Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Columbus Day

I looove Brad's new super-cushy government job.  Seriously.  I remember finding it while we were on the big holy-crap-could-we-get-a-big-kid-job-already job search and seeing the requirements for the job and being like, "Brad fits all of those!" until, oh wait, you need a bachelors degree and he was still three months away from getting his.

But he fit everything else (insert whiney voice here).  So I was like, "What the hey?" and we just filled out the application just because it was awesome to dream about getting a chance at it, and then forgot about it pretty much because there was truly no chance in heck that he'd get it.  Come two or three weeks later, I can't remember how long it was, we were in the hospital after George was born and got the phone call and, well, the rest is history.  Or so the saying goes.

So, being a big wig government guy, Brad has all the great holidays off.  And some we would have never considered... like Columbus Day.  Apparently Utah is one of the last few that still considers this a state holiday.  Um, yeah, we'll take it.  Paid day off, WORD.

We spent the day visiting family, being bums, and going out to Red Robin to eat.  George got to sit up at the table and felt pretty much like the biggest kid ever.  This was also the first time we've taken George to a restaurant with just us (we've been several times with family), so it was pretty much a landmark in George's life.

Okay, it was more of a landmark for Brad and I to test our skills as parents.  It was awesome.  And epic.  And pride-inducing.  We completely navigated the whole meal around a baby, it was legit.  Granted, our baby is extremely kind to us and when we set him to play with his toys while we ate he just talked (very loudly) to us while he played.  So really we weren't given much of a challenge... but so far as beginner parenting levels go, WIN.

Also, my boys are very, very, very cute.  I am thoroughly obsessed with them and said cuteness.  They're also quite charming and funny and all that... but I'm just saying, even if they were jerks, they'd always be very nice to ogle at!

They are also total nerds.  Part of dinner was spent pretend zombie-esque brain eating as well as goober faces from both of these handsome men.  There may have also been some random dancing.  I will neither confirm nor deny my involvement in said activities.

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