Wednesday, July 24, 2013

George's Blessing and James's Farewell

So, Jorge was blessed in church this past Sunday.  We were really, really hoping that he'd fart during the blessing (with a microphone there to magnify it), since the few times we've been able to make it to sacrament meeting in these first months that seems to be his thing to do during the quietest moments, which we always find to be hilarious.  However, no such luck this time.  He was fussy all morning, but the minute Bradley picked him up to take him to the front of the chapel to be blessed, he was silent and sweet.  Brad said that he just stared at everyone in the circle as he was being blessed, super happy.  (But no farts, darn it.)

That whole morning was a set of fiascoes, however.  Not just George being fussy and constantly needing to be held, but also everyone in the house running a little late!  The same day as George's blessing was my little brother's farewell talk for his mission, and we were having a brunch of sorts at the local park's pavilion following sacrament meeting, and so everyone was running around not only getting ready for church, but trying to put all the hoo-hah together for that, and then there's this cute sad baby needing some love, so my mom and my sister made it just as sacrament started and Brad and I barely made it to sacrament meeting by the beginning of the opening song.  Not to mention my dad also had to prepare his lesson for Sunday school, and then he couldn't find his keys, so he ended up walking in just a minute too late to be apart of the circle blessing George.  Phew, it was a mess, but it all worked out just fine!  Luckily none of it was a big deal; Brad and I were there just in time, and my dad at least got to watch George be blessed, so nothing really to be upset over.  But hey, James was on time, so he's better than the rest of us!

Overall, it was a stressful morning, but once Brad started blessing George the whole basket-case morning sort of melted away for a moment.  It was amazing to hear him blessing our son; it seriously felt like he was talking to future George... if that makes any sense.  It just felt like he was talking about our little boy as he would become a big brother, friend, and eventually a husband.  Brad talked about how he would follow the example of his uncles, as well as how he would become an example and benefit to his friends.  He blessed him to find a wife worthy to go to the temple with him and basically painted a vague picture in my mind of how our son was going to grow up and what he would eventually become, and it made me cry because it was wonderful.  It was everything I wanted for George to become and learn in his small time in our hands before he became a man, and I knew that it could happen if he wanted it to and was willing to make the right decisions, to love and follow our Savior and His teachings.  It really made me want to be the best parent I could be, to be better every day so George could see that and want to do that as well.  The blessing was beautiful and it was a perfect moment on a very crazy Sunday morning.

After that my amazing little brother spoke on becoming Christlike and man, my little brother knows how to speak as well as speak by the Spirit.  I had promised myself that I wasn't going to cry during James's talk, and I was doing amazingly until that stink-butt threw out the Winnie-the-Pooh-make-you-cry-instantly quote at the very end of his talk:

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

Yeah, that had me, my mom, and Alix sobbing uncontrollably in an instant.  Basically, let's never talk about that kid leaving, because I don't know when I'll (if ever) be getting over that.  He leaves next Tuesday for the Mexico Missionary Training Center; he'll spend six weeks there and then he'll be off to teach the Gospel to the people of Chile!  He's going to be such an amazing missionary!

Like I said, afterwards was a brunch of sorts at a pavilion at the local park.  George was overloaded with many relatives and friends wanting to meet him.  Here's him hanging out with his favorite butt-patter, Aunt Alix!

He was originally in his cardigan and bow-tie from his one-month photos, but he had puked on it in sacrament meeting (but he was sweet enough to wait until after the blessing; he's thoughtful like that.  Seriously).  And since it was warm outside anyway, we just switched him to a onesie and bow-tie.  You know, corporate casual.  For babies.  Or something like that.  Basically, he's just super cute, no matter what he wears, even if there's puke on it.

Also, since this was James's farewell Alix was smart enough to mark sure we got a picture of all of us siblings.  (Yes, we are a majorly attractive group.)

Big things are ahead for this family of mine.  I love you James DeMill!  Chile is lucky to have you!

(P.S. Speaking of big things for this family, my nephew turned sixteen today.  Where did that come from?!  He's way too handsome.  I don't think I'm cool with him going to high school and dating and such.  Those girlfriends better watch out... he's got two aunts ready for a beat down, especially with their little brother gone.)

