Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why We Are In Love #9

So, it's no secret that Brad and I love playing video games.  However, sometimes one of us is a loser and procrastinated all of her mounds of homework, so she gets to spend all night finishing it all (me), and the other of us gets to play Day Z because he was smart and did his homework early (Brad).  Today is one of those days.

However, one of the greatest things about Brad is that he's always willing to drop his game to help me.  (This is a rare trait in gamers, my friends.)

Today, I was in the family room working on my sociology presentation and Brad was back in our bedroom playing Day Z on the computer with my little brother.

All of a sudden, my foot cramped majorly.  This has been an issue since I've been pregnant--massive amounts of charlie horses!

"BRAD.  Will you come help me really fast?!"


He runs full-speed into the living room, I quickly tell him what's happening, he cracks my foot, kisses me, then runs away as I say, "Thank you!"

I really love him.  He makes me laugh.  That's foot-crackin' true love, right there.

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