Friday, August 9, 2013

Two Years Later

Okay, wow, our two year anniversary was last month and I've been meaning to write this since even before then... yep.  Little late to the game, but hey, still worth writing about!

So, Brad and I have been married two years, but we've known each other for over six years.  Yeah, we be homies for quite some time.  Brad and I met in early 2007 in high school, but I don't really have many pictures of us until 2008, so that's why this pictorial timeline of sorts begins.

2008:  Became best friends / First date / Dating / "I love you"

2009-2010:  Brad's mission / Heather goes to BYU / They write

2011:  Brad returns / Engaged / Married

2012:  First year / Heather got pregnant / Found out it was a boy

2013:  Pregnancy / George was born / Second year / Family of three

These last six-plus years have been amazing.  I remember sitting at the Scottish Festival back in 2008, laughing at Brad's Neapolitan tan (seriously), and thinking, "Hey, there's a possibility that I could be with this guy for forever."  So yeah, cool to look back and see how what we have now had crossed our minds way, way back then.  I love you, Bradley Kenneth Bailey.  I'm excited to raise a family with you, discover the world with you, grow old with you, and to work towards the highest blessings of this Gospel with you.  Oh, and to see Avengers 3 with you.  As well as visit every Disney theme park.  I love you, Spiderman!

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