Wednesday, November 27, 2013

On My Mind #3

Okay, first off let's discuss George's suddenly blossoming hair.  It's like it's going through puberty or something, but it's shooting up like a weed.  Every day I look at his head and I'm like, "Where'd that come from?"  My baldy is slowly furnishing his head!  SO CUTE.

On a side note that proves how much of a child I am, I just have to say that I really, really, really love the show Sofia the First.  It's funny because when we watch it, I know that it's totally for me.  George is seriously not that interested when it's on.  He very clearly has a heart for Bubble Guppies, any time, any day.  But Sofia?  Not so much.  But me?  YES.  I love that show!

Great part?  The names that Brad and I have have had picked out for our girls since, like, well, ever (shhhaaa), are both character's names on the show.  Which I think it just about as awesome as it gets.  Also, the names of one of their aunts and one of their uncles are also on that show.  Which is also very cool, in my opinion.

My one beef with the show is Miranda's dress.  What the heck?  What's with all the pink and then the bow and just... what?  Who designed that thing?  I don't it'd even be kosher for a three year-old.  Perhaps a little girls fat little doll.  Maybe.  Even then, the bow just kills me.  Someone, rip it off already!  Sofia and Amber's dresses are far better looking, and their like what, ten?  Seriously, Miranda's dress will never stop bugging me.

And you may think the guy on the right molests children, which may be, but so far he's clean.

Let me just last mention how friggin' great NPS can be.  I still think it's my favorite store of all-time.  If you don't know what it is, Google it, but otherwise just know that it's like an even more awesome D.I.  Today all their clothes (which are already marked down fifty percent on any normal day) were an additional sixty percent off.  It was heaven.  Unfortunately the chick clothes were slightly lacking, but I did get Brad some freaking sweet stuff.  Dress shirts, cardigans... he's basically 'roided up for family pictures.  The options are endless.  And dashing.  Dashing as well.

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