Saturday, May 25, 2013

Alright, Let's Do This

Okay, why did I never know about this?

I suppose I should've done my research, right?
Here I am, trying to figure out how long visitor hours are...
...and, say what, I get a fluffy complimentary robe?
Man, I thought the apple juice and rabbit turd ice was awesome!
And then, SAY WHAT, we get to eat a delicious meal?!

Birth may suck, but I get a baby AND dinner at the end.
Still incredibly nervous to give birth for the first time...
...but this semi-makes me feel more comfortable at the idea.
Because, you know, babies, freebies, and food fix all things.

I shouldn't be as excited as I am for this.
A fluffy robe AND a steak?  So there it's insane.

Also very, very excited for the George.  Very.
Still a tad frightened.
Ready to get 'er done.
Is it May 29th yet?

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