Friday, August 30, 2013

George at Three Months

We forked out fifteen bucks and got George a baby carrier--he loves it and does not frown upon taking a nap in it.

George has these buds that hang over his bouncer that he enjoys chillin' with.  For a period, however, they apparently had a falling out because he didn't like to be alone with them for very long at all.  We had to quickly switch it up one Sunday so I just added my necklace; totally did the trick!
This last month we really started using a car seat toy that was graciously given to us.  He loves them, Zebra is especially his favorite.  Although she has a see-through belly full of colorful balls... we think it's a little shady and he shouldn't really be seeing her.  Shady dating already.

George is now grabbing everything.  The other night we were hanging out, just the three of us, and Brad was showing George a new game that he downloaded on his phone and George totally grabbed Brad's phone and yanked it out of his hand!  It was awesome!  We were super proud.
He gets super Mom- or Dad-needy randomly.  It's hilarious.  He's super obsessed with his dad, though.


Isn't the biggest fan of the car anymore.  It's pretty much because he now feels that he's a big kid and that he must be sitting up at all times and the car seat is like this liar cat as it gives the illusion of allowing him to practice his sit-ups, but the dang seatbelt blocks him in.  Gosh dang you, seatbelt.


He takes binkies a little better, but still would rather eat his hand.  Like, REALLY eat his hand.  This kid's fingers are constantly covered in drool and he has a spit soul-patch at least fifty percent of his day.  It's a good look.

George is getting good at entertaining himself for around thirty to forty minutes at a time, and is getting better and better.  He now enjoys his bouncer, the floor (with some trashy, jimmy-rigged toys that I have hanging off a stool or chair.  I should probably invest in a floor mat thing...), and his Bumbo-esque thing as well.  Between these three he can entertain himself for a good chunk of time depending on how needy he's feeling.
He likes to watch TV while he eats, it's really funny.  Also likes to take moments from playing to check out what's on screen.  We typically will start out our day when SpongeBob (as you see in the photo above) is on, and right after SpongeBob all the children's shows on Nickelodeon come on.  I used to start out my mornings like this when I was in high school and I would know that when Max and Ruby came on (it's right after SpongeBob) that I needed to leave to get to school on time.  I actually have always liked Max and Ruby, no joke, super cute.  George and I have discovered Bubble Guppies.  Sounds horribly lame but the music is kind of awesome and it's really fun to watch.  Yeah, I'm sad like that.  I also think Team Umizoomi is excellent.  And I'm just awkward enough to watch those.  Every day.
Talking more and more, louder and louder. SO CUTE.  Seriously, he finds new noises every day.  He started with just yelling, then he would squawk, and now he does this smoker growl.  He's hilarious, pretty much.  And he will just talk and talk and talk.  And then decide it's time for a nap and tell me so.  He's very open about his emotions, apparently.
George also laughs and laughs.  His laugh is super cute and I don't think I feel more accomplished than when I get him to laugh.  It's awesome!

Raspberry blowing king, he loves making them bubbles, but it's so not cool for you to blow them.  Highly upsetting.  We're not sure why.  It all started when Ben blew a raspberry at George one time and George just did not like that, and seems to have held that mentality since.
Spits up like nobody's business. Especially when laid on his tummy.  Literally you lay him on his tummy and you can seriously count down and BLEH.  Barfing.

He's working super hard at rolling over.  He's been doing this for a while now.  Rolls immediately to his side and then will play with his toys for a while before he attempts to roll over. Then he upsets himself and has to return to his toys to comfort him in his failure, it's so funny to watch!  We like to have family moments of Brad and I bragging as we rollover in front of him.  It's motivational, we think.

(Yes, I am twenty-three and still can't figure out how to not get my finger in the picture.)
Prince of power naps. Takes maybe four thirty to forty minute naps a day. Anything over that is a miracle!  But nights are getting really nice.  His first stretch has been as long as six and a half hours, which it basically like goddess sleep for a mother, I'm finding out.  The days following that I feel like a superhero, I'm so rejuvenated!

So yeah, George.  Three months!  Still haven't taken him to his two month appointment.  Yeah, I suck.  Really we've been waiting on our new insurance to kick in.  (Yay, big kid jobs with benefits!)  Love this little three month old. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Some Days

Some days I work out during George's morning naps, only to eat this for lunch.  Which would seem counter-productive.  Or delicious.  Just delicious.

Some days Brad and I are texting each other pictures of ourselves (for no reason at all).  And those same days I begin with a pretty picture... only to quickly go to taking and sending fugly ones instead.

And yet, some days I finally finish the crib skirt for George's crib.  FINALLY.  He's three months tomorrow, people.  Finally got more than a sheet on that thing.

