Wednesday, October 2, 2013

George's Two Month Appointment

Yes, we had George's two month appointment when he was exactly three months and twenty-nine days old.  Woops.  I was waiting for Brad's new insurance cards to get here and then... just... procrastinated.  Typical, typical.  But I finally got on it and got him in, looking super snazzy in his sweater made by his Aunt Sarah, I might add.

As a side note, I somehow had us creepily matching with our attire.  He had on orange and khaki pants, I had on orange and a khaki skirt.  Apparently I'm a horribly creepy mother.  Seriously, even to me that's weird.  If he was my daughter, sure.  Super cute.  But not.  He's my son.  And that's weird.  But I do it by accident all the time.  It's funniest when Brad and I get dressed separately and we all seem to flow together like we're about to go get family photos or something.  Yep.  But I digress.

The two-month appointment is slated for the first set of shots, which had me fah-reaking out at the thought of that.  Because I'm terrible, terrible, terrible with shots.  Remember?  Yeah, terrible.  So how and the world was I supposed to watch my son get FOUR SHOTS and not have a sonic meltdown?

I knew there was the option of the nurse taking him away to do the shots.  Then I wouldn't have to watch, all would be well.  But, no.  I couldn't do that to him, make him do this alone.  So I sucked it up.  I didn't even make Brad take work off to hold my hand, nor did I make my mom or my sister come with me to do the same.  I am a mom now, and if I want George to be okay with the doctor, I have to be okay with the doctor.

We're there, George gets all his measurements.  Lookin' nice and healthy, weighing sixteen pounds and sticking it out in the ninety-fifth percentile for height (nice).  Flirting with the nurse as she took his blood pressure, flirting with the doctor as she did the rest.  Super happy child.  Found out he had an ear infection, yuck, poor kid.  But after all was said and done, super healthy.

As a side note, I found out that it's a really good idea to bring a big fuzzy blanket with us when we go to the doctor's because he spends the majority of the time half-naked.

However, apparently George will, under no circumstance, be dragged any which way on the examination table.  The doctor literally moved his body maybe thirty degrees and he cried in a way that I have never heard him cry.  The doctor said it's probably due to the ear infection, but seriously!  He has never cried like that, it was so sad!  But also hilarious.  Because, oh dear, she scooted him slightly clockwise.  How rude.  Then the nurse, as she came in to give him his shots, just pulled him two inches down the table, and that set him off too.  How dare they, right?

The shots parts was actually the least painful.  One of the shots wasn't actually a shot and was just taken orally.  The actual three shots were literally done in less than two seconds.  One, two, three.  Done.  It was so fast, and she was awesome enough to have all the band-aids ready to go, and seriously he was done.  I had given him some pain meds an hour before the appointment, so while he cried a bit it wasn't any sort of traumatic crying, just little huffs.  So about ten minutes into our ride home he was asleep, it was nice.

OH.  And did I mention?  I DID NOT CRY.  No, I did not.  Yes, I am a pimp.  Clearly.  Which is why I deserved a large Coke and a McDouble from McDonalds for the ride home, for all the trauma I had been through.

Also, they forgot to sign his immunization card.  Lame.  We're going back in a month to get him caught up on his other shots, so I'll have them sign it then.

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