Wednesday, November 13, 2013

On My Mind #2

One thing that's been super bizarre to experience as a first time parent is that sudden moment where, "Holy crap, he couldn't do that before.  He couldn't do that two weeks ago, and now he's doing it."

This happened while we were playing with George in the bath last night.  My mom and my sister had gotten him this set of aquatic buddies for the tub, and previously he couldn't really play with any of them but the fish.  For the most part they were all too slippery and round for his little hands to hold; but the fish has this curve with it's tail and all that which made it easier for him to actually grasp it.

So last night, as I see George holding on to the crab without any issue I was like, "Oh shoot, he's doing it!  He couldn't do that less than a month ago!" and it was nutso.  Because that means George is learning how to use that crazy thing called a body.  And soon he'll be crawling and walking and dancing with girls at his high school dances (and Alix and I will be burying their dead bodies in the backyard if they're buttlies to that young man).

Basically, I love it.  I love watching him grow, even when he's the one being the buttley (like today, cough, cough).  I love it when he figures out new things and I think, "Wait, did he just do that?"  It'll be interesting to watch our pride in him go from watching him sit up on his own to watching him walk into the MTC to serve for two years.

Which, I don't really love to think about.  Because seriously, having my little brother gone has been hard enough.  Will I basically have diarrhea everyday when my son goes on his mission?  Probably.  Probably for both Brad and I, our bowels tend to reflect our emotions.  It's beautiful, right?  Everyone wanted to hear that, right?

We just love this kid.  He's sort of awesome.  So funny, so smart, so charming.  Or so buttley, like today.  Nevertheless, we love him.  The fact that he's darling helps as well.

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