Sunday, June 30, 2013

George is One Month Old!

Our grumpy old man, at one month old, already has quite the personality and has experienced quite the life already!  (Get ready for picture overload.)

This kid looks perpetually grumpy and it is the funniest thing ever.  God apparently knew that his mom and dad would find the fact that he is our personal Grumpy Cat highly amusing.  One month later, still hilarious!

Oh man.  Now that's a cute face.

George is not a binky fan.  It's hit-and-miss as to when he'll take it, but most of the time he rejects it.  Which, no big deal.  At least we won't have to wean him off it!

In fact, the first grumpy photo is of him sucking in his lower lip and glaring at Brad, who was trying to give him a binky.

George successfully gained back the five ounces he lost after birth by his two-week appointment!  Yep, he's a big kid.  He was also an incredible sweetheart at his very first doctor's appointment.  Here's him as his dad redressed him after the doctor checked him out.

By his four-week appointment he went from 21 inches to 22.4 inches, and then went from 8.8 pounds to 9.1 pounds.  He also got his circumcision at four-weeks.  Yikes, but he got part of his penis cut off like a boss.  Seriously, did not fuss at all during the surgery, you go kid!

His two-week check-up on his circumcision showed that he (as of yesterday) now weighs 10.8 pounds!  Yeah, we all thought he felt heavier...

George is also King of the Goober Faces; here's him again at the doctor's posin' for us. This isn't mid-yawn or anything... that's just him being a squid bait.  And the kissy face?  That's a reoccurring one.  He'll literally hold it for minutes on end.


This kid has also been all about two things since birth:  eye contact and neck workouts.  If you can't tell, one of his favorite subjects to stare at is his dad.

He gets mad when we won't let him show of his neck muscles or try to help him too much.  He's definitely, like his Aunt Alix used to say, an "I do it myself" mini man.  Seriously, he loves to think that he's big.  We keep trying to tell him that he's only a month old with very few resources, but he won't have it.  To him, he's basically twenty-three or something.  He gets frustrated that he can't stand or move around on his own, it's hilarious!

A week ago George attended his great-great-grandmother's funeral.  Grandma DeMill was amazing, and we sadly were unable to have George meet her before she passed away.  However, everyone noted that Grandma DeMill asked about George multiple times as to how he was doing before she passed away.

Grandma had an amazing sense of humor, and so when George ripped three incredibly loud farts during her service (to be heard by everyone during a quiet  moment), which had us laughing to tears, we knew that both his great-great-grandparents were laughing with us.

Among other noises he makes, George will squeal like a piggy sometimes when he's starting to get mad.  He also makes a reoccurring Donald Duck noise when he sleeps.  We will sit up at night (his crib in currently in our bedroom with us) and listen to his Donald noises as well as try not to laugh too loud as he rips farts in his sleep.  Seriously, this kid passes gas in the loudest form possible, every time.

This kid is also the strangest sleeper in the world.  Not only does he jerk around like a spaz in his sleep (just like his mom did as a kid), but he also chooses some funky positions.

He's getting better with pooping!  Still hates it.  However, instead of hating the entire digestive process (which could be him being upset from eight in the morning to one in the afternoon), he's now down to feeling violated for forty-five minutes or so of digesting before his takes a major dump.  He pretty much has convinced himself of the evil of pooping to the point that I think he's clenching his butt cheeks to stop it from happening, which is so him!

We've found the best way of helping him to chill those butt cheeks it by mega- swaddling him in his swing in this giant, fuzzy Spiderman blanket that his Aunt Brittany gave Brad a few birthdays ago.  No matter how uncomfortable pooping makes him, this technique calms him down and sends him into a relaxing pooping-induced dream state, like so.  (Don't worry, the blanket was no where near his mouth, it just looks like it from the angle. He was snoring away with an open airway like his usual old-man-self.  Half-naked.  Typical old man.)

Yeah, we sort of dig him.

A month old, he's super alert.  He looks when you talk to him, especially when he knows your voice.  When he was first born, he especially loved deep voices.  My family joked that it's because even the women on the Anderson side have pretty dang deep voices, haha!

Now he is able to especially recognize not only mine and Brad's voices, but both my mom and Brad's mom's as well as my dad's.  Oh, and he loves hearing Aunt Alix, probably because she's a great bum-patter!  (Yes, I just managed to make you sound slightly pedo, Al.  Creeper!)

In the past few days my mom, sister, and I also noticed that he seems to think hats are ridiculous.  Whenever someone is wearing a hat (including both Mom and Alix), he will just sit and raise his eyebrows at it, like, "Really, you're wearing that?"  (We tried to explain to him that on his first non-cooperative hair day he'd understand.)

Overall, George is an incredibly handsome, sweet, intelligent baby.  He's got tons of personality and again loves to act like a big kid trapped in a baby's body!  He was actually quite the good sleeper when he first came home and slept good four hour chunks.  However, he is a busy-body and so he'll fight falling asleep because he's afraid he'll miss out on a party or something.  My mom and I keep telling him that there's really nothing he'll be missing out on, but he's still able to stay awake for long periods of time before he'll finally allow himself to actually rest!

(Remember, he's a big kid.)

He often surprises people on how long he'll stay awake and alert as well as nice.  The day of his one-month birthday we were at a Bailey family reunion and he was awake and chill the entire time we were there.  Same thing as my great-grandma's funeral, just being nice and relaxed as he got passed around from person to person wanting to hold him.

Overall, we got incredibly lucky with this kid!

As an end note, he not only hates making bowel movements, he hates sitting in them even more.  He is known to go through three diapers in thirty minutes.  And like, full diapers.  Which upset him greatly to be in.  We've already spent $100 on diapers, and he's only a month old!  Luckily he's not formula fed, or we'd be broke... he not only pees like a monster, but he eats like one, too.  Luckily for him he's handsome!

Oh, and he's also starting to smile more and more!  Yep, can't get enough of it!

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