Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

George Moment #4

No joke, this is George's favorite thing to play with lately.  He is quite obsessed with it, actually.

Diet Pepsi bottles.  Yes, seriously.  Whenever he sits on my dad's stomach George very quickly starts gazing longing over at my dad's Diet Pepsi bottle that is usually sitting next on the floor next to him.  It's super hilarious.  Once George has it in his grasp, he'll just gaze at it and touch it like it's the most entertaining thing ever.

Even when he's been at his saddest with the whole teething thing, the Diet Pepsi bottle cheers him right up.  Don't ask why, we'll never know.  It's kind of like the whole the-box-is-cooler-than-the-toy thing.  Which is totally cool by our standards because Diet Pepsi is currently on sale for a dollar at Walmart, so we've basically got Christmas in the bag!  SCORE.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Face of Teething

This, my friends, is what it looks like.

It's sad, but I still cannot get over how impossibly cute I find his face to be when it goes all frowny on me!  Seriously, look at it.  Look at it.  You're smiling, right?  Don't feel bad, I was too.  I mean, seriously.  Look at that double-chin, it just pulls the whole look together.

He's also a very polite and quiet crier so I don't even have that to feel upset over.  He just makes me happy, in all phases of happy to non-happy.

Although, don't get me wrong.  Teething sucks butt and it's been difficult.  The hardest part was when just as he was developing a sleep pattern he started this teething thing which threw him back into newborn schedule.  Yuck.  And the random sadness?  Very sad.  No matter how cute.

But seriously, check out that baller hat.  He's a stud, pretty much.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why Hello Again, State Fair!

Every year we go to the Utah State Fair.  Not necessarily because it's like the best thing in the world to spend $10 a person on, but because we not only do enjoy it to a good degree but mostly because we like to support Brad's dad, who's often a spotlight artist throughout one day of the fair where he'll set up and paint for everyone to watch!  It's very cool.  Also, Chad won second place in the professional art division this year, which basically slates him as a stud.  An artistic stud.

We decided to take UTA's FrontRunner and TRAX to get there this year because Brad had be given two free all-day passes on them after a mishap with his monthly pass.  I was pretty nervous that George would choose the moment that we had no quick getaway (as provided by a car) to suddenly become inconsolable.  However, he LOVED the ride.  Seriously, all for it.  By the time we got to the State Fair he had already fallen asleep in his stroller.

Along with visiting Chad that we like to walk through all the art exhibits, such as the ever-lame photography one... which is just so bad it's awesome.  And also has the shadiest elevator ever in the building that houses it, I wish I had taken a picture.  There was a hole in the center of the floor as well as a random chair.  I have no clue what was up with it, but it was probably haunted or housed a frightening bumpkin family who ate people or something.  It was legitimately creepy.  Brad wanted to just carry the stroller down the stairs to avoid it.

Otherwise there are all the farm animals to see, which is super fun!  Seriously, we love animals.  Even though they make me itchy, they're so worth it.  Especially the chickens.  For some reason we're super into chickens.  There were these Japanese-something-or-anothers and they were amazingly cute.  But the big highlight this year for us were the sheep who appeared to be members of the KKK.

Shame on them.

We thought that taking picture across the street from them would be cool, though.  Makes sense, right?  Sheep in the KKK... pictures.  The math seems all right.

I decided I might look super-duper cute if I pulled my hair down for a picture as well.  Here's a mid-hair ruffling shot.  It's semi-epic.  I'm basically ready for a hair commercial.

Right?  So epic.

But really, it was not cute.  My hair just looked like it had been through a wind tunnel of nasty.  Even George is giving me a, "Oh dear," look in this picture.  He also may look slightly disgusted.  Yep.  It was a worth a shot, I suppose.  At least I'm not a racist like those sheep back there... disgrace, they are.

After that attempt I tried to take some poorly executed family photos.  Hey, at least my finger isn't in the picture, so we're getting somewhere.

At this point we realized that George peed his pants.  I actually had a feeling that this was going to happen for some reason (like maybe because my son is the King Pee-er), so luckily I had run back in before we left and grabbed an extra onesie.  BE PREPARED.  (This could be attributed to the Boy Scouts' motto or Scar.  Whichever you prefer.)

With our new wardrobe change, we choose our next photo-op to be by a cow's butt.  Again, this makes total sense.  I think a lot of photographers would agree.  I took this moment to also re-prove that I should not be twenty-three by sticking my finger in the picture again, and also by goobering-up the pictures Brad took of George and I.  We were by a butt though, so it's probably cool.

We sadly missed the pigs, however.  We couldn't find them for some reason, which is pathetic considering they're housed in a building subtitled "PIGS" in giant letters.  Who knows what happened there.  But we hopped back on the train ride home, which George found extra exciting!

