, this past Sunday we found ourselves again drawing out stories from the Bible and the Book of Mormon on the board.  This time it was Bradley drawing, and to the pride of everyone there, he did some great artistry up on that ol' black slate.


I mean, check out that sheep!  Mine always get made fun of by our students; they usually come out looking like fat clouds with eyeballs.  (Sheep is apparently a commonly drawn thing in church.)  And his ark totally looks like an ark.  But really, the crowning achievement was the sheep.  I was so proud that I had to take a picture.  Got to keep it for posterity's sake, right?  But seriously.  So proud.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Life Never Ceases to Surprise

So, we had a surprise come our way.  Turns out Brad actually has two more classes to complete at UVU before he can graduate.  This made us incredibly angry at first.  He has been told since day one that he was all set in his scheduling that he'd graduate by April 2013!  Where did these last five credits come from?!  We worked tirelessly from December to now to see if there was some way that we could perhaps magically make those credits disappear.  No such luck.

It was frustrating.  This was not our plan.  We have a baby on the way.  What in the world are we supposed to do?  Another semester of school, say what?  Again, this was nothing according to plan.

Yeah.  We're sort of realizing that although planning is an essential part to marriage... it rarely, if ever, pans out.

Although this news was a shock, it's working out.  Other things that weren't panning out with the April graduation are now working themselves out.  Opportunities that weren't available originally are now being offered to us.  It's weird, it makes no sense, but it's working out.  And really, I guess it does make sense, because we've always known that our Heavenly Father watches out for us.  When things go wrong other things go right.  Pardon the lame phrase, but doors really do close so others can open.

Overall, I think we'll be very, very lucky that our original plan didn't work out.  It's good to know that Heavenly Father knows a lot more than I do and that He only has our happiness in mind.

Really, our plans never have worked out.  We've worked towards goals and have found them pushed further back than we were expecting.  There were plans we had when we moved into my parent's house that were supposed to be accomplished by now that have pushed themselves back.  I suppose that we've learned to always dream, to always work towards goals together, but to never put so much happiness into a goal that we lose sight of what's great about now.

I, of course, have countless wishes and dreams for our growing family.  However, I always have to remind myself that being married to Bradley was a dream of mine for a long, long time.  And I have that!  I have him!  And I can't forget that in lieu of new dreams.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


So, yesterday our son decided he would sit in the
lowest part of the right side of my belly.

All.  Day.  Long.

As such, I had this mega-lopsided belly to waddle around with.
And was off balance, so I ran into the right side of a doorway
a few times.  I was very classy.

Then, he apparently turned ninja and proceeded to punch the crap
out of that side.  For hours on and off.  Just repeatedly beat the crap out
of it.  It didn't hurt, but it looked weird from the outside and it felt like
I was getting butterflies in the wrong part of my stomach.

Basically, there is a baby ninja in me preparing for the ninja war
in the new world he is about to enter.

Or maybe he's just going to be a really, really active child who will get
into everything from day one.

Either way, this is going to be an epic ride.  And we're really
excited for this kid to get here!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Doing Disney While 6 1/2 Months Pregnant

So, my wonderful little brother (James DeMill, James D., Mr. D, etc.) will be going off on his LDS mission soon, and my family decided that we'd go to Disneyland one last time before he's off for two years being awesome and spreading the Gospel and whatnot.

Disney is a huge part of my family.  When I was younger, we used to go twice a year to Disneyland.  There's a reason I went to Disneyland on my senior trip and then on my honeymoon.  I am a Disney nut.  My husband is a Disney nut.  There are pretty much Disney nuts everywhere in this family!  We innately know how to rock Disneyland to its core of entertainment.  Because, well, we are just epic like that.  And, okay, because my dad is extremely smart and figured out the system long, long ago.

However, we knew that going to Disneyland this time would be marginally different.  Seven adults... one who is pregnant (cough, me, cough).  Just how was that going to work?  Definitely set our skills to the test.

When I was telling people that I was heading to Disney, a lot of people asked, "What are you going to do?" or "How is that going to work?"  Basically, there was the perception that I would be bored or otherwise not have fun at Disneyland because I'm ginormously pregnant.  Over six and a half months pregnant, in fact, at the time.  I am happy to tell you that I not only did much stuff, but it did work, and I was not bored.  And here's how.

