Thursday, February 13, 2014

Babs and Her Version of Motherhood

So, George has this bath toy that's a star and it squeaks.

The squeaking part of this toy is significant because Babs, my in-laws golden retriever, just so happens to believe that all toys that squeak are her babies.  So, whenever George plays with this toy she has to go outside because she basically thinks her child is dying and needs saving whenever George makes it squeak.  She will hover around George as he's playing with it, trying to figure out how to save the poor helpless "baby" from the actual baby that's clearly torturing it.

Well, when no one was upstairs today, Babs finally saved that poor little baby star.

She had it snuggled up safe and sound with her Christmas tree child.

What's awkward is that her squeaky toy baby that looks like a cartoon reindeer was seriously left sitting outside in the rain at the bottom of the back porch steps.

Basically Babs is a terrible and all over confused mother.

But hey she saved the star, right?  Well, until we took it back and sent it through the dishwasher to be sanitized.

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