Tuesday, July 2, 2013

George Moment #1

When George is super tired but too much of a busy man to let himself fall asleep, we use the same technique that we use to when he's upset about pooping, which is the Spidey-blanket-cocoon.  We bundle him up tight with multiple layers of this particular blanket in his swing, and basically let the fuzzy softness along with the gentle swinging lull him into a coma.  Classic.

This afternoon was one of those times where he was exhausted, yawning every minute or so, but was too busy using his manly neck muscles and looking at everything.  So, Spidey-blanket-cocoon it was.  And, like a charm, he fell into a deep, snoring sleep.

Once he had slept in the swing for maybe an hour, I went to get him to lay him down in his crib.  When picking up a deeply-asleep-George, you are met when a mind-boggling stretch where he completely arches his spinal cord.  He'll do this multiple times until he relaxes back to his deep sleep.

So, I pick him up.  Crazy back bend.  Pat his back as I carry him, he slumps back down.

Then, I lay him down and there's another crazy back bend and a lot of Donald Duck noises.  I pat his back, he relaxes.

I tuck a blanket around him, which initiates another insane stretch.  I lift the blanket off his back to start patting again to make him chill that crazy spine bend when he rips not only the loudest but also the most rank fart to ever come from such a tiny person.  He seriously made me gag as I laughed.

No need to pat his back that time, apparently the fart was all the relaxation he needed.

(Stinky, loud sleep farts complimentary of his father's genes, I think.)

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