Monday, November 11, 2013

George at Five Months

Phew, this took me a while to get to.  At the end of month five George got his four-month shots (yeah, at four months and twenty-nine days old; obviously still catching up on those suckers) and they made him horribly sick the poor kid!  His throat was so sore that he went from eating six ounces a feeding to barely two, and needing warm, watered down juice between eating.  And then I got sick.  It was a lovely two weeks, believe me.  Being a mom and being sick is sort of the worse circumstance ever.  I literally wanted to crawl in a hole and just hibernate with George and Brad.  Apparently I am not a bear, though, so that didn't really happen.

George deliberately rolled over for the first time this month!  He's done it by accident quite a few times before, but it was cool to see him actively doing it.  It took a little bit, but by the end of his fifth month he began doing it as second nature every day.  Although, he learned to roll from his back to his stomach, and he only does it that way; he's sort of anti-gravity and doesn't enjoy going from his stomach to his back as much.  In fact, he kind of refuses to.

The perfect mixture of fatness and sadness.  It shouldn't be this cute, but it is.

George also started sucking chewing on his thumb.  It's kind of hilariously cute.  Seriously.

His toes are trying to bust out of his six month footsie jammies.  He's so long, 95th percentile last he was checked!  

Oh, he watched General Conference for the first time!  Or, well, watched a chunk and then we proceeded to watch him be funny and cute while he played on the floor.  He's entertaining, that one.

Like previously mentioned, he's always been far more interested in standing up than anything else.  Well, recently he's decided that when he stands up he insists on doing it on his tippy-toes.  Uh, yeah, highly uncomfortable on your stomach!

Went from doing his screams to make a Tina ah-lah Bob's Burgers groan all the time, especially when he's about to tell you he's ready for bed.  He can do it for minutes on end and it's incredibly hilarious.

Experience the exotic store of Legos.  Well, sort of.  Brad and Ben tried to expose him to the greatness, at least!

Went out-of-state for the first time and to Disneyland!

Started solids and hasn't looked back.  For baby food, he's eaten bananas, apples, cinnamon, and oatmeal in varying mixes.  He's basically obsessed with food now and wants whatever you're eating.  If you're eating, he's watching.  Will eat six to eight ounces of baby food in one sitting (well, before he got sick).  Because of that we had to start using eight ounce bottles.  They're freaking monster compared to the four ounce ones.


Has tried all sorts of big kid foods.  This includes pasta sauces, meat juices, sucking on chips and fries, and all sorts of desserts like ice cream, pudding, and whipped cream.  At first the salty things had him making a "yuck" face, but by now he's happily sucking away on anything we give him.

Knows his name, although he is happy to ignore you calling him when Bubble Guppies is on.

Uses his hands like a boss! George can play with one toy in his left hand and the other in his right, and can hold both without dropping. It's epic!  And also displays how indecisive George can be in his plays.  Or, really, he just wants to play with too many things at once, so he'll just jump from thing to thing to thing.

Speaking of dropping, one of his favorite new games is clearing the counter.  We put things on the counter or desk and he'll spend the time picking up the things and either throwing them or scooting them off the counter.  It's a "special" game, pretty much.

He also loves the bend and pickup game.  This is where he decides he wants to stand up (or, rather, for me to hold him so he can stand up) and then he will find things on the floor he'd like to bend over, pick up, drop, and pick up again.  Over and over and over again.  Also, he's over sixteen pounds, and I've never worked out with higher than ten pound weights.  Here's hoping I magically have Michelle Obama arms from this game!

Church is getting easier.  He's learning to entertain himself better and so the utter quiet doesn't bug him so much.  He's always dug the singing, so that's easy as ever.  Also, Brad and I are just getting more in the hang of the fact that a quick lap around the church makes him happy, that he doesn't necessarily need to be rushed home to take a nap where it's quiet (our ward for some reason feels the need to do every meeting with a microphone being used, so it's not the quietest discussion).

Still loves people, much like his dad.  He definitely gets energy from others, unlike me where they literally suck all that I use to even breathe when I'm around them too much.  This may not bode well for George and I when we finally get a home of our own, considering I don't think I'll be entertaining enough, especially when he's used to not only Dad but Grandma and Grandpa being around!  Pretty sure we'll have to get him a puppy.  And possibly a kitty.  (Okay, the kitty is for me.)


George still finds his sneezes to be quite clever.  He still does his three or four sneezes in a row, which at the end of he consistently coos and gives a big grin, like he's done something quite awesome.  Which, he's George, so he totally did.

Still loves his feet.


George can sit up on his own for quite a long while, it's pretty legit.

Generally George goes to bed between eight and nine, sleeps eight hours, wakes up to eat, and then sleeps another three or four hours.  Of course, this is just general and switches all the time because, hey, he's the baby and he does what he wants!  He's still a piddly napper with just multiple, short thirty to forty minute naps.  However, this past month he started taking a longer nap in the afternoon, around an hour and a half long, which has been weird and just makes me miss him.  I seriously get nothing done during that time, I basically don't know what to do with myself.  It's sort of pathetic of me.

He also still loves to be nekkid.  Just like his mother.


Two words most used when people are commenting on George?  "Solid" and "happy".

Also, his farts are as loud as an adult's and also have the smell of an adult's.  We could be a little proud but also a tad disgusted at the same time.

Oh, and as an end note that I almost neglected to mention, rather than crying when he wants something George will literally just yell at you.  It's funny and we're all just like, "Um, stop yelling at me.  Stop yelling at your grandma."  And so on.  It's awesome.

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