Monday, January 6, 2014

George at Seven Months

So, seven months marks the month where George was sick literally the entire month.  Yep.  Right?  This meant a lot of late nights hanging out with a baby who was happy just not tired!  So yeah, awkward family photos at midnight.

This also meant random Walmart runs at ten o'clock at night, wherein George was suited up to protect him from the cold.  Let's just say it was kind of the funniest thing we'd ever seen and totally made the Walmart trip worth it to see him marshmallowed up in that thing.  George found it super hilarious, too.

George's sickness was due to series of issues, including teething (again), those teeth regressing (again), creating an ear infection (again), and then just for fun constipation.  But seriously, still the happiest baby on earth, just would not go to bed till one AM every night and then would still get up multiple times.  I seriously didn't even figure out that he was sick until he finally started pulling on his ear later in the month.  I just thought, hey, six month sleep regression.  Or, you know, something.  His doctor said that with some babies the only sign of something being off is not sleeping well randomly.  So yeah, go figure.

Because of the sickliness, George's entire sleep routine was out the window.  We usually just rock him to sleep, but because it hurt his ear to lay in our arms and rock like that, and then again it hurt his ear to just lay down in the first place so he wouldn't just play in his crib until he fell asleep, and we were just sort of at a loss.  Randomly one night, after a long attempt at helping George fall asleep, I just pulled up a Baby Einstein video on YouTube called "Lullaby".  I rocked George while we watched it and, BAM, fast asleep.  We eventually found out that if we just set up the iPad in his crib he'd watch it and fall asleep.  I have never been so grateful for modern technology in my life!

Other than that, we discovered many things to be grateful for when it comes to distracting a sick child, including Babs, our several cats, Bubble Guppies, taking trips to basically anywhere, and just a village of people--both family and friends--who just really love our kid, even at eleven o'clock at night.  Or midnight.  And he's still awake.  Oh, and Zelda.  He still just love, love, loves to watch my dad play Zelda.

During this strange month of sickness, George developed a necessity to play alone.  He'll seriously get mad at you until you set him down with his toys and just leave him alone.  Once you back off he's super happy.  Yep, he's my son.  Gotta have our alone time!

He purposely sets things out of his reach to see if he can get them again, and then gets super upset at you if you mess up this system and try and help him get the toy.  This very, very strange system.

Started swinging his legs, whether you're holding him or he's sitting in his high chair or wherever he may be able to do so.  It's kind of the cutest.

Basically only played sitting up the entire month because it hurt his head to play on his stomach for too long.  Just set him down with his toys and he can be good playing by himself for a long, long time.  Like I said, much of this time was him demanding to be alone.  This was weird for me, I felt like I was neglecting him if I did something else, so basically I would creep around a corner just watching him.

Started really doing the typical baby thing of grabbing something simply to just shake it as hard as possible.  Which I did not realize how hilariously adorable that is, so when I first saw it I was like, "OH MY.  That's freaking cute!"  He now shakes the keys just like his Aunt Alix.  Stud.

His two favorite toys this month were Brad's badge and a binky.  And he completely uses the binky as a chew toy, never to suck on.  Hey, at least we're still getting some use out of them!  He's never been a pacifier sort of dude.  Which sucks when he could totally be using it to help his ears feel a little better, but oh well.  Baby Einstein took that distraction gig, so thanks again to them!

Stalker breathing at full force for the majority of this month along with a continuing of the Tina groan.  Still funny.  Seriously.  So funny.

On Christmas we got a video monitor for George's room (greatest present ever, gracias to the parentals of mine).  That night we had it all set up and set him down in his crib to watch his "Lullaby" video.  We had the video feed running on my phone while we played Starbound, and randomly George just started saying "da-da".  And it was DARLING.  Seriously, just out of the blue, Christmas night.  So this goes on for probably thirty minutes, him just chatting it up in his crib, so we go pull him out because it's way too cute.  As we're hanging out some more, George busts out out with the "ma-ma" followed very quickly by "ba-ba".  Um, cute.  "Ba-ba" is the running favorite currently, and he now says it all the time.

Bouncing him on your knee can be the funniest thing ever, because he just talks while he's being bounced.

Became a severe mama's boy for a while while he wasn't feeling so hot.  He's still a tad on that kick, as in he's perfectly happy with his dad or some family member, sees me, has to boob about it.  Total nerd.

Had his first Christmas Eve!  It was a really good day that we spent with Brad's parents all day.  However, sadly it ended in basically George's worst constipation ever.  It had both my mom and me bawling about it.  George was just so sad, it was terrible.  But he chippered up right after it was over, it wasn't a big deal.  My mom and I are just cry babies.  And man, George sure looked super cute in his Christmas jammies!

George also wore his first sweater vest this month.  He loved it, I swear.

This month also marked the first time George was introduced to action figures.  He loved Wolverine because he could eat his claws.  He also liked Moon Knight for his cap and Sentry for the same reason.  We're pretty proud.

And finally, this kid is working so hard to crawl.  He's been able to roll across the room for a while, but he pretty much hates it more than anything else in the world, so when he's doing time on his belly he's pushing his whole butt into the air or arm crawling or just scooting in circles, all in attempts to crawl.  He gets up on his knees and rocks back and forth or will just push himself backwards, but no crawling yet!

George is also wearing 12-month clothing and he started smiling like Brad, as in he'll squint his eyes to smile like Brad does and it's SUPER hilarious.  Brad's pretty darn proud!

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