Thursday, April 25, 2013

Moving Forward

We move on MONDAY!  So excited!
Into our cute "cottage".
With, again, no cinder block walls.

We drove by it yesterday (on our way to my LAST final, oo-rah).
SO EXCITING TO SEE IT AGAIN.  Can't wait for it to be ours!
Well, as much as it can be ours in a rental capacity, that is.
But, y'know, still.  OURS.
Like, all the spam mail will be addressed to us!
That's always been satisfying for me, I have no clue why.
I live a simple life, apparently...

Still, the Bailey household!
Were our Jorgito Burrito will spend the first moments of his life!
(Yeah, we've already made up saucy nicknames for our child.)
He's going to learn a lot of things in this place.
Like how to projectile vomit--just like his Aunt Alix!
Or, more importantly, about Spiderman.
And Disney!

He'll lay on his dad's stomach while Dad plays video games with Mom.
Be constantly cooed at by two childish adults who are somehow his parents.
Develop his personality, his likes, his dislikes.
Body build himself some neck muscles!
Maybe learn to rollover... on command (just kidding).
First word?  ZOMBIES.  Or dad.  Probably dad.
Grow some hair, perhaps.
And overall just get bigger and cuter, day-by-day.

All in our little apartment that we'll call home.
Provo, Utah, here we go again!

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  1. Oh boy! I can TOTALLY relate to the no cinderblock thing!! HAHA! I lived in student housing for years and the day we graduated from that was definitely a reason to say HALLELUJAH! :)

    Good luck on the move- it's always fun I think!