Those same days end with running errands with my handsome boys in their matching Captain America attire.  Which is basically the whole reason I wanted a boy first.  Hello, twinners!  So cute!

Some days ALL days with this little family of mine are good ones.  Even when George begins teething.  Yes.  He did.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oven-Baked Chicken in Buffalo Wing Sauce

So, being married to Bradley Bailey, I've definitely had my food pallet expanded.  He has transformed me from a plain ol' turkey, mayo, and mustard sandwich gal to someone who puts canned chicken, BBQ sauce, and pickles on there.  When we go to Subway, Brad wants all the sauces to which the person making it asks, "All of them?"  Yes, all.  And one tomato.  Don't ask about that one.  He's a strange bird.

Another thing that Brad's a huge fan of is Frank's Hot Sauce.  And, without fail, every time I'm making pizza he asks for a buffalo chicken one.  To which I always say, "Um, gross," and make the traditional supreme pizza that we both like.

But this last time we made pizza I said, "Okay, fine.  We'll make a buffalo chicken one."  But I faced the issue of what sauce would be on said pizza.  So I made that jank up.  And now we're obsessed.  Which is were this new favorite recipe came from.

Oven-Baked Chicken in Buffalo Sauce

(Ignore the ugly photo, I promise it's delicious.)

I'm going to apologize beforehand about my idea of what a "recipe" is.  You see, it's a total DeMill thing to not really have measurements.  We just sort of, you know, throw things together till they taste good, and once we figure it out we remember it for the next time.  So yeah.  This is one of those recipes.  I know that this is going to frustrate the majority of you, so lo siento.

To do the oven-baked chicken, simply grab some chicken breasts, dunk them in egg yolks, then coat them in Italian breadcrumbs (we just use the Western Family brand) and throw them in the oven at 375 degrees until golden.  Easy.

Now for the delicious sauce.  Om-nom-nom, seriously.  What you'll need is Frank's Hot Sauce, mayonaise (your choice, we like Kraft Mayo), and blue cheese (again, your choice of brand there; we used a "lite" version and it tasted great but also allowed it to be less thick as well).  Mix near-equal parts mayo and blue cheese and then add your preference of heat with the Frank's.  Whisk together.  Taste.  Hmm, little too blue-cheesy?  Add more mayo.  In fact, mayo will counteract too much of the hot sauce or the blue cheese, it's your safety net.  Just make to taste and pour over your chicken and serve!

And it's SO.  GOOD.

Seriously, we've been making it to put on everything lately:  pizza, chicken, sandwiches... it's pure awesome.  And this is coming from someone who's not a huge fan of buffalo-whatever-it-may-be.  So trust me and try it.  Good mix-up from the normal cream of chicken sauces we eat.

Friday, August 23, 2013

George at Seven Peaks

So, Brad and I have had our Pass of All Passes since, like, basically April.  And just used it for the first time.  Yeah.  Awkward.  Well, almost four months later we decided we'd get our money's worth and finally use it to go to Seven Peaks to take George to his first water park!

We've taken George swimming before in my parent's pool, and he's actually really enjoyed it so we thought that the water park would be a fun transition.  Uh, yeah.  Not so much.

Yep, once we got him to the kiddie area he stuck out his lower lip ah-la true Jorge style.  Screaming kids, super cold water, weird family that won't stop talking to us... George was not having it.  The picture above is when we admitted defeat maybe fifteen minutes later--he was so ready to go home.

But man, he sure did look cute!

Alix came along with us and was nice enough to take a few hilarious family photos of the very short experience.  Man, we love this little boy!  Seriously.  Look at him.  Look at those swim trunks.  The rash guard!  Um, ridiculous on the cuteness.  Although we kind of thought to get him a rash guard way too late into the season, and Brad literally found the last rash guard in Riverton at Target, so we had to stick with a 12 month.  And the swim trunks said 0-3 months for the size but they were monster; my mom and I had to safety pin them to make them fit.  But hey, maybe it'll all fit next year!
Oh, and of course we had to take a photo mocking George and him being upset.  We're kind parents like that.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

George Moment #3

Um. My son just slept for at least six hours straight. I had heard the myths and legends, but never thought that a small town girl like me would experience it. I mean, four hours, sure. Even five I've seen with this kid. But six? Is this real life? I actually woke up on my own in the middle of the night because I had to pee. This has not happened for these last nearly three months and it totally wigged me out! Basically, I feel like I just had the best rest ever. And it's awesome. Thank you, George!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Becoming a Mom

As I sat today on the couch, Jorge sitting on my knees and grunting through a particularly epic poop, I realized that I've hit my niche.  As in, this is my normal now, I'm comfortable as a mother, and I enjoy it.

