Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On My Mind #6

Watching Sofia the First this morning. Here she's all super stressed that she's going to be late for the "princess test" helping this lady carry her books home, and yet she takes the time to stop and sing a song?  Sofia, what were you thinking?  (It's okay, the actual test was helping the lady.  So, duh, plenty of time for singing.)

George ate and enjoyed potatoes this morning.  George eats or will ask to eat or grab at to eat or otherwise just lunge at to eat pretty much anything.  All except potatoes and rice.  Well, this morning he ate my homemade skillet breakfast thingy, and just wanted more and more.  Although, now that I think about it, maybe he just hates mashed potatoes?  "Not the flavor, the consistency."  Thank you, Tallahassee.

How did I not previously realize that Lee Pace was going to be in Guardians of the Galaxy?  Seriously, where did I miss this?  I love that guy.  I'm still not over the fact that they cancelled Pushing Daisies.  I also did not connect the fact that he's the creepy Legolas-elf-dad-guy in The Hobbit who rides a moose.  That's pretty legit.

I'm only barely upset that we couldn't stay Provo (read that:  barely.  Because, you know, it's Provo) because we're totally missing out on Google Fiber.  It's okay, not living in Utah County is a great consolation prize!

We're currently house hunting.  It's a weird process, to say the least.  We're taking it at a snail's pace, though.  A horribly cautious snail's pace.  Basically, we're not in a rush to jump in over our head's.  We're trying not to let the market mumbo-jumbo freak us out into making any rash decisions.  We've got our down payment, now we're just waiting for the right home to hit us on the head.  Although job prospects on Brad's end may reverse our location choices, so again--taking it slow.

Today George and I slept in till ten.  Pretty much George was made to be my kid.  Really his moments of bad sleep are so tiny.  So, so tiny.  And I've just tried to teach myself (with continued advice from kind moms and dads who miss these moments that I'm currently going through) to love our nightly moments together, no matter how they go.

I try to remind myself, "You're going to miss this.  Like, a lot.  One day he'll be a teenager and won't be home eighty percent of the time.  You're going to miss this."  Because I will.  I absolutely will.  And one he'll go on his mission, and I'll miss these times even more.  Then suddenly he'll be home and married, and I don't want to look back to now and think, "Why did I let myself be upset or impatient?"

Being a mom is difficult, but its difficulty is a sort of reward.  I don't want to waste time thinking that my son needing me or wanting to be with me is an inconvenience.  I don't want to miss out on him.  I'd much rather miss out on everything and everyone else in the world than on being the mom to this little boy.  Especially not on being mom with a dad like Bradley.

Basically, let's just say that I'm grateful that my parents taught me that there's nothing more enjoyable that being with your family.  And seriously, there's nothing I love more than being with Brad and George.  I love our friends and our families, but I just cannot express how much our family means to me.  I love our little routines.

I love that our routine lately is Brad gets home and immediately takes George and has dad/George time.  Then we eat dinner together, which sometimes involves shifts of eating because there's a crazy child who is obsessing over his dad.  After that, we play with Jorge, which recently involves reading the same book over and over and over again (yesterday it was The Three Little Kittens, my favorite book from childhood.  Because, hey, it involves pie and kitties, two of my favorite things).

Then we take him downstairs to get ready for bed and he just gets so happy.  He giggles and him and Brad play, including a mega-hilarious game of Peek-a-Boo last night.  Brad will often get in the bath with George and they'll splash and play.  Then I'll get George all diaper-ed and snuggled up in his pajamas, and Brad will take him into his room to read Spider-Man stories while I make his bottle.  Then we'll lay him down in his crib, turn on some Baby Einstein's and he'll fall asleep.  Last night he was out in five minutes.

Then we'll play League of Legends with Alix and Brandon, and sometimes my nephew, Robert.  And it's just a blast.  We were a little jaded from League for a while because people on there can just be such doofs, but since we've been filling our team with people we actually know and love, it's just been freaking hilarious.  The other night I was Anivia and I had never played her before so I kept throwing up this wall ability that she does and getting Brad trapped on the other side and so, rather than protecting him, totally getting him killed.  And it was so funny, and with any other random player I would've been cursed out but with Alix, Brad, and Brandon we all just laughed because I was so terrible.

And that is why I love video games and online gaming because, at the end of the day, no matter how late it is, we can all just come together for even just one quick game and laugh and have a great time.  No need to worry about timing or anything, we can gather together and hang out even with our busy schedules.  Because, seriously, life is so incredibly busy.  Last night Alix got home from work only to have to go grocery shopping at eight o'clock at night.  And that's just want happens when you have work forty hours a week and then have school, and Brandon it's the same, with even tutoring on top of that.  Brad doesn't get home till seven some nights, and then we run through that whole routine and suddenly it's nine o'clock and there's not much else that can be done.  But the fact that we all enjoy this game and it's online and free to use and totally open to being played wherever, whenever--that's freaking awesome.

We also watched Arrow last night.  Um, awesome.  Although, Katie Cassidy is so thin.  I understand that they've had her working out a ton in prep for... something.  Not Black Canary, because that's Laurel's sister, right?  But yeah, she was a butt-kicker on Supernatural, so why so scary skinny?  Brad and I can't figure it out.  Whatever it is, she needs more pizza or something.  Pizza's always good.

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