And we thought, "Hey, let's take stupid pictures of ourselves!"

And then George had a snack with Dad, and we all went home happy and tired.  The end!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bath Time Dress-Up

Sometimes George plays dress-up in the tub.

Tonight's ensemble would be a half-naked pirate.

A half-naked pirate who enjoys splashing.  A lot.  Like, super splashing.  It's pretty impressive.  This kid just loves bath time.  Which is nice because for some reason I thought babies were like dogs and just made to hate baths, but that's definitely not true with this guy.
Oh, let's also not forget the final look of the night, Mother Teresa.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Celebrating 23

So, turned twenty-three this year.  Twenty-three still feels so young to me, it's crazy to think where we're at right now!  Married with a baby, both of us with our degrees, ready to tackle something else.  Like buying a home.  We'll see how that goes.

Bradley really wanted to take me out dancing for my birthday, but the place that we go to is only open on Fridays and Tuesdays (random, yes).  So, on my birthday we went to Red Lobster, a typical tradition because it's the best.  However, in all the times we've been there and, heck, all the times I've been there since I was a kid, I had never noticed the sign at the entrance in the dining area that says, "Welcome Aboard".  And for some reason I found that super hilarious and had to take a hinkerdink photo next to it.

Yeah, that happened.  (Sadly.)

That following Tuesday that we went out dancing.  We went to the Murray Arts Center which, yes, is in the shadiest part of town (when I said we were going to Murray my dad asked, "Because you want to get shot?").  The MAC used to have a building where they hosted dancing for younger peoples and then a separate building for their older patrons, but the younger MAC was discontinued right around when we graduated high school.  It's okay, we're old people with a kid anyway, right?

When I say that we were going out dancing, I mean ballroom dancing.  Brad and I actually became close friends through practicing ballroom dancing together (and math class study sessions, but we enjoyed ballroom practice just tad more... okay, a lot more), and we've been wanting to bust out our moves again for a long time.  So, yeah, we were super excited.  And also nervous.  It had been basically five years since we had legitimately ballroom danced with anyone.  But we got on our "ballroom attire" (part of the MAC experience) and sucked up the nerves and went off to shake our money makers!  (Although sadly my butt has never actually made me any sort of income.  Maybe someday.)

(Taking pictures at the stoplight because I'm a dangerous fool.)

The dancing goes from 8:30 PM to basically midnight, but if you come an hour early part of your admission fee covers a dance lesson as well.  The options for the night we went were either samba or west coast swing, so we decided to learn some west coast because Brad had some experience in it.

We walk into our classroom and wait for the instructor to arrive.  Being me, I've already imagined how the lesson's going to go, including what the teacher looks like.  The teacher in my mind is a slim old woman with no chest, sporting a leotard and a flowing tea-length skirt over leggings and heels.  And with her hair up in a tight bun.  And possibly a sweat band and leg warmers.  Or something typical to a dance movie.  In walks this round woman with a super low-cut cheetah print t-shirt (with a cheetah print bra peeking out to match), spandex pants, ankle socks, and Crocs.  Definitely not what I expected.  Shows how great my imagination is at being correct.

She definitely knew her stuff, however, and it was a great lesson.  We found out that Brad actually knows squat about west coast swing and was really one of the showy pretenders that she shook her head at when she saw it at dances (Brad's ego was hit a little bit there, haha).  We had to rotate partners, just like in high school, but it wasn't as awkward as I thought.  We learned a lot in there!  And Brad also got hit on by the single chicks at the dance lesson.  Typical.

After the dance lesson we went out into the ballroom with all the elderly couples (not kidding) and had an AWESOME time.  I didn't think we'd know what to do most songs, but man!  We were throwing out our tango, waltz, foxtrot, triple-step swing... all the moves.  We were swingin', pretty much.  The dance lesson was a real help just to re-learn how to make up dance moves on the fly, because we learned again how it's just all about staying within the count of the dance as well as dancing within your box that you're taught to work in for each dance.  It was so fun!  We definitely need practice, though.  So much practice.  But we were just shocked that we remembered so much of our old ballroom dances.

By nine-thirty, however, we were tired.  The elderly couples totally out-danced us.  We also were really missing our George, so we headed out there.  But not before grabbing some drinks from a local gas station.  Which, Brad talked us out of getting 44 oz. Cokes and instead we got Gatorades... which he totally regretted because he thought it'd be a good idea to get this shady cucumber-lime flavor.  Yeah, it was not.

