Friday, January 24, 2014

George and His Pointer Finger

So we got this walker toy for George for Christmas.  It's cute because it's multi-functioning, so it's not just a walker but it can also be folded up so that it lays flat, more like a little table, or basically can be used for more than walking.  Black Friday fifteen bucks, say what!

Anyway.  On the walker there's a set of dials that interconnect and when you spin one, all three of them spin.  Intense, right?  One of the dials has a little handle you can use to spin, the other two bordering it have a little hole that you put your finger in to spin them.  My dad showed George how to do the latter, and now he's obsessed with his pointer finger and it's many uses.

Here's him using it with his toy.

And now he uses his pointer finger with everything.  When he wakes up in the morning, I'll come in and he'll be pulling himself up on his crib bumpers to poke his finger in the screw hole.  When he eats his Cheerios or Fruit Loops, he has to poke at them with his finger until they stick to it.  Wherever there's some sort of crevice, it must be poked.  Including this book.

He'll also just hold his pointer finger ah-lah "number one" all the time.  Granted, it's true, he is numero uno.  And hello, we all are just as a family.  Duh.  See, it's in our family picture.

BOOM.  The Baileys--we're number one.

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