Tuesday, November 26, 2013

These Two

These pictures were taken on a night with a sad, sad baby (who, again, was later found out to be suffering with some major need-to-poop) who had decided that only being held was going to make him happy.

Bradley quickly scooped him up, and walked with George on his shoulders around the kitchen eight million times to take that baby's mind off what was upsetting him.

I just really, really, really love these boys.

This wasn't a huge or super eventful moment, but it was just... nice.  Which, I know, isn't the most descriptive word, but really there are just these simple, very nice moments in being a family that for some reason mean something and are worth remembering.  I love these sorts of moments.

It's not like this was a particularly great day.  It was a fairly long one, really.  But it ended like this, and it didn't seem so long anymore.  Rather, it just rounded everything out rather perfectly.  And rather than feel the exhaustion of a day of holding a very heavy baby, it just felt nice, and I realized again how much I love these two.

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