Doing Disney While 6 1/2 Months Pregnant

Okay, so first there are a few pre-requisites before you enter Disneyland.

1. Wear comfortable shoes.
I did not fully realize how much sixteen extra pounds of weight can
affect your hips just through wearing bad shoes.
Um, ouch.  Luckily my Preggle saved me at night.

2. Keep water and food handy throughout Disneyland.
You're a big girl now, the munchies and the thirst are going to happen.
A lot.  Especially when you're walking as much as you are in Disney.
I ate crackers, clementines, apples... and drank lots of water.
Speaking of which...

3. Know where all the bathrooms are.
If you're not a nutzoid fanatic like I am, you may not be aware of the
locations of the many bathrooms through Disneyland.  Get to
know them if you don't already because
Walking + Water + Baby on Bladder = Pee Monster.
Facts of life, right there.

4. Discuss with your doctor his or her recommendations or warnings.
If you have a delicate pregnancy, there are more than just the typical
rollercoasters that you need to avoid.  Talk to your doctor.
I got the go ahead to go on everything but coasters, but it
may be different for you in your case.  Always be safe.

5. Be ready to take rest... way more often than you're used to.
I am a Disney machine.  I could run through that park for hours upon
hours straight.  But pregnancy presents a much tamer Disney machine.
I was often so cool with the idea of everyone going on a ride
without me just so I could sit outside and rest for a little while. 

So now that you're adequately prepared, here's a master list of things that I
did or have done that are appropriate for the pregnant ladies out there.

1. Rides you can ride.
To put it simply, just follow the posted warnings at the entrance of each
ride!  Both Disneyland and California Adventure have many rides
which pregnant women can ride.

My favorites include Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion,
Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story Mania, and Mater's Round-Up!

Also, don't be afraid to ask the line attendants if there's a place
for you to sit and wait for your party at the front if you're too
tired to stand in line.  We didn't figure this out until the last day,
and it was severely awesome.
2. Enjoy the little things throughout both parks.
There's lots of things you're missing as you're running from ride to ride.
Things that are actually a blast and will leave you wondering why you
hadn't done them before!

In Disneyland, ride the Omnibus or the other free Mainstreet vehicles.
Watch Fantasmic, the fireworks show, and the parades.
Interact at Big Thunder Ranch or the Pirate's Lair.

In California Adventure, please, for the life of you, visit the Animator's Studio
and go down into the Sorcerer's Workshop!  It surprises me how many people
don't know about this.  You get to go down into the Beast's Library and find
out what Disney character you are, for poop's sake!

There's also the new trolley (which we didn't have time to ride, sadly),
World of Color (um, epic), as well as the awesome Aladdin show.

3. Explore all the shops!
California Adventure got a makeover since we last went there over
a year and a half ago, so there were tons of new shops along
the main street!  And who doesn't love perusing through Disney
themed shops?  I know that I certainly don't!

4. People watch like nobody's business.
There's a lot going on at a Disney park.
And a lot of very, very interesting people walking through it.
Like I said, you're going to be wishing for a bench from time
to time, so if you don't already enjoy people watching...
well, learn to!  Because it's hilarious!

I constantly had a very nice husband/sister/mother/father/etc.
to sit with me and comment on people with, and it
was hilarious! 

And I suppose that's a more condensed version of a "master list", but seriously if I wrote down everything you could do this would be three times as long!
And all those things I listed?  I probably didn't get to do half of them.  There really is too much to do at Disney.  I don't see how anyone could expect to be bored!

Overall, go with good, caring people and you're going to have a really good time.  A big part of my family's vacations at Disney that had made them so great is the willingness by everyone to sacrifice for each other.  I mean, my dad would skip rides to go grab Fast Passes for another ride clear at the opposite park.  And I'd have various family members volunteering to be my waiting buddy.  Not to mention my wonderful parents, who offered to let all the "kids" go off and ride all the big kid rides while they took me around to all the tamer rides that I wanted to go on.  But overall I had an incredibly loving husband who was not only willing but actually wanted to go rock the little people stuff with me.  So, yeah.  I had an awesome time.  And would totally do it again.