All growing up, I was terrible at adapting to change.  Like, embarrassingly so.  I would literally be thirty minutes from home for all of seven days for EFY, and would sniffle through tears at least the first two nights because I wanted to be home.  It was horribly lame.

Becoming a mom to this little boy was natural in some aspects but took pure work in others.  No matter how wonderful being a mother is, nor how rewarding, at first you absolutely do miss your normal life.  It's for stupid reasons, and pretty selfish ones at that.  I loved my job.  I loved my alone time.  I loved only being responsible to one other person--Brad.  When I had things to get done, I could do just that.  No rush to do it during the who-knows-how-long nap.

See?  Lame things.  Selfish things.  But they still were missed, because I was adapting to an entirely new life and routine.  No matter how great the new experience is, your past day-to-day always seems simpler than the new one.  I felt this when transitioning from middle school to high school, high school to college, and now college to motherhood.  But there's a purpose in that.  Like I've already talked about, that's what life's all about, that growth that comes through continually pushing to let go of more and more of yourself.

And so new lifetime-orientated service opportunities, that are naturally a struggle at first, gradually become your norm.  Motherhood was one of those for me.  I guess what I'm trying to say that while becoming a mom was a natural love, it's not like it came without its struggles, and it's not like I'm not still dealing with pushing myself to look beyond the "me".

Motherhood is still a difficult balance of being one of the primary sources for love and attention for both a husband and a son.  Phew, it's been a weird adjustment, and I'm still working on it.  I just feel lucky to have the husband that I have because we there are struggles, he helps carry me through them.  I'm grateful for our marriage in the temple and the blessings that an eternity working together towards returning to live with our Heavenly Father has placed in our lives.

Most of all, I know that George is a blessing in our lives.  He makes us more humble, happy, service-orientated, and loving.  He also makes us less self-focused more outwardly-minded when it comes to our time.  Our value of family and friends has heightened due to him, and it has strengthened our relationship in ways we could have never done on our own.  Like I said, becoming a mom has never been simple, but it's something that has taught me such happy life lessons that I can't imagine how I'd get there without this opportunity.

The Many Faces of Jorge

Our son is a boy of many faces.

Here's our Jorge in thirty seconds!

Check out that eyebrow control!  Goober!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

George Moment #2

Brad was making Star Wars phaser noises at George and George found them pretty hilarious.


Monday, August 12, 2013

George at Two Months

George is completely lifting his head up, both sitting up and lying down on his stomach.  In fact, he gets extremely ticked off at anyone trying to support his head, which is the first instinct of anyone holding him for the first time.

Can grab anything now:  toys, fabric, and (especially) hair.  Good thing I have been dying to cut my hair shorter since before he was even born!  Those five inches I was finally able to chop off felt so liberating and also are harder (but not impossible) to grab at.

Started working on sitting up all on his own, before I even had a chance to think about teaching him.  Just all of a sudden looked like he was doing some awful sit-ups and then I realized what he was doing when he was pulling himself half-way up.  He can't quite hold the weight of his giant head yet, but he's getting really good.

He recognizes more and more people and voices.  So long as he's not focused on doing something else (like hanging with his buddies), George will look right at you while you talk to him.  He can find and make eye contact with you from across the room.  He's constantly seeking Brad out, he loves his dad!

George will have full-out, gurgling conversations.  He's talking louder and louder as the days go by, he'll even yell sometimes!  He spent all of sacrament last week chit-chatting with Brad and I.  That's our favorite part, that we're the ones who he talks to the most and the longest.  He'll just gurgle on and on, even in the car when he can't see us in the front seat.  It's fun to just make up his end of the conversation.  "She said what?  Oh no she didn't!"

Pooping is coming a lot easier.  One day he pooped five times like it was no problem at all.  Seriously, no loud noises and no fussing.  Just all of a sudden would stink like nobody's business.  He's learning, go George!

George smiles ALL. THE.  TIME.  And it's amazing and just the best sight in the world.  When he wakes up for the day I go into his room, turn on the light, and just lean on the crib railing and say, "Good morning, George!" with a big smile, and George--with his eight chins--will grin back with the biggest chubby smile ever.  Such a great way to start my day.  He also does this great shy (and still chubby) smile, where he'll throw this big grin and then hide he face all shy-like.  It's hilarious.

He is the King of Boogerville.  Seriously, that tiny nose of his releases the most giant balls of mucus and I'm still confused as to where they come from.  One time he sneezed and both nostrils shot out giant boogers simultaneously, it was nuts.  We're using that snot sucker thing the hospital gives you more than George would like.

