Monday, September 23, 2013

George Moment #4

No joke, this is George's favorite thing to play with lately.  He is quite obsessed with it, actually.

Diet Pepsi bottles.  Yes, seriously.  Whenever he sits on my dad's stomach George very quickly starts gazing longing over at my dad's Diet Pepsi bottle that is usually sitting next on the floor next to him.  It's super hilarious.  Once George has it in his grasp, he'll just gaze at it and touch it like it's the most entertaining thing ever.

Even when he's been at his saddest with the whole teething thing, the Diet Pepsi bottle cheers him right up.  Don't ask why, we'll never know.  It's kind of like the whole the-box-is-cooler-than-the-toy thing.  Which is totally cool by our standards because Diet Pepsi is currently on sale for a dollar at Walmart, so we've basically got Christmas in the bag!  SCORE.

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