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Doing Disney While 6 1/2 Months Pregnant

So, my wonderful little brother (James DeMill, James D., Mr. D, etc.) will be going off on his LDS mission soon, and my family decided that we'd go to Disneyland one last time before he's off for two years being awesome and spreading the Gospel and whatnot.

Disney is a huge part of my family.  When I was younger, we used to go twice a year to Disneyland.  There's a reason I went to Disneyland on my senior trip and then on my honeymoon.  I am a Disney nut.  My husband is a Disney nut.  There are pretty much Disney nuts everywhere in this family!  We innately know how to rock Disneyland to its core of entertainment.  Because, well, we are just epic like that.  And, okay, because my dad is extremely smart and figured out the system long, long ago.

However, we knew that going to Disneyland this time would be marginally different.  Seven adults... one who is pregnant (cough, me, cough).  Just how was that going to work?  Definitely set our skills to the test.

When I was telling people that I was heading to Disney, a lot of people asked, "What are you going to do?" or "How is that going to work?"  Basically, there was the perception that I would be bored or otherwise not have fun at Disneyland because I'm ginormously pregnant.  Over six and a half months pregnant, in fact, at the time.  I am happy to tell you that I not only did much stuff, but it did work, and I was not bored.  And here's how.

Doing Disney While 6 1/2 Months Pregnant

Okay, so first there are a few pre-requisites before you enter Disneyland.

1. Wear comfortable shoes.
I did not fully realize how much sixteen extra pounds of weight can
affect your hips just through wearing bad shoes.
Um, ouch.  Luckily my Preggle saved me at night.

2. Keep water and food handy throughout Disneyland.
You're a big girl now, the munchies and the thirst are going to happen.
A lot.  Especially when you're walking as much as you are in Disney.
I ate crackers, clementines, apples... and drank lots of water.
Speaking of which...

3. Know where all the bathrooms are.
If you're not a nutzoid fanatic like I am, you may not be aware of the
locations of the many bathrooms through Disneyland.  Get to
know them if you don't already because
Walking + Water + Baby on Bladder = Pee Monster.
Facts of life, right there.

4. Discuss with your doctor his or her recommendations or warnings.
If you have a delicate pregnancy, there are more than just the typical
rollercoasters that you need to avoid.  Talk to your doctor.
I got the go ahead to go on everything but coasters, but it
may be different for you in your case.  Always be safe.

5. Be ready to take rest... way more often than you're used to.
I am a Disney machine.  I could run through that park for hours upon
hours straight.  But pregnancy presents a much tamer Disney machine.
I was often so cool with the idea of everyone going on a ride
without me just so I could sit outside and rest for a little while. 

So now that you're adequately prepared, here's a master list of things that I
did or have done that are appropriate for the pregnant ladies out there.

1. Rides you can ride.
To put it simply, just follow the posted warnings at the entrance of each
ride!  Both Disneyland and California Adventure have many rides
which pregnant women can ride.

My favorites include Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion,
Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story Mania, and Mater's Round-Up!

Also, don't be afraid to ask the line attendants if there's a place
for you to sit and wait for your party at the front if you're too
tired to stand in line.  We didn't figure this out until the last day,
and it was severely awesome.
2. Enjoy the little things throughout both parks.
There's lots of things you're missing as you're running from ride to ride.
Things that are actually a blast and will leave you wondering why you
hadn't done them before!

In Disneyland, ride the Omnibus or the other free Mainstreet vehicles.
Watch Fantasmic, the fireworks show, and the parades.
Interact at Big Thunder Ranch or the Pirate's Lair.

In California Adventure, please, for the life of you, visit the Animator's Studio
and go down into the Sorcerer's Workshop!  It surprises me how many people
don't know about this.  You get to go down into the Beast's Library and find
out what Disney character you are, for poop's sake!

There's also the new trolley (which we didn't have time to ride, sadly),
World of Color (um, epic), as well as the awesome Aladdin show.

3. Explore all the shops!
California Adventure got a makeover since we last went there over
a year and a half ago, so there were tons of new shops along
the main street!  And who doesn't love perusing through Disney
themed shops?  I know that I certainly don't!

4. People watch like nobody's business.
There's a lot going on at a Disney park.
And a lot of very, very interesting people walking through it.
Like I said, you're going to be wishing for a bench from time
to time, so if you don't already enjoy people watching...
well, learn to!  Because it's hilarious!

I constantly had a very nice husband/sister/mother/father/etc.
to sit with me and comment on people with, and it
was hilarious! 

And I suppose that's a more condensed version of a "master list", but seriously if I wrote down everything you could do this would be three times as long!
And all those things I listed?  I probably didn't get to do half of them.  There really is too much to do at Disney.  I don't see how anyone could expect to be bored!

Overall, go with good, caring people and you're going to have a really good time.  A big part of my family's vacations at Disney that had made them so great is the willingness by everyone to sacrifice for each other.  I mean, my dad would skip rides to go grab Fast Passes for another ride clear at the opposite park.  And I'd have various family members volunteering to be my waiting buddy.  Not to mention my wonderful parents, who offered to let all the "kids" go off and ride all the big kid rides while they took me around to all the tamer rides that I wanted to go on.  But overall I had an incredibly loving husband who was not only willing but actually wanted to go rock the little people stuff with me.  So, yeah.  I had an awesome time.  And would totally do it again.

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