Thursday, March 7, 2013

Life Never Ceases to Surprise

So, we had a surprise come our way.  Turns out Brad actually has two more classes to complete at UVU before he can graduate.  This made us incredibly angry at first.  He has been told since day one that he was all set in his scheduling that he'd graduate by April 2013!  Where did these last five credits come from?!  We worked tirelessly from December to now to see if there was some way that we could perhaps magically make those credits disappear.  No such luck.

It was frustrating.  This was not our plan.  We have a baby on the way.  What in the world are we supposed to do?  Another semester of school, say what?  Again, this was nothing according to plan.

Yeah.  We're sort of realizing that although planning is an essential part to marriage... it rarely, if ever, pans out.

Although this news was a shock, it's working out.  Other things that weren't panning out with the April graduation are now working themselves out.  Opportunities that weren't available originally are now being offered to us.  It's weird, it makes no sense, but it's working out.  And really, I guess it does make sense, because we've always known that our Heavenly Father watches out for us.  When things go wrong other things go right.  Pardon the lame phrase, but doors really do close so others can open.

Overall, I think we'll be very, very lucky that our original plan didn't work out.  It's good to know that Heavenly Father knows a lot more than I do and that He only has our happiness in mind.

Really, our plans never have worked out.  We've worked towards goals and have found them pushed further back than we were expecting.  There were plans we had when we moved into my parent's house that were supposed to be accomplished by now that have pushed themselves back.  I suppose that we've learned to always dream, to always work towards goals together, but to never put so much happiness into a goal that we lose sight of what's great about now.

I, of course, have countless wishes and dreams for our growing family.  However, I always have to remind myself that being married to Bradley was a dream of mine for a long, long time.  And I have that!  I have him!  And I can't forget that in lieu of new dreams.

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