Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Some Days

Some days I work out during George's morning naps, only to eat this for lunch.  Which would seem counter-productive.  Or delicious.  Just delicious.

Some days Brad and I are texting each other pictures of ourselves (for no reason at all).  And those same days I begin with a pretty picture... only to quickly go to taking and sending fugly ones instead.

And yet, some days I finally finish the crib skirt for George's crib.  FINALLY.  He's three months tomorrow, people.  Finally got more than a sheet on that thing.

Those same days end with running errands with my handsome boys in their matching Captain America attire.  Which is basically the whole reason I wanted a boy first.  Hello, twinners!  So cute!

Some days ALL days with this little family of mine are good ones.  Even when George begins teething.  Yes.  He did.

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