Tuesday, October 1, 2013

George at Four Months

So, George is a big kid.  Seriously.  Still in the high nineties percentile for height, weighs over sixteen pounds, and well, he at least has a normal sized head.  Which is good.  I think.  Seriously, I have no clue what the percentages the doctor gives us means most of the time.

Pretty much done with breastfeeding right after he hit three months.  It wasn't done on purpose; as soon as he started teething he just sort of weaned himself.  The bottle was better to chew on, I guess!  I definitely miss the zero dollar price tag on breastfeeding, but I don't miss smelling like rotten milk and be half-dressed the whole time!  Awkward.

So yeah.  Teething.  Full-on.  The poor kid was super uncomfortable all the time and no longer was really able to play on his own, he always wanted to be with someone and be held.  We were constantly needing to find ways to distract him.  Come to find out we were giving him only a fourth of the pain medicine that he could have.  Yeah, we suck.  Once we upped that he definitely felt a little more human.

Has just continued to laugh more and more and more.  He laughs at people, noises, things.  It's pretty much the greatest sound ever!  The best, though, is tickling him.  It's just the cutest.  He laughs super hard and then does this huge, long sigh at the end.  So funny.

At the beginning, George had really started to develop his own schedule and so we went with it and began a more solid bedtime routine each night, which starts with a bath.  Not in his infant tub, but in the big kid tub.  And dude, he loves it.  My mom kept encouraging me to try giving him a bath in the actual tub, but I was always thinking that he was too little.  Um, yeah, should've listened sooner, because this kid seriously digs bath time.  As soon as we set him in there, he splashes like a monster.  It's awesome.  He also seems to like to take a good pee from time to time, sometimes on Dad's leg.  Ah, memories.

Oh yeah, and about that schedule that George drew out for himself?  Well, teething hit full-force and it went out the window pretty much.  While at the beginning he was really starting to sleep longer chunks of time, he suddenly flipped back to newborn, wake-up-every-two-hours, schedule.  It was rough.  Especially when I was so lovin' the six hour chunks.  Teething is a beast.

We also found out that the increased mucus produced during teething (to protect their gums as they chew) had given him an ear infection, which had him extra uncomfortable and actually kept him up in pain from one to five one morning.  Yeah, poor kid!  But, like the doctor promised, he went back to normal after two days of being on antibiotics and began sleeping seven to eight hour chunks at night, including allowing me to sleep in till ten-thirty in the morning.  It's been heaven!

Also started this weird thing for a while where he'd get up around 3:00 AM and be like, "Hey, yo, let's hang out."  And I was all, "Um, hey, no."  I figured out that I could just let him play in his crib in his own and he'd put himself to sleep within thirty minutes or so, which is really quite cute!  But I had to find him new, warmer pajamas because he wouldn't be swaddled when he did this, and it's been super freezing lately.

This month has included him having a harder time falling asleep.  We now know that it's because he hasn't felt so hot with the ear infection, so when we'd lay him down he'd whimper and get all sad because it hurt.  It those times it took a giant amount of distraction and comforting to help him fall asleep.  This included letting him bite on my finger until he was able to relax a bit, as well as giving him his medicine on a binky so he'd actually take a binky to help comfort himself.  And baths.  Lots and lots of baths.

Speaking of binkies, he literally with not, under any circumstance, take one anymore.  Which is nice, because we won't have to wean him.  However, it's sort been our last resort for calming him, so we were a little worried about what we'd do if he was fussy on the airplane until my mom suggested a sucker.  Dude, works like a charm.  Seriously, it's insanely cute.  He loves it (of course, it's delicious, makes sense).  So, we just got him some sugar-free suckers to take on the road when we fly to Disneyland next week.  Easy fix.

Showing that personality definitely starts in the womb, this kid is still a mega-kicker. Included in that, he will hit his belly like Tarzan.  Or, more appropriately, George of the Jungle.

Becoming highly curious (ha!).  Loves to touch people's faces, especially while they're singing to him.  Him and Brad have this thing where George will just touch his face, grab his nose, and then eventually rub through his hair.  It's kind of hilariously cute.

He's started playing with his feet which is RIDICULOUSLY cute.  Oh my, it's darling.  Watching him grab both feet and just do his thing is just about the most fun thing to watch, like, ever.

Chews on his lower lip.  And everything else.  Especially people's hands, he'll just grab them and try and shove as much of whoever's fist into his mouth to gnaw on.  The nurse (when we went in for his extremely overdue two-month appointment) was saying hi and he just grabbed her hand and started eating it.  Total stranger.  No regard for hygiene.  He's basically begging to take candy from someone he doesn't know at this point, so long as he can chew on it.

And yeah, and drool.  Everywhere.  All the time.  Totally slobbers like a pug.

As mentioned previously, this kid just loves the Diet Pepsi bottle.  We still have no idea why, but whatever makes him happy, I suppose.

But man, this kid is getting so great with using his hands!  Instead of keeping them in clenched fists all the time they're open and he's constantly grabbing at things.  And when I say things, I mean everything.  Including my food.  Among others.

He's also sort of lost interest in rolling over for the moment and instead has decided that it's time to stand up, like, all the time.

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