Monday, January 27, 2014

George Moment #5

On Saturday my mom and I went and got Cafe Rio for ourselves, our husbands, Alix, and Brandon.

When we get ready for eatin', we all usually eat at the counter or sitting on the couch, but my dad likes to lie on the ground in the family room to eat.  So when my dad sets up his plate it's always next to George, who sits and plays with his toys on a blanket by Grandpa.  It's always a good distance away because George always wants Grandpa's food so you've got to make sure that the food is out of his reach.

So, my dad has set himself up.  He starts eating.  The whole time George is just staring at him and periodically opening his mouth expecting food, super funny.  At one point a customer calls and my dad has to go out to the shop to help them real fast.  The rest of us are in the kitchen eating and talking and George is playing on his own for a moment.

Bradley goes to go check on George and starts laughing.  "Heather, you have to come see this!"  So I walk over and there's George, totally fallen over in my dad's Cafe Rio dish.  We didn't take a picture of it because he was just floating in the tin foil box.  But he just grinned when we picked him up.  Here's his bean head.

We had no idea how he got there!  Seriously, he was pretty far away, and he was sitting up on his butt.  Here's the obstacle course he went through.  He was sitting by the a-frame toy at the top of the photo when we last looked.

I suppose food will be the greatest motivator to get him crawling.  Greatest moment ever, we were all dying of laughter.

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