Wednesday, January 29, 2014

George at Eight Months

WOW.  Why does eight months old feel, like, so old?  I can't believe our beautiful kid is only four months away from being a year old, that's amazing!  I feel like the months go by faster and faster.  Wow, seriously. Eight months!

One thing he's really started doing is the "wa-wa-wa" thing, like the Indian noise you learn in elementary.  He started doing it with his stackable donuts, then people's fingers, then the back of his hands, and just, well, everything he can figure out how to "wa-wa-wa" on.  If a toy cannot be "wa"-ed, then it sucks, basically.

George has gotten to be very Thor-like; as soon as he's done with something it just tosses it away.  "I'll have another."

This really started a while back, but this month it's just come full force where George has learned to beat his toys against one another.  Literally, just smash them.  He's really a Hulk/Thor combo.  He also likes to knock everything over, which is why he is now called "Brutus" thanks to my mom; it's hilarious.

This is George in his Spider-Man bathrobe from his Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ken post-bath-time.  It's kind of the cutest thing ever.  George's dad is sure proud!

It's friggin' cute, he's started sharing.  Soggy rolls, toys, fingers, basically anything.

Speaking of sharing, him and Babs now have this thing where he'll feed her during every meal, or at least try to.  If she can swing it, she'll very gently just eat the food out of his hand.  George has also been known to let Babs lick his food.  Yum.

Before, when he didn't want to go to bed, we'd just have to suck it up and stay up later.  Now I can just put on any video and give him a bottle and it'll zonk him out most of the time.  For us, going to bed is all about being comfortable, so the fact that when we lay George down in his crib--after he's started whining that he's so tired--and he just grins, that's pretty satisfying for us.  We really wanted him to feel good about going to bed, like it's a happy thing, so seeing that makes us happy.

Bed time is only ever something to roll our eyes over when he just acts like a spaz in his crib for an hour.  Pulling and shaking the crib bars so hard it knocks the camera down.  (See?  Brutus.)  But hey, he's happy, and he asks for it, so who are we to say?

Loves his juice.  Seriously, he's our kid.  He's a total fish, just like Bradley and I.  He just chugs it.  Which is good, because his constipation necessitated major prune juice (which, yo, works like a charm.  As in, poop-up-to-his-elbows charm).

Since he's started putting himself to sleep (a-lah video), he has fallen asleep with his bottle in his mouth many times.  It's super darling.  He also likes to sleep shoved up into one side or corner of the crib.  He's strange.  But man, he moves so much  over the night.  He'll fall asleep in the middle of his crib and I'll go in to get him the next morning and find him smooshed into a corner.

We play this game using my old wooden blocks my dad made me and my siblings long, long ago, where I stand up the wooden cylinders on a big block and George has to steady his hand enough to be able to grab a cylinder rather than knock them all down.  It's been really cool to watch how his dexterity has developed, I hadn't thought of how much it would help him learn to steady his hands and secure a better grip, I just started stacking blocks and he created the game.  It's been seriously funny!

"Da-da" is the new favorite word.  "Ya-ya" was the favorite for a few days, but it returned to "da-da" pretty quickly.  He refuses to say "ma-ma" again or wave anymore.

Really into this fake, smoker-esque cough thing.  It's his fake laugh, but it just sounds like he's choking.  He's weird.  My mom and I would fake laugh to him and he just started copying it.  What have we started?

Oh my, the head tilt.  He does it whenever he's trying to figure something out.  Who it is, how it works, what it is.  And it's a seriously deep dip to the side, incredibly low to the ground when he's sitting on the floor staring at something or fiddling with something.

Smells like Pop Tarts.  Or maple syrup.  That one's been happening for a long while; the Pop Tarts were new, though.

Has begun the whole holding his arms up so as to signal that you should pick him up.  We love it.  It's just too cute and it makes us super happy when we're the chosen one.

Honestly, George loves to play on his own.  We were at Brittany's house for a sibling gathering where I had set George on the floor because he wanted to play by himself.  Ben came over to play with him and I warned him that George was not going to want to play, that he wanted to play on his own.  Ben tried anyway and George literally yelled at him and shoved him away.  Yes, that's my kid, no DNA test needed.  (And yeah, I'm pretty proud.)

We have a running joke started by my dad about George "imprinting".  The joke is whoever sees George first in the morning--my mom or my dad--he "imprints" on them and they're his favorite for the day.  It's pretty accurate so far.

He's still so close to crawling, but hates working on it.  No worries,  he'll crawl when he wants to crawl, and currently all he wants to do is sit up.  All the day long.  He just digs it.

George also has made me further proud by following in his mom's footsteps and wrestling with his blanket.  Good boy, George.

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