Wednesday, March 27, 2013

At (Almost) 33-Weeks...

(Okay, so technically I'm 32-weeks in this
picture... but close enough!)

  • My hips hurt more.  My Preggle (again, given by my wonderful sister-in-law) has been a real lifesaver, and even its magic is slowing down.  Darn it all.
  • Because of said hips, the waddle is in full-force today!  I hope penguin babies start to follow me because they think I'm their mother.  I love penguins.
  • But really, beyond hip pain--which is really rather mild--third trimester has been a breeze!  Up until 22-weeks was really rather miserable, wherein I had to learn to just barf and keep on moving.  Third trimester is a dream.  No sickness, huzzah!
  • Still can't quite brush my tongue when I'm brushing my teeth, though.  That still gets my gag reflex heaving.
  • I carry so incredibly low.  I was hoping to carry low, but being surrounded by the hundreds of others pregnant right now (it is season for baby-making, clearly) I'm realizing just how low I carry.  Not a complaint, just an observation.  Although my low-carrying-ness is probably what I can attribute my painful hips to.
  • My belly-button is yet to pop out.  It's working pretty hard and the top part is puckering (and shady lookin'), but it's still in there!
  • Brad and I agree that my belly looks like a Thanksgiving turkey.  It's just very consistent to that shape, seriously.
  • Yep, I've got the stretch marks, all along the lower belly!  (Again, carrying low.)  Although I actually completely expected them.  I got them on my hips when I had my mega-growth-spurt in middle school.  They don't concern me.  If I was a belly dancer, maybe.  (Sadly that career path alluded me.)  But no attempts at prevention and I don't think I'll try anything to fade them.  Is it weird that I think they look cool?  Especially when they scar over.  BATTLE SCARS.
  • So far we've been lucky enough to "see" our mini man four times in an ultrasound.  We get to see him for the fifth time today to check my placenta.  SO EXCITED.
  • Oh, yeah, I have a low placenta.  Or something.  (See, again with this lowness thing.  Theme of my pregnancy.)  It could totally be normal by now.  It was found to be low at my 20-week appointment.  If it's still low I'll need to do our boy's birth by C-section, which really doesn't concern me at all.  Hey, he'll come out all clean and non-bruised!  And who doesn't like their organs being pulled out of them and laid on their stomach?  All it the pursuit of a new human being, so it's all good!  Update:  Placenta moved up with my uterus and all is well and good to go!  Natural birth for Jorge, huzzah!
  • This kid is still a mover.  Instead of me panicking that he doesn't move enough, I'm sometimes panicking because he moves too much (which is stupid, of course).  Goes to show that new moms will just find a reason to panic, or at least this new mom will!  Yep, cray-cray.
  • My circulation is totally wack.  Even just watching an hour-long TV show with my family requires me getting up at least once to get rid of a dead leg.  Also, sometimes when I'm walking across campus my backpack will cause my arms to start to go numb.  It's a weird am-I-having-a-heart-attack-no-wait-my-right-arm-is-going-numb-too moment.  If I ever actually do have a heart attack, pretty sure I'll blow it off initially because my arms have gone numb so much.
  • No swelling yet, at least that I recognize?  All feels and looks the same to me and the husband, so I'll take that as a good sign!
  • I'm still an emotional pregnant lady.  Went and saw The Croods and just about bawled myself unconscious.  Luckily it's just sensitive-moment-tears, I don't mood swing anywhere else really.  Cried again at "A Thousand Years".  That song, oh geez.
  • I still have yet to get any weird food cravings.  Chocolate was sort of weird because, well, I really do just despise chocolate.  But that craving is over.  The entire pregnancy has just been cheeseburgers (courtesy of In 'n' Out) and Taco Bell.  One of which I had today... twice.  Don't judge.  Okay, you can judge.  But anyway, those cravings aren't weird because I'm pretty sure I craved those all the time before I was pregnant...
  • I have no idea if this a symptom of pregnancy, but I have perpetual dry mouth and it's so wrong.  Although I suppose it's good because it's made me drink, like, three times the amount of water (hello, bathroom) in order to keep my mouth somewhat moist and hopefully not get the nasty breath that comes with dry mouth.  If I stink, I apologize to everyone.  This just came up the last month and half or so, and it refuses to subside.

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