Monday, February 10, 2014

George Moment #7

Tonight I hadn't put George's diaper on right so it leaked. As a result we had to strip him down because he was all wet. We had him laying on the floor, waiting for his wardrobe change in the nude (well, diaper-nude), and Brad's watching him and starts laughing. I look over, and there's George, a hand on each man boob (ahem, pectoral) and he's totally just squeezing them. And it was HILARIOUS. Brad and I were both like, "Dude, what're you doing?!" and just laughing our tails off. We totally wished we had a camera ready for this moment, it was too amazing.

George also recognizes Bradley's beat boxing as some sweet tunes to dance to, and will now dance whenever Brad starts jamming out with him. It was the first thing George did when Brad got home today. Brad started busting some tunes right as he walked in the door and George immediately started dancing. This includes a shimmy, a move that George began rockin' last week. He's basically a hip-hop dancer now. He'll probably be on the Step Up re-make or something. Something to be proud of, y'know?

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