Monday, August 12, 2013

George at Two Months

George is completely lifting his head up, both sitting up and lying down on his stomach.  In fact, he gets extremely ticked off at anyone trying to support his head, which is the first instinct of anyone holding him for the first time.

Can grab anything now:  toys, fabric, and (especially) hair.  Good thing I have been dying to cut my hair shorter since before he was even born!  Those five inches I was finally able to chop off felt so liberating and also are harder (but not impossible) to grab at.

Started working on sitting up all on his own, before I even had a chance to think about teaching him.  Just all of a sudden looked like he was doing some awful sit-ups and then I realized what he was doing when he was pulling himself half-way up.  He can't quite hold the weight of his giant head yet, but he's getting really good.

He recognizes more and more people and voices.  So long as he's not focused on doing something else (like hanging with his buddies), George will look right at you while you talk to him.  He can find and make eye contact with you from across the room.  He's constantly seeking Brad out, he loves his dad!

George will have full-out, gurgling conversations.  He's talking louder and louder as the days go by, he'll even yell sometimes!  He spent all of sacrament last week chit-chatting with Brad and I.  That's our favorite part, that we're the ones who he talks to the most and the longest.  He'll just gurgle on and on, even in the car when he can't see us in the front seat.  It's fun to just make up his end of the conversation.  "She said what?  Oh no she didn't!"

Pooping is coming a lot easier.  One day he pooped five times like it was no problem at all.  Seriously, no loud noises and no fussing.  Just all of a sudden would stink like nobody's business.  He's learning, go George!

George smiles ALL. THE.  TIME.  And it's amazing and just the best sight in the world.  When he wakes up for the day I go into his room, turn on the light, and just lean on the crib railing and say, "Good morning, George!" with a big smile, and George--with his eight chins--will grin back with the biggest chubby smile ever.  Such a great way to start my day.  He also does this great shy (and still chubby) smile, where he'll throw this big grin and then hide he face all shy-like.  It's hilarious.

He is the King of Boogerville.  Seriously, that tiny nose of his releases the most giant balls of mucus and I'm still confused as to where they come from.  One time he sneezed and both nostrils shot out giant boogers simultaneously, it was nuts.  We're using that snot sucker thing the hospital gives you more than George would like.

George went to his first movies in month two, quite a few because my family wanted to hurry and see all the movies that were out before my brother left on his mission.  George just sat in his car seat on my dad's lap and watched almost all of Despicable Me 2, he loved all the bright colors.  It was only when he was hungry that he started squirming, and even then I just pulled him out and gave him his bottle and he just watched the movie while he ate.  He was great during Monsters University as well, he actually slept through half of it.  It was super funny because he totally slept through all of Sully's monster roars, but for some reason Mike's pathetic attempt at a roar at the final test scared George to death, haha!  We also took him to R.I.P.D.  Yeah, George no like gunshots.  That was a dumb idea, but like I said all the movie-going was to spend time together before James left.  George didn't cry or scream or anything, but I had to take him outside for half of the movie because he would squirm every time there was gunfire (which, duh, is the entire movie).

We also experienced a few days of random-needing-to-cry.  It was interesting, but surprising I found it easier to handle than I thought it would be (you know, the whole "purple crying" thing the hospital talks to you about).  I think it's because my mom told me before we had George, "Babies cry, and it's okay for them to cry.  If he's fed, his bum is changed, and he's warm then it's okay to just hold them and let them cry--we all need that sometimes."  Thinking of George as a little person rather than just a "oh-my-gosh-he's-only-a-baby" has helped for me to feel chill about those sorts of thing.  He's got everything he needs, now he just needs a cry-out.  I can do that.

George's favorite song is Pokey Bear, a nursery rhyme that my grandma sung to my dad and that my dad and mom sung to us and I now sing to George.  My dad will actually sing it to George while walking around with him in his arms, and George will sing along with him.  It's pretty dang adorable.  My dad will be singing and George will just start in with soft little, "ohs".  It makes my dad melt, he loves Pokey Bear time.

George is obsessed with his hands and feet.  He'd much rather chew on his hands than any binky (still not a fan).  He also loves to just stare at his feet.  He loves playing any game you can come up with that had to do with feet.

George has started laughing as a regular thing.  It's super hilarious because it totally sounds like a courtesy laugh.

He's SO big.  Everyday we're like, "Holy cow, did you get bigger?!"

Went through this phase of thinking he was an adult (again, he has a warped vision of his age) and would go hours upon hours without a nap.  In the nine hours Brad was gone at work George would take maybe one decent nap, but usually it was one piddly nap, say, forty-five minutes.  I got nothing done those days; basically, let's just say that I'm still catching up on laundry from then...

But man, we love him!

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