Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rollin' on Back to Provo

Well, there's nothing like KSL and Craigslist that helps you to discover cities you never knew ever even existed in your state.  To Riverdale, Utah, we go!

Bradley and I have had an interesting year.  Like I said, school plans did not go as, well, planned.  We are now both graduating in August rather than April.  However, this has been a sweet opportunity in disguise, as we were kept from making plans to move out of my parent's basement due to the fact that both our jobs are student-sponsored and therefore would be gone in April when we graduated.

Now that we graduate in August, we got the feeling that it was time to start looking for an apartment.  And man, did we find a sweet deal.  It's $545 a month, one-bedroom, four-plex, darling and completely lacking in the lovely painted cinder block of our first apartment.  But before our first apartment gets all sad and down, let us thank her for all that she did for us:

Our very first home as a married couple.

Had a magnetic front door that we had an
epic photo collage on.

Massive amounts of storage space--
including one with an accordion door, to
further the LDS church building vibe.

Forgetting our keys was no problem, as it
was creepily easy to break in through the unlocked
balcony window to open the balcony door.

We were never overheated or under-heated.
(Cinder block is handy that way!)

Free internet and cable.  Always a blessing.

Oh Cindy, we loved you, even past your cinder block walls.

Seriously, we've missed the apartment life.  But probably not for reasons you'd suspect.  Living with my parents has been amazing.  If you ever have to move in with your parents, I hope that they're like mine.  They are so giving to allow us to live in the basement for free.  And this is no ordinary basement, this is a massive basement, wherein we were given both bedrooms for our use, their combined space along with the on-suite bathroom being vastly larger than our old and our new apartment.  My parents have never invaded our space or done anything to make us feel uncomfortable.  They've housed us, fed us, and have really offered us way more than anyone could deserved, let alone us.  I don't know what to say to fully convey how much they've blessed our lives and how much they've helped us out by allowing us to do this for over a year.  All I can say is that they (and my sweet little brother) are not the reason we've missed apartment life.

No, since day one any discomfort in our living situation never came from those we've shared our home with the past year.  Rather, since day one we've just missed our independence.  Maybe it's strange, but we've missed paying rent and buying groceries.  ESPECIALLY buying groceries.  Have I ever mentioned how much Brad and I enjoy grocery shopping?  Well, we so do.  We've missed it.  I've missed having my inner-homemaker at work, missed addressing challenges presented within a pre-made space like an apartment.

Oh, let's also not forget the commute.  The commute has never bugged me because I did it for two and a half years before we got married, and really it doesn't bother either of us now, but that doesn't mean we don't miss the convenience that was living five minutes from both our work places.  Forgetting my badge?  No big deal, home is less than a mile away!  I'm excited to have that convenience again, that's for sure.  It will make me feel vastly less stupid when I forget my badge... yet again.  (Ben suggested that I have it stapled to my butt, but I'm not sure how I'd be able to use it at work in that case.)

However, I must not neglect to mention that this last year has been awesome.  I was able to spend an entire summer ten minutes from my sister and got to see her at least three times a week.  Brad and I were able to see his parents multiple times a week as well.  When we were hit with surprise hospital visits, multiple sicknesses, and pregnancy we had no stress about money.  I have been able to spend many months close to my little brother before he leaves on his mission.  Really, it's be an amazing year and we totally have no regrets or questions about why we felt like we needed to move in with my parents.  That prompting saved our butts!

Basically, very, very excited to be moving into our own place again.  However, sad to be back in Provo, forty minutes away from some of our favorite people in the entire world.  It will be weird not to see them every day again.  But, our apartment is darling, titled "Cottage 224", and we can't wait to make it a home.  April 29th, over a month and we'll be there!  Crazy excited!  But nervous at the same time.  We have no idea what the future holds, we're literally just walking by faith over here!  Oh well.  We haven't been led wrong yet, so why have any fear, right?

Oh, so why the mention of Riverdale, Utah?  Seriously because I did not know that it existed until about twenty minutes ago.  I have been looking for the past week for a kitchen table and chairs for our apartment.  We're going to make the fifty minute drive there tomorrow to pick a set up that we found on KSL for cheap.  Got to love them secondhand shoppings!

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