Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Oven-Baked Chicken in Buffalo Wing Sauce

So, being married to Bradley Bailey, I've definitely had my food pallet expanded.  He has transformed me from a plain ol' turkey, mayo, and mustard sandwich gal to someone who puts canned chicken, BBQ sauce, and pickles on there.  When we go to Subway, Brad wants all the sauces to which the person making it asks, "All of them?"  Yes, all.  And one tomato.  Don't ask about that one.  He's a strange bird.

Another thing that Brad's a huge fan of is Frank's Hot Sauce.  And, without fail, every time I'm making pizza he asks for a buffalo chicken one.  To which I always say, "Um, gross," and make the traditional supreme pizza that we both like.

But this last time we made pizza I said, "Okay, fine.  We'll make a buffalo chicken one."  But I faced the issue of what sauce would be on said pizza.  So I made that jank up.  And now we're obsessed.  Which is were this new favorite recipe came from.

Oven-Baked Chicken in Buffalo Sauce

(Ignore the ugly photo, I promise it's delicious.)

I'm going to apologize beforehand about my idea of what a "recipe" is.  You see, it's a total DeMill thing to not really have measurements.  We just sort of, you know, throw things together till they taste good, and once we figure it out we remember it for the next time.  So yeah.  This is one of those recipes.  I know that this is going to frustrate the majority of you, so lo siento.

To do the oven-baked chicken, simply grab some chicken breasts, dunk them in egg yolks, then coat them in Italian breadcrumbs (we just use the Western Family brand) and throw them in the oven at 375 degrees until golden.  Easy.

Now for the delicious sauce.  Om-nom-nom, seriously.  What you'll need is Frank's Hot Sauce, mayonaise (your choice, we like Kraft Mayo), and blue cheese (again, your choice of brand there; we used a "lite" version and it tasted great but also allowed it to be less thick as well).  Mix near-equal parts mayo and blue cheese and then add your preference of heat with the Frank's.  Whisk together.  Taste.  Hmm, little too blue-cheesy?  Add more mayo.  In fact, mayo will counteract too much of the hot sauce or the blue cheese, it's your safety net.  Just make to taste and pour over your chicken and serve!

And it's SO.  GOOD.

Seriously, we've been making it to put on everything lately:  pizza, chicken, sandwiches... it's pure awesome.  And this is coming from someone who's not a huge fan of buffalo-whatever-it-may-be.  So trust me and try it.  Good mix-up from the normal cream of chicken sauces we eat.

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