(P.P.S. Today George did his first real laugh.  He was chilling on the bed while his dad was on the computer and I was brushing my teeth, and he just did it--he laughed.  Brad and I were quiet for a second and then we looked at each other and I said, "He laughed," and then we started laughing, because it totally sounded that he was doing something mischievous.  It was awesome!)

Monday, July 22, 2013


I think a lot about the two boys in my life--my husband and my son.  My roles in their lives have taught me a lot, and have made me really ponder the role that marriage, parenthood, and family have in our time on earth.  In our church, family is central in life.  As a daughter to two wonderful parents who taught me that family came first, I understood that doctrine to a great degree.  However, it has been through being married and having a child that I've really gained a high understanding and appreciation for the role of the family.

Basically, I'm just putting it out there:  family, marriage, and parenthood are not easy.  They're fantastic, wonderful, awesome, all those things--but definitely not easy.  But it's the reason that they're not easy, in my opinion, which so speaks of their eternal benefit to us.  All things "family" force us to think beyond ourselves.
What begins as a son or daughter is only further built upon as a husband or wife, and even further built upon as father or mother.  As we move down that chain, we are being asked to think less and less of ourselves and to put our thoughts towards others, which is definitely made easier as we're asked to do it for these people that we really love.  And yet, it's still hard to do.  Seriously, I don't know about you, but setting myself and my wants to the wayside is really difficult sometimes.  Because, dude, there are things I want to do just for me and sometimes just with me.  But I learned very quickly that those things weren't as important as other things and other people.

Having a (small) family of my own has taught me to serve and become more Christlike better than any other experiences on this earth could.  As Brad and I first learned to put one another's needs before our own, and then to eventually made the effort together to set those things aside in the interest of George's needs, I've truly seen our Heavenly Father's plan at work in my life.  It's a horribly difficult and yet wonderfully happy transformation to slowly learn to put others before myself.  I think that's why so many people are put off by the idea of starting a family, because it is difficult and in many ways seemingly unattractive to have to take up that mantle of family-centered service.  It's setting aside and realizing that wants aren't needs, and that "us" matters more than "me".  It also shows that "us" is more than two.  It's taking that step to really serve others by giving up things for ourselves.

My little family has taught me these things, and holy cow am I still learning!  I am so grateful for Bradley and George in my life, though!  I am a better person today because I have a wonderful husband and best friend, who is my partner in all things.  He has enabled me to be a better wife and mother because I have his love and support.  I am so grateful for him being worthy to carry the priesthood in our home, and I love the example he is to George.  I will never forget that without him we wouldn't have George.  I love that I can look forward to not just a life of raising a family, but that I also have an eternity to spend with him, working by his side.  He is an amazing father and I know that he will help to raise an amazing son.  George has shown us so much already and has already made us better people.  He has helped us to develop as a team and has allowed us to continue to switch our Me Monsters off.

I love these boys and I love this Gospel, and I know that there is a purpose to this life, and that there is divinity in the family.  There is no greater a tool than the family to make you a more Christlike person, and I love that.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby Truths as Revealed by SpongeBob SquarePants

"He's only this big, how many diapers could he possibly use?"

(via here)

Oh SpongeBob, I had no idea the life lessons you were teaching me...

Basement Stank

The whole basement smells like a giant diaper.

I am unsure if this is the fact that there's George (also known as baby-pees-a-lot) residing down here, or if it's the fact that the toilet overflowed Tuesday afternoon and got the carpet in our bedroom wet.  (Yeah, oops.  My bad!)

Either way, it reeks!  Seriously, just one smelly diaper down here.

Pretty much I'll be going on a, "Getting rid of smelly wet carpet smell" Googling spree tomorrow.  Already have eight hundred bowls of vinegar sitting around and a giant square of carpet covered in baking soda to hopefully soak up some stank... oh Google, please save us!

In other news, apparently a federal prisoner is really seeking some intimate contact with me, because this is the second time this Shawn guy has sent a request to add me to his contact list.  I feel incredibly flattered, let me tell you.  I'm sure he's a catch; it's just too bad that I'm married.  Oh well, what can you do?

But seriously... GIANT DIAPER.  I'm sitting in the stench right now.  Oh please, tell me this isn't another burnt pot-sticker incident...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Saturday Mornings

This is how George likes to spend his Saturday mornings.

