Friday, August 30, 2013

George at Three Months

We forked out fifteen bucks and got George a baby carrier--he loves it and does not frown upon taking a nap in it.

George has these buds that hang over his bouncer that he enjoys chillin' with.  For a period, however, they apparently had a falling out because he didn't like to be alone with them for very long at all.  We had to quickly switch it up one Sunday so I just added my necklace; totally did the trick!
This last month we really started using a car seat toy that was graciously given to us.  He loves them, Zebra is especially his favorite.  Although she has a see-through belly full of colorful balls... we think it's a little shady and he shouldn't really be seeing her.  Shady dating already.

George is now grabbing everything.  The other night we were hanging out, just the three of us, and Brad was showing George a new game that he downloaded on his phone and George totally grabbed Brad's phone and yanked it out of his hand!  It was awesome!  We were super proud.
He gets super Mom- or Dad-needy randomly.  It's hilarious.  He's super obsessed with his dad, though.


Isn't the biggest fan of the car anymore.  It's pretty much because he now feels that he's a big kid and that he must be sitting up at all times and the car seat is like this liar cat as it gives the illusion of allowing him to practice his sit-ups, but the dang seatbelt blocks him in.  Gosh dang you, seatbelt.


He takes binkies a little better, but still would rather eat his hand.  Like, REALLY eat his hand.  This kid's fingers are constantly covered in drool and he has a spit soul-patch at least fifty percent of his day.  It's a good look.

George is getting good at entertaining himself for around thirty to forty minutes at a time, and is getting better and better.  He now enjoys his bouncer, the floor (with some trashy, jimmy-rigged toys that I have hanging off a stool or chair.  I should probably invest in a floor mat thing...), and his Bumbo-esque thing as well.  Between these three he can entertain himself for a good chunk of time depending on how needy he's feeling.
He likes to watch TV while he eats, it's really funny.  Also likes to take moments from playing to check out what's on screen.  We typically will start out our day when SpongeBob (as you see in the photo above) is on, and right after SpongeBob all the children's shows on Nickelodeon come on.  I used to start out my mornings like this when I was in high school and I would know that when Max and Ruby came on (it's right after SpongeBob) that I needed to leave to get to school on time.  I actually have always liked Max and Ruby, no joke, super cute.  George and I have discovered Bubble Guppies.  Sounds horribly lame but the music is kind of awesome and it's really fun to watch.  Yeah, I'm sad like that.  I also think Team Umizoomi is excellent.  And I'm just awkward enough to watch those.  Every day.
Talking more and more, louder and louder. SO CUTE.  Seriously, he finds new noises every day.  He started with just yelling, then he would squawk, and now he does this smoker growl.  He's hilarious, pretty much.  And he will just talk and talk and talk.  And then decide it's time for a nap and tell me so.  He's very open about his emotions, apparently.
George also laughs and laughs.  His laugh is super cute and I don't think I feel more accomplished than when I get him to laugh.  It's awesome!

Raspberry blowing king, he loves making them bubbles, but it's so not cool for you to blow them.  Highly upsetting.  We're not sure why.  It all started when Ben blew a raspberry at George one time and George just did not like that, and seems to have held that mentality since.
Spits up like nobody's business. Especially when laid on his tummy.  Literally you lay him on his tummy and you can seriously count down and BLEH.  Barfing.

He's working super hard at rolling over.  He's been doing this for a while now.  Rolls immediately to his side and then will play with his toys for a while before he attempts to roll over. Then he upsets himself and has to return to his toys to comfort him in his failure, it's so funny to watch!  We like to have family moments of Brad and I bragging as we rollover in front of him.  It's motivational, we think.

(Yes, I am twenty-three and still can't figure out how to not get my finger in the picture.)
Prince of power naps. Takes maybe four thirty to forty minute naps a day. Anything over that is a miracle!  But nights are getting really nice.  His first stretch has been as long as six and a half hours, which it basically like goddess sleep for a mother, I'm finding out.  The days following that I feel like a superhero, I'm so rejuvenated!

So yeah, George.  Three months!  Still haven't taken him to his two month appointment.  Yeah, I suck.  Really we've been waiting on our new insurance to kick in.  (Yay, big kid jobs with benefits!)  Love this little three month old. 

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