But yeah, great birthday, and we're thinking we may want to try to go dancing at least once a month!  It was EPIC.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Family Love #5

Mom:  Yeah, and then every time your basement floods...
Dad:  An angel gets its wings.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why We Are In Love #12

Heather:  Are you sniffing my hair while I'm praying?
Bradley:  Why aren't you sniffing my hair while I'm praying?  That's the question!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Adventures in Teething

Oh dear.  Teething sure bites the big one.

As such, it sometimes calls for days where we never leave our helicopter footy jammies.

...that just so happen to be a size too big and therefore expose our belly.  Modesty, Jorge!

They are also great days for our first Monday night football lessons with Grandpa.

And really, they're always made better when Dad comes home!

Especially tonight, when he was the one who knew exactly what George needed to feel better.  When even the tub wasn't doing it for him Brad ran and grabbed his favorite toy and knew that the beautiful combination of favorite things would make this little boy distracted from his sore mouth.  We sure love that Dad!

Friday, September 6, 2013

My Two Overachievers

Did I never post about this?  How did I never post about this?!

Dude, Brad is GRADUATED.  Check this beauty out.

I may or may not be horribly jealous (and slightly sore) knowing that he accomplished this feat in two and a half years.  While here I am... still one class to go... should have graduated in April.  Been in college five years.  Yeah, I suck compared to this guy.  If he hadn't worked so hard I would be quite peeved, but this kid has been working towards this since high school.  So I forgive him for kicking my butt.  This time.  (Yay, five years in college, go me.  Sarcasm.  Sense it?)

He really put his butt into gear and got this done in a record amount of time.  Again, makes me look bad.  I'll try and blame my need to remain in college for the rest of my life on the extra nineteen religion credits at BYU... it consoles me a little bit to blame it on something else.  And not on changing my major three times.

But this isn't about me, is it?  It's about Bradley Kenneth Bailey, recent graduate in Emergency Services Administration, whose bosses have told him multiple times how this degree is really going to pay off in the field he's just jumped into.  And I'm so excited for him.  He's got so many options ahead of him, he's found something that he loves, and he's creating a career in it.  And really, that's all I could ever dream of this wonderful man getting, and all that I've prayed for as he's neared his entrance into the big kid field of work.

As for my next overachiever, you know how babies can start teething as early as three months?  Well...

...suspicions confirmed, this kid is definitely teething.  Literally on the dot of three months.  This little boy, who was just starting to sleep six hour stretches, has gone back to newborn schedule of every two hours.  Oh my, it's hard to be back on that!  It's even harder to see him uncomfortable in this transition!  Teething tablets and Infant Tylenol have been our buds.  He's slowly getting better at dealing with it, but here's hoping that this is a blessing in disguise and that he'll be through this little bit of discomfort by the time we fly to Disney in October!  Man, a teething baby on a plane.  Yikes.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Columbus Day

I looove Brad's new super-cushy government job.  Seriously.  I remember finding it while we were on the big holy-crap-could-we-get-a-big-kid-job-already job search and seeing the requirements for the job and being like, "Brad fits all of those!" until, oh wait, you need a bachelors degree and he was still three months away from getting his.

But he fit everything else (insert whiney voice here).  So I was like, "What the hey?" and we just filled out the application just because it was awesome to dream about getting a chance at it, and then forgot about it pretty much because there was truly no chance in heck that he'd get it.  Come two or three weeks later, I can't remember how long it was, we were in the hospital after George was born and got the phone call and, well, the rest is history.  Or so the saying goes.

So, being a big wig government guy, Brad has all the great holidays off.  And some we would have never considered... like Columbus Day.  Apparently Utah is one of the last few that still considers this a state holiday.  Um, yeah, we'll take it.  Paid day off, WORD.

We spent the day visiting family, being bums, and going out to Red Robin to eat.  George got to sit up at the table and felt pretty much like the biggest kid ever.  This was also the first time we've taken George to a restaurant with just us (we've been several times with family), so it was pretty much a landmark in George's life.

Okay, it was more of a landmark for Brad and I to test our skills as parents.  It was awesome.  And epic.  And pride-inducing.  We completely navigated the whole meal around a baby, it was legit.  Granted, our baby is extremely kind to us and when we set him to play with his toys while we ate he just talked (very loudly) to us while he played.  So really we weren't given much of a challenge... but so far as beginner parenting levels go, WIN.

Also, my boys are very, very, very cute.  I am thoroughly obsessed with them and said cuteness.  They're also quite charming and funny and all that... but I'm just saying, even if they were jerks, they'd always be very nice to ogle at!

They are also total nerds.  Part of dinner was spent pretend zombie-esque brain eating as well as goober faces from both of these handsome men.  There may have also been some random dancing.  I will neither confirm nor deny my involvement in said activities.