Zonking out after a heavy gaming session of Naruto Shippuden
Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 with his mom and dad.  Half-naked.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Farts and Love

Back when Brad and I were first dating, I remember him periodically saying that he'd, "Be right back," and would leave the room for a moment before coming back a second later.  Come to find out, that nice boy was saving me from experiencing his farts!  (Which I have now come to know as slightly deadly.  Ah, marriage.)  In fact, my future husband would hold in his farts so much that he'd often have a painful stomach by the end of the night.  That's love, right there--willful pain so that I wouldn't have to smell those things too early.  (Who knows what would have happened if I had.)

Farts related loved another time with us.  Sitting in his car, watching airplanes fly out at the airport, Brad had to rip a huge fart to convince me that he needed to use the airport bathroom.  Turns out he was doing it to propose to me in the airport, the ring in a Cracker Jack box, just like Spider-Man did with MJ.  The best part?  Brad knows that I find laughter far more romantic and loving than any typical romance (in fact, that stuff sort of makes me uncomfortable... yep, I'm that awkward), and he also knows that farts are very high in my humor book.  So, pretty much, the fact that he had to fart to get me into that airport without spilling that he was going to propose in there kind of, sort of, really made that proposal perfect, because he had me laughing!

So now, here I am up at five o'clock in the morning, sitting in my son's room as he's finally able to rest (I now realize that staring at my son in his sleep may be slightly creepy).  For the past twenty minutes I have been getting up to put pressure on his belly and pat his back every few minutes or so as he's passed gas in his sleep, helping so that the stomach grumbling wouldn't keep waking him up.  And as he's ripping those incredibly loud farts for someone so tiny, it's making me laugh!  I sure love this George Bradley.  Love him enough to stay up as long as he needs me, just chilling like a creeper in his room, making sure those farts of his don't disturb him in his sleep.

Farts relate very well to love in this family, apparently.  I so dig that.

Monday, July 8, 2013

George's "Newborn" Pictures

Our Gorgeous George got his "newborn" pictures done today!  (Yeah, he's a month old, little slow on the uptake over here.)

My mom and I totally jimmy-rigged all of his outfits, including his cardigan/bow-tie set-up above.  I seriously made that bow-tie with double-sided tape and the tiniest amount of sewing because I have zero sewing skills whatsoever.  So yeah, that's how we do "sewing" projects in the Anderson household, what-what!

When we got to my wonderful neighbor's studio in her home, George zonked out while we were discussing the desired set-up for each look.  This was good because he was chill enough to allow us to set him up for a classic, sleeping-all-bunched-up-on-his-tummy shot.  He was also in some makeshift suspenders for that shot. SO CUTE.

After that we positioned him to be sitting up on the couch that he was laying on in the first set of pictures and he woke up and was busy, busy, busy from then on.  He has always been the best wiggler, even in the womb that kid had moves that he could not be holdin' back!  So yeah, it was slightly hilarious but also a little worrisome when we had him up on a non-cushy chair.  The kid has this crazy semi-suicidal move where he throws his head to one side randomly, scaring the hoo-hah out of everyone around.  Must always been on the watch with this one and his neck.

However, being Gorgeous George is tough and therefore was eventually exhausting and warranted some fussiness.  This is no disappoint for us, though, because we absolutely adore his grumpy face anyway, so it was nice to get some shots of him frowning!  (Wow, I sound like a terrible mother, wishing frowns upon this kid.  But seriously, the cuteness is unbeatable!)

One great shot that she showed my mom and I was of him in his Spider-Man onesie (had to get a shot him in that, of course. Hello, do you know who this kid's father is?!), sitting in a black chair and just being horribly sad about it.  So absolutely cute!

After that exhausting day, George of course needed to take a load off like any man would... by stripping down to only his socks.  And chilling on Grandpa's stomach.  (That's the only way to really relax, so I hear.)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Random Things I Highly Value as a New Mom

Being a mom is amazing.  However, it's an entirely different life than being a wife alone!  Wife and mother- whole new ball game.

These things have made being a mom a much smoother process.

