Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013!

As Brad and I sit here, drinking leftover Jones Sodas from our New Year's party that ended at ten rather than midnight and cringing at the fireworks lighting off outside because we've just gotten George to sleep, it's funny to think of where we were at this point last year and compare it to now.  We're parents.  This time last year, we were just over half-way through my pregnancy.  Now, we have our seven month-old son.  And he's incredible, he's a total nerd.  Which is just awesome, in our book.  This clearly marks him as our offspring, and we're proud.

Here's to 2013, which gave us George Bradley, gave us parenthood, and showed us many times over how blessed we are to have the family, friends, and life that we have.  Here's to an incredible year, one which we will always look back to with fondness.  Mostly because it meant the end of college and the beginning of life.  Let's just say we can't thank you enough for that.  (Because, yeah, FINALLY.)

Thank you, 2013, and goodbye!

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