George went to his first movies in month two, quite a few because my family wanted to hurry and see all the movies that were out before my brother left on his mission.  George just sat in his car seat on my dad's lap and watched almost all of Despicable Me 2, he loved all the bright colors.  It was only when he was hungry that he started squirming, and even then I just pulled him out and gave him his bottle and he just watched the movie while he ate.  He was great during Monsters University as well, he actually slept through half of it.  It was super funny because he totally slept through all of Sully's monster roars, but for some reason Mike's pathetic attempt at a roar at the final test scared George to death, haha!  We also took him to R.I.P.D.  Yeah, George no like gunshots.  That was a dumb idea, but like I said all the movie-going was to spend time together before James left.  George didn't cry or scream or anything, but I had to take him outside for half of the movie because he would squirm every time there was gunfire (which, duh, is the entire movie).

We also experienced a few days of random-needing-to-cry.  It was interesting, but surprising I found it easier to handle than I thought it would be (you know, the whole "purple crying" thing the hospital talks to you about).  I think it's because my mom told me before we had George, "Babies cry, and it's okay for them to cry.  If he's fed, his bum is changed, and he's warm then it's okay to just hold them and let them cry--we all need that sometimes."  Thinking of George as a little person rather than just a "oh-my-gosh-he's-only-a-baby" has helped for me to feel chill about those sorts of thing.  He's got everything he needs, now he just needs a cry-out.  I can do that.

George's favorite song is Pokey Bear, a nursery rhyme that my grandma sung to my dad and that my dad and mom sung to us and I now sing to George.  My dad will actually sing it to George while walking around with him in his arms, and George will sing along with him.  It's pretty dang adorable.  My dad will be singing and George will just start in with soft little, "ohs".  It makes my dad melt, he loves Pokey Bear time.

George is obsessed with his hands and feet.  He'd much rather chew on his hands than any binky (still not a fan).  He also loves to just stare at his feet.  He loves playing any game you can come up with that had to do with feet.

George has started laughing as a regular thing.  It's super hilarious because it totally sounds like a courtesy laugh.

He's SO big.  Everyday we're like, "Holy cow, did you get bigger?!"

Went through this phase of thinking he was an adult (again, he has a warped vision of his age) and would go hours upon hours without a nap.  In the nine hours Brad was gone at work George would take maybe one decent nap, but usually it was one piddly nap, say, forty-five minutes.  I got nothing done those days; basically, let's just say that I'm still catching up on laundry from then...

But man, we love him!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Family Love #4

[Playing Likewise and the category was "Cheesy Country". The most popular answer was France.]

Heather: Switzerland! The Swiss, come on guys!
Brandon: No,  that's an army knife!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Two Years Later

Okay, wow, our two year anniversary was last month and I've been meaning to write this since even before then... yep.  Little late to the game, but hey, still worth writing about!

So, Brad and I have been married two years, but we've known each other for over six years.  Yeah, we be homies for quite some time.  Brad and I met in early 2007 in high school, but I don't really have many pictures of us until 2008, so that's why this pictorial timeline of sorts begins.

2008:  Became best friends / First date / Dating / "I love you"

2009-2010:  Brad's mission / Heather goes to BYU / They write

2011:  Brad returns / Engaged / Married

2012:  First year / Heather got pregnant / Found out it was a boy

2013:  Pregnancy / George was born / Second year / Family of three

These last six-plus years have been amazing.  I remember sitting at the Scottish Festival back in 2008, laughing at Brad's Neapolitan tan (seriously), and thinking, "Hey, there's a possibility that I could be with this guy for forever."  So yeah, cool to look back and see how what we have now had crossed our minds way, way back then.  I love you, Bradley Kenneth Bailey.  I'm excited to raise a family with you, discover the world with you, grow old with you, and to work towards the highest blessings of this Gospel with you.  Oh, and to see Avengers 3 with you.  As well as visit every Disney theme park.  I love you, Spiderman!

Why We Are In Love #11

[Heather takes off George's shorts in preparation to change his diaper and the resulting smell makes her gag.]

Heather:  Putting pants on our farty kid is basically like chemical warfare!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Family Love #3

Alix: Well, you have to remember that I've never been imaginary.
[Meaning imaginative.]
That is true Alix. You've always been real. Word.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Why We Are In Love #10

Lying in bed, getting ready to go to sleep.

Bradley: Do you smell that?
Heather: What?
Bradley: It smells like ham. Like someone's cooking ham.
Heather: Maybe it's a pig ghost. Who died in a fire.

I then proceeded to laugh very hard at my own joke. Bradley more laughed at me thinking myself so funny.