Saturday, October 5, 2013

General Conference, Applesauce, and More Farts

If you don't know what General Conference is, one may enlighten themselves here.  Basically, it's amazing.  Just watch one talk, you won't regret it.  This was the best one of today for us.

This was George's first General Conference.  He did some classic screaming through most of it and then needed a nap, it was highly hilarious.  He had us laughing for most of the first session; we love that kid.

Today was also great because my husband took amazing care of me.  I was super sick, super emotional, and super needing a nap.  So, Brad took George out on a guys' afternoon trip with himself and Ben, and let me take a full two-hour nap.  It was incredible.  It's kind of ridiculous how much lack of sleep can make me feel like I'm about to keel over or otherwise just dunk my head in a toilet from puking so hard.  Basically, I'm grateful to a husband who tolerates the fact that I hardly ever accept help and yet continues to offer until, finally, I admit that I need it and he comes to my rescue.

After we were all back together following priesthood session, we fed George some applesauce.  Or, scratch that, the entire thing of applesauce.  I would fill the spoon, George would take it, feed himself (or his face, whichever), and then hand it back to me when he was ready for more.  It was basically the cutest thing we had ever witnessed and therefore we told much video of it.  SO CUTE.  Seriously, us and my parents were dying, it was so hilarious.  And George's cheeks are super rosy from all the drooling from teething, so that just added to the cute factor.  Basically, he's the greatest.

Today also marked the end to a tough few days for George.  Why?  Diaper rash.  I thought teething sucked balls, but no, diaper rash it right up there.  It was horribly sad to see that kid in so much pain.  Basically, he just can't catch a break.  Teething, ear infection, major diarrhea from antibiotics for said infection, then major, yeasty diaper rash.  Poor kid.  Because of the rash, George has had to skip out on his favorite nighttime ritual, bath time.

After three nights of no bath, George returned to the tub and he was psyched to be back!  ("It's great to be back in Boston, yeah-yuh!")  Brad was playing with him and helping him wash up and at one point Brad ripped one.  Like clockwork, with what has now for some reason become a thing, George rips an even bigger one in the tub.  Seriously, these boys are synced in their farts.  When one farts, the other farts.  It's like their club handshake or something.  Because I think fart jokes are still hilarious, it just makes me laugh that that's how they've decided to become "in tune" with one another.  Typical.

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