(1) Reading pillow.  Seriously.  Only, sort of used backwards.  I lay it on my lap to be used for nursing.  Super awesome late at night when there's a chance that I'll fall asleep while feeding George, then I have no fear of him falling!  (2) iPad.  Again, so great for while I'm nursing.  I can just lay it across the top of the reading pillow and surf the web or read; it definitely makes the late hour much easier to handle.  (3) Matches.  Um, yeah, he reeks sometimes.  His diapers, that is.  When I don't want to run a diaper out, I can put an extinguished match in it and it gets rid of the stank.  (4) Gift cards.  For those millions of diapers we need!

(5) Baby swing.  This kid loved being swung in his car seat, so we knew that the baby swing would be a winner and were happy to use an entire gift card on one.  Bundle him up, put him in his swing, easy way to put him to sleep when he's going through that evil which we call pooping!  (6) Car rides.  Likes being swung in the car seat, loves car rides even more!  If it doesn't put him to sleep, he just enjoys the ride.  (7) Blankets, blankets, blankets.  Before George was born, at my awesome baby showers, we received a lot of blankets.  It was sort of hilarious to see the pile that we had at the end, but a lot were lovingly and beautifully homemade so we of course kept them all.  Um, yeah, luckily we did!  I had no idea how many blankets a mini man would go through in a day.  I'm so grateful for every blanket and burp rag we've received, they're all well loved and well used by this kid!  (8) Investigation Discovery.  Love this channel.  Provides great dead people shows, still showing and entertaining me at three AM!

(9) Hulu Plus.  Been entertained by finally finishing Heroes as well as many, many episodes of Law and Order: SVU.  (10) Disney Channel. Everybody likes to say that Disney Channel has gone downhill since "the good shows", however I so disagree.  I'm a big fan of The Suite Life on Deck as well as Phineas and Ferb and even A.N.T. Farm and Dog With a Blog (yeah, that one shocked me as well).  It's nice to jump from dead people shows to the hilarity of re-watching the Suite Life on Deck! (11) That face!  Oh my gosh, George's old-man-frown is so absolutely adorable, along with the super quiet cries that follow.  My whole family has to constantly apologize to George because we'll let him be upset for a minute just so we can see that hilariously cute face!  (12) Bradley. Greatest husband on this planet, and greatest father as well.  He was born to be a dad, and was clearly made to be George's dad.  George adores him, will not stop staring at him.  Learning to be a parent isn't easy, but Brad's a great partner to learn all the steps with together.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

George Moment #1

When George is super tired but too much of a busy man to let himself fall asleep, we use the same technique that we use to when he's upset about pooping, which is the Spidey-blanket-cocoon.  We bundle him up tight with multiple layers of this particular blanket in his swing, and basically let the fuzzy softness along with the gentle swinging lull him into a coma.  Classic.

This afternoon was one of those times where he was exhausted, yawning every minute or so, but was too busy using his manly neck muscles and looking at everything.  So, Spidey-blanket-cocoon it was.  And, like a charm, he fell into a deep, snoring sleep.

Once he had slept in the swing for maybe an hour, I went to get him to lay him down in his crib.  When picking up a deeply-asleep-George, you are met when a mind-boggling stretch where he completely arches his spinal cord.  He'll do this multiple times until he relaxes back to his deep sleep.

So, I pick him up.  Crazy back bend.  Pat his back as I carry him, he slumps back down.

Then, I lay him down and there's another crazy back bend and a lot of Donald Duck noises.  I pat his back, he relaxes.

I tuck a blanket around him, which initiates another insane stretch.  I lift the blanket off his back to start patting again to make him chill that crazy spine bend when he rips not only the loudest but also the most rank fart to ever come from such a tiny person.  He seriously made me gag as I laughed.

No need to pat his back that time, apparently the fart was all the relaxation he needed.

(Stinky, loud sleep farts complimentary of his father's genes, I think.)

George + Mom = Great Morning

Mornings with George are just way too fun.  (And probably waaay too cute, as well.)

After eating, George will be feeling quite satisfied and I'll lay him on my knees and we'll just hang out!





He's talking and smiling more and more as the days go on.  His Uncle James wants George to laugh so badly before he leaves on his mission!  I can't even imagine that cuteness!  That would be so epic!

For now, we all just find it really exciting to see those smiles and hear his little stories.