Saturday, November 16, 2013

Why We Are In Love #13

As I was waiting for Brad so that we could go to bed, I was doodling a picture on my phone.  At one point, I got up to use the bathroom, leaving my phone on the bed.  When I came back, Brad was in bed with this goofy smile on his face; he asked if I had looked at my phone yet.  This is the magic piece of artwork that I found...

Mine on the left, Brad's on the right.

Yeah, we're pretty much artists!  I mean, look at that emotion.  Just.  Wow.  Don't worry, we have big plans to create a comic book together.  With our combined powers, I think the results will be just beautiful.

Then this morning Brad was giving me a hug when he sniffed me.

Bradley:  Hmm, you should put on deodorant.
Heather:  Why, do I stink?
Bradley:  Well, sort of.  But it could be the shirt you've been wearing for three days.

The magic of our marriage is just ridiculously awesome!

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